All Members of Blackbeard Pirates And Their Abilities, One Piece


In 2022, the nationally popular manga ONE PIECE is finally entering its “Final Chapter”.

Amidst numerous pirate crews aiming for Raftel, the Blackbeard Pirates suddenly appear and rapidly grow in strength. They pose the greatest threat to Luffy and his Straw Hat crew, and are the strongest and most evil pirate crew.

This article will thoroughly introduce the Blackbeard Pirates, as known at the start of the Final Chapter. We will also explain their bounties and the abilities of their other members!

Members of the Blackbeard Pirates

  • Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard)
  • Jesus Burgess
  • Shiryu
  • Van Augur
  • Avalo Pizarro
  • Lafitte
  • Catarina Devon
  • Sanjuan Wolf
  • Vasco Shot
  • Doc Q

The Blackbeard Pirates were formed by Marshall D. Teach (aka Blackbeard), who defected from the Four Emperors, Edward Newgate (aka Whitebeard), and are led by Blackbeard himself along with 10 giant-sized captains, each commanding their own ship.

The Blackbeard Pirates first encountered Luffy and his crew in Mock Town, but prior to that, when they only had 5 members, they destroyed the Drum Kingdom, which is Chopper’s hometown. They have also emerged victorious in the battle against the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates led by Marco, known as the “Payback War,” after Whitebeard’s death.

Despite being a relatively unknown pirate crew, the Blackbeard Pirates have only been formed for a short period of 2 years. In comparison to other major pirate crews with long histories, their existence is relatively brief. However, they have already achieved remarkable feats, especially under Teach’s leadership, making them notable for their swift rise to power.

Devil Fruit Abilities of the Blackbeard Pirates

Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard)Yami Yami no Mi
Gura Gura no Mi
Jesus BurgessRiki Riki no Mi
ShiryuSuke Suke no Mi
Van AugurWapu Wapu no Mi
Avalo PizarroShima Shima no Mi
Catarina DevonInu Inu no Mi, Model: Kyubi no Kitsune
Sanjuan WolfDeka Deka no Mi
Vasco ShotGabu Gabu no Mi
Doc QShiku Shiku no Mi
Stronger (Doc Q’s horse)Uma Uma no Mi, Model: Pegasus

It was mentioned in the story that the Blackbeard Pirates were hunting down Devil Fruit users, and in the latest chapter, 1063, the details of this were gradually revealed.

The Blackbeard Pirates targeted one of the Road Poneglyphs belonging to Luffy, Kid, or Law, who had set sail from Wano Country and ambushed their route. As a result, they clashed with Law’s Heart Pirates and demonstrated the abilities of their Devil Fruits.

According to Law, all of them have acquired random powers through their Devil Fruit hunting. It was also revealed that their bounties are constantly increasing, along with their abilities, making their bounty amounts a point of interest.

The Devil Fruit abilities that were revealed in Chapter 1063 for the Blackbeard Pirates

  1. Jesus Burgess, the captain of the first ship, has the ability of “Riki Riki no Mi” which grants him immense strength.
  2. Van Augur, the captain of the third ship, has the ability of “Wapu Wapu no Mi” which allows him to warp or teleport.
  3. Doc Q, the ship’s doctor, has the ability of “Shiku Shiku no Mi” which allows him to spread diseases.
  4. Doc Q’s horse, Stronger, has the ability of “Uma Uma no Mi” with the mythical Zoan model of “Pegasus,” which allows it to grow wings and fly in the sky.

Is Aokiji the Captain of the 10th Ship of the Blackbeard Pirates?


There is speculation that Aokiji (Kuzan), who lost a duel to Akainu for the position of Navy Fleet Admiral and left the Navy, is now associated with Blackbeard’s Pirates, based on conversations between the Five Elders and Akainu. After leaving the Navy, Aokiji wandered the world.

As for his subsequent movements, it is speculated that Aokiji may be involved, based on the depiction of Cacao Island’s Chocolat Town being frozen on the cover of Chapter 1062. Furthermore, the title page of Chapter 1063 showed that Pudding had been kidnapped by someone.

Based on the story told in the previous covers, it seems that Aokiji and someone else entered Chocolat Town, froze it and kidnapped Pudding. The other person’s identity could be someone from the Blackbeard’s Brethren, with whom Aokiji is associated.

Considering that the captain of Blackbeard’s 10th ship has not yet been revealed, there is a possibility that Aokiji could be the captain of the 10th ship.

Captain Marshall D. Teach

NameMarshall D. Teach
AffiliationCaptain of the Blackbeard Pirates → Admiral
Age38 years old → 40 years old
Devil FruitGura Gura no Mi, Yami Yami no Mi
HakiArmament Haki, Observation Haki
Bounty3,996 million berries
Voice ActorAkio Otsuka

Currently one of the Four Emperors, a former member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and a former commander of the Whitebeard Pirates’ Second Division. He defeated Luffy’s brother Ace and sent him to prison, which led to his appointment as one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. He also defeated the former Four Emperor Whitebeard and became one of the Four Emperors.

Teach is also a member of the “D-Clan”, just like Luffy. He is said to be responsible for the death of Luffy’s brother Ace, so there is a big feud between him and Luffy.

Teach currently has two Devil Fruit abilities. One is the Logia-type “Yami Yami no Mi”, which allows him to absorb everything into darkness and destroy it. The other is the Gura Gura no Mi, which he stole from Whitebeard.

Teach’s bounty was originally 2,247.6 million berries but was revealed to have increased to 3,996 million berries in the final chapter.

①Jesus Burgess

NameJesus Burgess
AffiliationCaptain of the First Ship, Blackbeard Pirates, Helmsman
Age27 years old -> 29 years old
Devil FruitLiki Liki no Mi
HakiArmament Haki, Observation Haki
Bounty20 million Berries (during the Summit War)
Voice ActorTetsu Inada

Captain of the 1st ship of the Blackbeard’s Brethren, known by the alias “Champion”. He fights barehanded and uses the Armament Haki and Observation Haki. He has the appearance of a professional wrestler and possesses tremendous strength. He has a very hot temper and often relies on overwhelming force to fight rather than using his intellect.

During the Summit War, his bounty of 20 million berries was the lowest of any of the Blackbeard pirates. One of the original members of the Blackbeard’s Pirates, he has a long history with Teach.

Burgess was originally after the Mera Mera no Mi, but was defeated by Sabo in the Corrida Colosseum on Dressrosa. He then appeared to have obtained the Riki Riki no Mi from someone else.

Nevertheless, Burgess is a character known for his incredible strength. He seems to relish the power of the Riki Riki no Mi, often exclaiming, “Riki Riki no Mi is the best!

With many rivals with similar strength-based abilities, it seems that Burgess will need to incorporate his mastery of the Armament Haki and Observation Haki into his techniques to remain competitive.


AliasShiryu of the Rain
AffiliationCaptain of the 2nd Ship of the Blackbeard Pirates
Age42 years old → 44 years old
Devil FruitSuke Suke no Mi
Voice ActorTakayuki Sugao

Known as “Shiryu of the Rain”, Shiryu is the captain of the Blackbeard Pirates’ 2nd ship.

Shiryu used to be the Chief Warden of Impel Down, but due to problems with killing prisoners on a whim, he was placed as a Level 6 prisoner. He is a dangerous individual with an abnormal enjoyment of cutting flesh.

Magellan, the current Chief Warden of Impel Down, confronted Luffy when Teach invaded Impel Down. As a countermeasure to capture the Blackbeard Pirates, Magellan released Shiryu. However, Shiryu betrayed expectations and joined the ranks of the Blackbeard Pirates instead of capturing Teach.

Shiryu’s weapon of choice is a Japanese sword, and he is highly skilled. After escaping from Impel Down, he also gained the ability to become invisible by consuming the devil’s fruit, “Suke Suke no Mi”, which he took from Absalom. It is predicted that his strength after gaining this ability is immeasurable, as he was on a par with Magellan, the former Chief Warden, during the time when he did not have the Devil Fruit powers. Luffy struggled to defeat Magellan during the rescue mission of Ace.

③Van Augur

NameVan Augur
AliasThe Supersonic
AffiliationCaptain of the 3rd Ship of the Blackbeard Pirates, Sniper
Age25 years old -> 27 years old
Devil FruitWapu Wapu no Mi
Bounty64 million Berries (during the Summit War)
Voice ActorMasaya Takatsuka

The Supersonic, also known as the Captain of the Blackbeard Pirates’ 3rd ship, has been an original member of the crew since its inception. It was revealed that he is a highly accurate sniper, capable of shooting down even small birds from several kilometres away when he encountered Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates in Mock Town.

It was also revealed that this skilled sniper, Van Auger, is actually a user of the “Wapu Wapu no Mi” Devil Fruit, which allows him to instantly teleport people or objects.

In fact, Van Auger was shown teleporting Burgess from the ship to the island. It is likely that he can teleport himself as well. With this ability, as a sniper who can teleport, he becomes an incredibly powerful combination.

He wears glasses, with one eye acting as a scope, and his distinctive character design makes his identity as a sniper clear. Despite his calm demeanour, he has a surprisingly combative streak. He speaks uniquely, often using words such as “encounter” and “fate” and often expressing poetic content about destiny.

His weapon is a large cannon called “Senriku”. During the Summit War, his bounty was 64 million berries.

④Avalo Pizarro

NameAvalo Pizarro
AliasCorrupt King
AffiliationCaptain of the 4th ship of the Blackbeard Pirates
Age40 years old -> 42 years old
Devil FruitShima Shima no Mi
Voice ActorKazunari Tanaka -> Masaya Takatsuka

Avalo Pizarro, known as the “Corrupt King”, is the captain of Blackbeard’s 4th ship.

He was a former prisoner held in Impel Down’s LEVEL 6. While other prisoners in Impel Down wore prisoner uniforms, Avalo Pizarro did not.

This is because he used to be a ruler of a country. He took control of countries by military force, but due to his oppressive policies, he was overthrown by the citizens and ended up in Impel Down.

He has a long beard reminiscent of Whitebeard. Despite his imposing and large stature, he has a sweet and approachable side, often ending his sentences with “Nya”. His exact bounty and fighting abilities are unknown. However, he was seen at the Battle of Marineford using a Gatling gun-like weapon on each arm.


AliasDemon Sheriff
AffiliationCaptain of the 5th Ship of the Blackbeard Pirates, Navigator
Age39 years old -> 41 years old
Devil FruitUnknown
Bounty42.2 million berries (during the Summit War)
Voice ActorTaiki Matsuno

Lafitte is the captain of Blackbeard’s 5th ship and is known as the “Demon Sheriff”.

He often plays important roles and is extremely loyal to Teach compared to the other members of the crew. He even threatened to kill a fellow crew member who suggested a change of captain.

Lafitte was instrumental in Blackbeard’s induction into the Warlords of the Sea by single-handedly infiltrating the meeting at Mariejois where the successor to Crocodile’s title was to be decided, and conveying the name of the Blackbeard Pirates and Teach.

His combat abilities are unclear, as he has few direct combat scenes, but he has been shown to transform his arms into white wings and to levitate, suggesting that he is most likely a Zoan-type Devil Fruit user.

His bounty during the Summit War was 42.2 million berries. Before joining Blackbeard’s pirates, Lafitte was a sheriff in West Blue but was banished from the country for violent acts.

⑥Catarina Devon

NameCaterina Devon
AliasCrescent Moon Hunter
AffiliationCaptain of the 6th Ship of the Blackbeard Pirates
Age34 years old → 36 years old
Devil FruitInu Inu no Mi, Model: Kyubi no Kitsune
Voice ActorKimiko Saitou

Caterina Devon is the captain of Blackbeard’s 6th ship and is known by the alias “Crescent Moon Hunter”.

She is the only female character of the Blackbeard Pirates, characterized by her long nose and red-lipped witch-like appearance. She was one of the prisoners held in Impel Down’s Level 6.

She is feared as the “Worst Prisoner in History” due to her obsession with beauty, which leads her to kill beautiful women and collect their heads as a hobby.

As a Devil Fruit user, she possesses the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Kyubi no Kitsune, a mythical Zoan type. Her ability allows her to change her appearance into that of another person. The quality of her transformations is extremely high, as she is able to disguise herself as Absalom without being recognized by Gecko Moria.

⑦Sanjuan Wolf

NameSanjuan Wolf
AliasColossal Battleship
AffiliationCaptain of the 7th ship of the Blackbeard Pirates
HeightUp to 180 meters
Age97 years old → 99 years old (equivalent to 33 years old in human age)
Devil FruitDeka Deka no Mi
Voice ActorKenichi Ono

Sanjuan Wolf is the captain of Blackbeard’s 7th ship, known as the “Colossal Battleship”. He was one of the prisoners held in Impel Down’s LEVEL 6, and his body is incredibly large. With a maximum height of 180 metres, he is one of the largest giants and was able to hide behind a massive fortress during the Summit War of Marineford.

In terms of appearance, he has a face that, for some reason, resembles a chestnut and gives the impression of not being very good at thinking. He has the peculiar habit of adding “tsutta” to the end of his sentences.

His extraordinary size is due to the power of the Devil Fruit, as revealed in the official character book. He mentioned that he couldn’t put any power into his body while submerged in seawater, confirming that he has a Devil Fruit ability.

⑧Vasco Shot

NameVasco Shot
AliasHeavy Drinker Vasco Shot
AffiliationCaptain of the 8th Ship of the Blackbeard Pirates
Age36 years old -> 38 years old
Devil FruitGabu Gabu no Mi
Voice ActorNaoki Tatsuta

Vasco Shot is the captain of Blackbeard’s 8th ship, known by the alias “Heavy Drinker Vasco Shot”. He is always seen carrying a giant pumpkin filled with alcohol and is known to be a heavy drinker, as his nickname suggests. He has lines that suggest he hates running out of alcohol. His laugh is described as “top top top”, which is quite unique. He speaks with a dialect similar to that of a person from Osaka.

He joined the Blackbeard Pirates during their escape from Impel Down and was held in “Level 6” of the prison. He has not made many appearances, so details of his fighting style or Devil Fruit abilities are not known. However, he was seen using weapons during the Battle of Marineford, when he and other members of the Blackbeard’s Brethren attacked Whitebeard. Additionally, with the alias “Heavy Drinker”, it is possible that he may have some form of alcohol-related attack.

⑨Doc Q

NameDoc Q
AliasDeath God
AffiliationCaptain of the 9th Ship of the Blackbeard Pirates, Ship Doctor
Height342 cm
Age26 years old -> 28 years old
Devil FruitShiku Shiku no Mi
Bounty72 million Berries (During the Summit War)
Voice ActorNaoya Uchida

Doc Q is the captain of Blackbeard’s 9th ship, known as the “God of Death”.

Despite being the ship’s doctor for Blackbeard’s pirates, Doc Q is portrayed as extremely weak, often seen coughing up blood. He relies on his horse Stronger for transportation, but even Stronger, despite his name, is a weak horse.

Doc Q has been a member of the Blackbeard Pirates since their inception, and there is a scene in Mock Town where he offers a basket of exploding apples to the Straw Hat Pirates. Despite being a doctor, Doc Q seems to mix the exploding apples with regular apples to test people’s luck.

As his alias “God of Death” suggests, Doc Q’s weapon is a large T-shaped scythe. There are few depictions of him in battle, but his bounty of 72 million berries during the Summit War is quite high, making him one of the higher-ranking members of the known Blackbeard Pirates.

In fact, Doc Q has the ability of the “Shiku Shiku no Mi” Devil Fruit, which allows him to spread disease. He can transmit diseases to anyone he touches, and those who come into contact with the infected person will also become ill. It is worth noting that when Law was infected with the “Feminine Disease”, the crew members who touched Law also turned into women!

It was also revealed that Stronger had eaten the “Uma Uma no Mi” devil fruit, which is a mythical zoan-type model of a Pegasus. It is speculated that Stronger, originally a horse, gained the ability to fly with wings after eating the Uma Uma no Mi.


In addition to the 11 members, there is curiosity about who the new members of the Blackbeard Pirates are. They have appeared relatively few times, and still, many mysteries have not been revealed. However, there is no doubt that they are already incredibly powerful at this point. The contents that can be understood one after another in the serialization of the main story of ONE PIECE can be said to be essential to the core of the series.

When will there be a full-scale confrontation between Luffy’s Straw Hat crew and the Blackbeard Pirates? Can Luffy defeat the formidable enemy, Blackbeard? What hidden abilities and combat strength do they possess? The unknown strength glimpsed by the Blackbeard Pirates is something that cannot be ignored.

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