10 Anime Confession Scenes That Will Move Your Heart

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Confessions are a page in everyone’s adolescence, not only in anime. In reality, there are probably many people who have wanted to confess their feelings but have not been able to do so or have done so by e-mail or LINE.

However, the confession scene in anime is often the same: I love you; please go out with me! There are many cases in which confessions are made at the moment of death or in the most unusual situations.

In this article, we will introduce 10 of the most moving confession scenes in anime, so please take a look at them along with the synopsis of the work!

1. Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-


Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World (often abbreviated as Re:Zero) is an anime adaptation of a web novel series. The story follows the protagonist, Natsuki Subaru, who is suddenly transported to a different world. Additionally, he possesses the ability called “Return by Death,” which sends him back to a specific point in the past upon death.

Subaru falls in love at first sight with Emilia, a beautiful half-elf who saves him from a dire situation in the new world. He strives to live for her but repeatedly encounters obstacles that result in his death.

No matter how often he experiences “Return by Death,” Subaru is trapped in a bleak future. At that time, Subaru is accompanied by Rem, a maid who also serves as Emilia’s attendant.

With an overwhelmingly harsh reality, Subaru becomes discouraged and proposes to Rem, asking her to escape with him. However, Rem declines, saying, “When it comes to talking about the future, we should be smiling.”

Nevertheless, Rem expresses six reasons why she likes Subaru, acknowledging his love for Emilia, and then confesses, saying, “Let’s start from zero together.” This confession of love from Rem, rescuing Subaru from the depths of despair, is genuinely touching and moving.

2. Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven is a story set in a world where robots called LFOs are used in battles. It follows the growth of the protagonist, Renton Thurston. The anime delves into various aspects of life, including romance, friendship, and purpose, making it a rich and complex narrative.

In episode 48 of Eureka Seven, there is a scene where the antagonist heroine, Anemone, confesses her feelings. Anemone, often referred to as a tragic heroine, realizes her love for her caretaker, Dominic, after he leaves her side. Regretting her past selfishness and how she has treated Dominic, she plunges into battles, searching for a place to die.

Amid the battle, as Anemone prepares for a fight, she speaks at length about her regrets of not expressing her feelings and her desire to see Dominic again. This scene is incredibly emotional and difficult to watch without shedding tears.

However, Dominic suddenly appears and heads toward her to stop Anemone from her fight. He embraces Anemone, who claims he can’t hear her, and confesses, saying, “I’m saying that I love you!”

3. Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

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Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, is a school-based sci-fi romantic comedy.

The story revolves around the actress Mai Sakurajima, who suffers from a mysterious phenomenon called “Adolescence Syndrome.” One of its manifestations is the “Invisibility Syndrome,” where people cannot see her. However, the protagonist, Sakuta Azusagawa, is the only one who can still perceive and remember her existence.

After a few days, one morning, Sakuta also forgets about Mai. But during a test at school, he suddenly remembers her. Overwhelmed by his feelings, Sakuta can’t stand it anymore and makes Mai visible to everyone at school. He loudly confesses his love for her in the schoolyard, shouting, “I love Mai Sakurajima so much!” As he does so, Mai, who had been invisible to him as well, appears behind him, and the other students begin to recognize her again.

4. Bakemonogatari


Bakemonogatari is an anime adaptation of Nisio Isin’s novel series.

The protagonist, Koyomi Araragi, is a high school student who becomes a half-vampire after saving a dying vampire. Since then, he has gotten involved in various incidents related to “oddities.” With the help of the specialist in oddities, Meme Oshino, kind-hearted Koyomi assists and saves the beautiful girls he encounters.

In “Bakemonogatari,” Koyomi extends a helping hand to Hitagi Senjougahara, who he meets when a crab oddity afflicts her. Initially, she vehemently rejects him due to her closed-off heart. Nevertheless, Koyomi expresses his desire to be of assistance to her.

Later, in the presence of Mayoi Hachikuji, Hitagi suddenly points at Koyomi and confesses, “I LOVE YOU.” After resolving the matter with Mayoi, Hitagi reaffirms that her confession was genuine.

In true tsundere fashion, Hitagi conveys her feelings and asks Koyomi, “Araragi-kun, would you mind saying it out loud, just in case?” Koyomi replies with the words, “Senjougahara, tōre,” using an expression that suggests “more than moe.”

5. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is the first installment in the “Sword Art Online” series. It is an anime that depicts people trapped in a virtual reality MMORPG world where losing all their HP in the game results in real-life death.

The protagonist, Kirito, aims to clear the game as a solitary player at the forefront of the world. Along the way, Kirito goes through various experiences and gradually forms trustworthy companions.

The heroine, Asuna, develops feelings for Kirito as they become more involved with each other. However, influenced by this, Kirito incurs the wrath of a player named Kuradeel, who poisons and almost kills him while he is paralyzed…

When Asuna arrives to confront Kuradeel, she corners him, but Kirito takes on the villain role and stops her from delivering the final blow.

Regretting that Kirito had to kill someone because of her, Asuna tearfully tells him they should never meet again. In response, Kirito kisses her and says, “My life belongs to you, Asuna. That’s why I’ll use it for you. Let’s stay together until the very last moment.”

6. Fullmetal Alchemist


Fullmetal Alchemist is an anime adaptation of the manga series “Fullmetal Alchemist.” The story revolves around the Elric brothers, Edward and Alphonse, who are the children of the great alchemist Van Hohenheim. They possess the talent for alchemy, the ability to transmute anything through the principle of “equivalent exchange.”

One day, they attempt the forbidden alchemical technique known as “human transmutation” to resurrect their deceased mother. However, the attempt fails, resulting in Edward losing both his arms and Alphonse losing his entire body…

Despite being initially devastated, the Elric brothers are approached by Roy Mustang and decide to become State Alchemists to regain their bodies.

With his automail limbs, Edward, accompanied by his childhood friend and automail mechanic Winry Rockbell, faces numerous challenges and battles.

After everything is said and done, Edward confesses to Winry, saying, “It’s equivalent exchange! I’ll give up half of my life, so give me half of yours.” Winry responds, “Instead of half, I’ll give you my whole life.” With that, they set out on another journey together.


CLANNAD is an anime based on a romance visual novel game. The protagonist, Tomoya Okazaki, was once skilled in basketball to the point of being able to enter school as a scholarship student. However, due to an injury, he sustained during a fight with his father, his career as a basketball player was cut short, and he ended up taking the path of delinquency.

From then on, Tomoya lost all motivation and found living with his father in their home unbearable. During this time, he coincidentally met Nagisa Furukawa on his way to school, and they became close, eventually deciding to start a drama club together. Together, they faced various hardships and deepened their bond.

In episode 22 of ‘CLANNAD,’ Tomoya finally confesses his feelings to Nagisa! He straightforwardly says, “Nagisa, please go out with me. I like you. So, I want you to be with me from now on.” Upon hearing this, Nagisa becomes overjoyed and cries tears of happiness.

8. Planetes

Planetes is set in the 2070s and follows the story of Hachimaki Hoshino, a salaryman at Technora Corporation, responsible for collecting space debris. Tanabe Ai, a newcomer, joins the team and has a perspective that connects everything with love, often conflicting with Hachimaki’s belief that “living and dying alone is the way of a spaceman.”

However, through specific events, Hachimaki starts to develop feelings for Tanabe. Unfortunately, Tanabe gets injured and takes a temporary leave from space.

Finally, when Tanabe returns, and they reunite in space after a long time, they are allowed to be together in a room, thanks to the efforts of their colleagues in the Debris Section.

At that moment, while playing shiritori (a Japanese word chain game) and thinking of words starting with “ke,” Hachimaki suggests, “Let’s get married,” and Tanabe responds with a “yes,” declaring Tanabe’s loss in the game.

9. Angel Beats!

(C)VisualArt’s/Key (C)VisualArt’s/Key/Angel Beats! Project

Angel Beats! is a school fantasy set in the afterlife. The protagonist, Otonashi, wakes up in a nighttime school with no memories except for his last name. He is informed by a girl named Yuri that they are in the afterlife.

The boys and girls in this world, driven by their regrets from their previous lives, continue to fight against the student council president known as the “Angel” instead of being reborn. Otonashi decides to join them and gradually becomes a part of their group.

In episode 10, one of their comrades, Yui, reveals that one of her lingering regrets from her past life is that she wanted to get married. She asks Otonashi, “Will you marry me, senpai?” Unable to answer, Otonashi is interrupted by Hinata, their mismatched duo, who suddenly interjects with a proposal, saying, “Then I’ll marry her!”

Yui explains that she was bedridden and unable to walk in her past life, but Hinata declares that he will marry her regardless of her condition.

Having heard everything she wanted to hear, Yui’s heart is filled, and she disappears while shedding tears…

10. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 is the second season of the Code Geass series. It takes place in Japan, known as “Eleven,” which is under the control of the superpower Britannia.

The story follows the protagonist, Lelouch Lamperouge, who is the abandoned prince of Britannia. He rebels to seek revenge on his homeland and create a world where his sister Nunnally can live in peace.

In the first season, Lelouch inadvertently reveals his secret to his childhood friend Shirley Fenette and uses his supernatural power called “Geass” to erase her memories.

In the second season, Shirley develops feelings for him without knowing Lelouch’s true identity. However, due to the influence of a power that nullifies Geass, she regains her memories.

Later, Shirley gets caught up in an incident and receives a fatal wound. In her last moments, she gathers her remaining strength and tells Lelouch, “No matter how many times I’m reborn, I’ll fall in love with you again. Again and again.” She then passes away, conveying her feelings to Lelouch.


Numerous confessions in anime scenes would seem to be a hurdle in the real world, such as confessions made just before death or in tense situations.

This time we only introduce the confession scenes, but if you know the circumstances leading up to them, they are so moving that you cannot watch them without a handkerchief!

If you find a confession scene that interests you, we recommend watching it from episode 1.

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