Who is The Strongest Demon Slayer Character? Ranked!


Demon Slayer has brought anime fans much joy both in the manga and anime format. Many of these characters are cherished by fans across the globe. However, with such a wide variety of characters, we must question, who is the strongest character?

In today’s article, we went over the top 15 strongest Demon Slayer characters and their specific traits. Strength comes not only from the outside but from the inside as well.

Yoriichi is known for being one of the strongest swordsmen in history and is considered a legend among the demon slayer corps. He can fight on par with the strongest demons and kill them quickly. All breathing techniques are derived from his sun breathing technique.

One of Yoriichi’s most impressive abilities is his speed, which is so great that he can move faster than the eye can see, giving him a significant advantage in combat. He can use 13 forms of breathing techniques and has access to the transparent world (demon slayers can only use this when their abilities are awakened to their maximum potential); this ocular ability lets the user perceive enemies to a tee.

During his fight with Muzan Kibitsuji, he created a new technique in which he was able to destroy all of Muzan’s organs in one move. He’s ranked number 1 for all these reasons and more.

2. Muzan Kibitsuji


Muzan is the series’s main antagonist and is considered one of the strongest demons in existence. Muzan has a number of abilities that make him a highly dangerous opponent.

Muzan’s abilities are as busted as they come. In terms of stamina, reflexes, and speed, He is maxed out in every stat. In terms of raw power, it took all the marked demon slayers and hashira to keep on with his barrage of attacks. They could not kill him and tried keeping him busy until the sun eventually came out. In chapter 187, Muzan’s regeneration skills were soo OP; he regenerated his entire body from just a lump of flesh.

Muzan is hands down number 2 for a good reason; from turning ordinary humans into demons with a touch of blood to having the whole cast attacking him with wavering faith that they could win, Muzan Kibitsuji is really that demon. He owns the term “Demon Mode.”

3. Kokushibo


Kokushibo is known for being one of the strongest demons in the series, with a number of abilities that make him a formidable opponent. He is able to transform into a demon at will, and in this form, he has superhuman strength and speed, as well as the ability to regenerate from almost any injury.

Kokushibo takes being a swordsman to a whole nother level. One of his many abilities is called Sword Manipulation. This ability not only grants him access to changing the form of a blade, but even his own detached limbs can become swords. This is an extension of his flesh manipulation ability.

Being a user of the total concentration breathing technique and a marked swordsman (he had access to the transparent world), he was indeed someone not to cross paths with. It took 4 marked demon slayers even to lay an injury on him, and even when he was decapitated, and everyone had a sigh of relief, he ended up going through a demonic transformation which broke the spirits of the corp members.

4. Gyomei Himejima


Gyomei is an interesting pillar of the hashiras. Coupling the fact that he is blind, Gyomei surpasses his comrades in terms of endurance. His fighting has him using a weapon called Kusarigamajutsu, a Japanese with 3 parts to it, a wooden handle with a blade, a chain, and a weight at the end of it. This portrays his skill in adapting and his ability to be more lucrative.

To get an idea of why we have him ranked soo high, in chapter 134, Tanjiro and Inosuke both say that he is the strongest demon slayer. To add on, in chapter 169, Kokushibo, one of the highest-ranking demons, recognized Gyomei’s absurd physical prowess and that in 300 years he has never seen someone as strong as him.

5. Sanemi Shinazugawa


Sanemi is the wind pillar for the hashiras. Sanemi’s abilities boil down to his strength and speed. He not only moved soo fast it seemed like he teleported, but he could even hold his own against Kokushibo and come out victorious.

Sanemi is also highly resistant to demon poison, a common ability among demon slayers. In addition to his physical abilities, He unlocked the transparent world ability during his fight with Kokushibo. He very well surpassed the limits of an ordinary swordsman and even could manipulate his own muscles as well. This was portrayed in his battle with Kokushibo, where after a fatal slash, he manipulated his muscles to stop the bleeding and keep fighting.

Our wind pillar really has that dog in him; he gets up no matter what attacks he takes and how scary his enemy might be. This portrays his mental strength as well as he has unwavering cause to fulfill.

6. Douma


Douma is a member of Muzan’s demon clan and one of the series’s strongest demons. Being the second strongest demon in the upper moons showcases his deadly power as a member.

Like other top upper-rank demons, Douma possesses abilities such as biological absorption, Extrasensory Perception, and busted durability/reflexes/stamina etc. His fighting style makes him even more deadly; he uses Tessenjustsu, a martial arts technique using Japanese war fans. Not only can he best hashiras in close-quarters combat, but he can use gust based attacks to cover wider areas.

This is where he gets even more strong. His blood demon art is Cryokinesis; he can manipulate and spawn ice/frost anywhere within his visionary boundaries. Factoring in his blood demon art, he can use his tessenjutsu in tandem with it to create even more dire moments for demon slayers and humans alike.

7. Tokito Muichiro


Tokito holds the position of the mist pillar among the hashiras. Interestingly, Tokito’s mist breathing technique’s only recorded users are himself. The technique has a total of 6 forms and a 7th one created by Tokito himself.

Tokito’s abilities are similar to that of other hashira, including his demon mark (transparent world). Despite his stall stature, Tokito does possess a significant amount of strength. In chapter 103, he was able to slice through Gyokko’s neck, and that demon was said to be as tougher than diamonds.

In chapter 87, Tengen says that only Tokito and Gyomei are the only people to become hashiras after just 2 months. To further add on, he is the only hashira known to have both killed and had a one-sided battle with one of the upper twelve moon members. Tokito is also a natural leader and inspires the good in those around him.

8. Akaza


Holding the 3rd highest position among the twelve moons, Akaza makes the 8th place and for a good reason. First and foremost, He killed Rengoku, the leader among the hashiras, and a powerful demon slayer. This guy is a martial arts machine when it comes to fighting.

According to chapter 154, during his childhood, Akaza was able to beat grown men’s unconsciousness, then at 18, he learned the soryu style. In chapter 155, he was even able to defeat 67 adult swordsmen with just his bare fists; he really is the king of throwing hands in the demon slayer world. Just like other moons, he possesses similar abilities to them.

If we look at the numbers, we can see that…AKAZA IS 133 YEARS OLD! With this many years of experience in fighting, he develops many tactful ways to bring down his foes. coupled with his blood demon art which has 2 forms depending on how he positions himself, he’s a powerful demon that required not 1, but 4 people to take down.

9. Tomioka Giyu


Tomioka is the water pillar among the hashiras. Even more remarkable is that he was trained by the previous water hashira Sakonji Urokodaki. He is one of the most powerful swordsmen in the demon slayer corps and even impressed Akaza himself.

Tomioka’s breathing technique is water, and along with it he has 10 forms along with an 11th form that he created on his own. This attack has him go into a lull mode in which his perception is greatly heightened allowing him to move faster than normal.

Tomioka has killed a number of demons in battle, demonstrating his strength and skill as a demon slayer. He has survived attacks from demons that would have been lethal to most other characters, showing his high durability and endurance.

10. Tanjiro Kamado


Tanjiro Kamado is the main character of this work. He is a kind-hearted boy who keeps fighting to find clues to turn his sister, who has turned into a demon, back into a human. Tanjiro fights with water breathing, which he learned from Urokodaki, the former water column. But after that, he created the hinokami kagura fire breathing style, which he unlocked by taking a hint from his father’s memory.

As mentioned above, he can use 2 forms, water and hinokami kagura. But he can use the sun breathing technique too, the technique which birthed other techniques, the technique that the one and only legendary swordsman Yoriichi created and used. Also, here’s a spin for you, he even got turned into a demon by Muzan. He gained the similar abilities all moons share, but he could also resist sunlight just like Nezuko!

Tanjiro is a unique character because, at a young age, he was able to slay upper moon demons and causing Muzan to hate him for it immensely. It’s good he’s a kind-hearted boy, because if he wasn’t, we would have a new world threat.

11. Obanai Iguro


Obanai Iguro serves as a snake pillar and uses “serpent breathing,” which he created himself. He is ranked high for his skill to the extent that he was entrusted with correcting his swordsmanship and for his further growth in the fight against his strongest opponent, Muzan Kibitsuji.

Obanai’s serpent breathing technique only carries 5 forms, but his skill and expertise in it make up for it. Also, the nichirin katana he uses is modified for his snake-like attacks. His attacks are very unconventional for a regular human and making it nearly impossible to read his attack patterns.

Obanai has the ability to control snakes, which he can use to attack his opponents or defend himself in battle. Obanai is also known for his calm and collected demeanour, which allows him to remain level-headed and focused in even the most stressful and dangerous situations.

12. Mitsuri Kanroji


Mitsuri is known for her strong sense of justice and determination to protect those around her from demons. She is also physically very strong and has a high level of endurance, which allows her to fight for extended periods without tiring.

Mitsuri can use 2 breathing techniques. She uses love breathing. which incorporates her flexibility and her modified nichirin sword. Her second sword technique is the fire breathing technique, which she developed under the deceased flame pillar Rengoku. While her fire breathing technique is not as strong as her love breathing, she is still ranked here due to her creativity and monstrous strength.

Her feats are pretty impressive; they include defeating a group of demons in the swordsmen village that were created by Gyokko and playing a vital role in the final battle for keeping Muzan busy until sunrise came.

13. Kyojuro Rengoku


Kyojuro is the Flame Hashira, the most vital member of the Demon Slayer Corps, and is known for his exceptional strength as a demon slayer. Rengoku is a skilled swordsman and can wield his demon-slaying sword with excellent proficiency and precision. Being the leader among the hashiras, he is well respected by corp members and well-hated by demons.

Where he stands out is his vast knowledge of the total concentration technique. He was able to block wounds and stop bleeding by doing this. This proved vital for Tanjiro during his fights later on. One of his most remarkable feats comes from his battle with Akaza

Keep in mind, Rengoku was fully gassed out both mentally and physically while suffering from vital wounds. He managed to keep Akaza at bay and even though he was fatally injured, he never once backed down or flinched during the fight.

14. Tengen Uzui


Tengen is known for his calm and collected demeanour, which allows him to remain level-headed and focused in even the most stressful and dangerous situations. He’s also the man with 3 wives and is as flamboyant as they come.

He possesses similar abilities to the hashira around him. However, his signature enhanced hearing ability helps him stand out. His unique ability allows him god-like hearing, similar to Zenitsu’s; he can be in the red light district and discern what he wants to hear just from this ability alone. It also can be divided into two sub-abilities. Echolocation and Musical score. Echolocation works as a bat use it; sounds reflect what’s in the area, thus aiding his perception. The musical score allows him to analyze his opponent and deconstruct them making it into a musical score in his mind. Then he gains an edge over his opponent by finding out their weak/blind spots from it.

The drawback is that it takes a while to set up and this is why he’s ranked lower among hashira’s.

15. Shinobu Kocho


Shinobu Kocho sits as the insect hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps and is Kanao’s caregiver. She is well-versed in medicine and pharmacy, as well as her abilities as a swordsman. She supervises the demon slayer unit’s treatment clinic called “Butterfly House” and is also in charge of treating injured soldiers.

She is weak and unable to cut off the demon’s necks, but her unique fighting style that combines insect breathing and poison effective against demons and her speed makes up for her lack of physical strength compared to other hashiras.

Shinobu was vital in the fight against Douma; her six-stab attack was crucial for injecting him with a large amount of poison that would kill him. while she did fail, she still makes our list as the last strongest of the 15.


In this article, we went over the top 15 strongest Demon Slayer characters and went over what makes each of them uniquely strong. Strength comes from various sources, whether it be from weapons, the elements, or even your unwavering will, you can be vital in many ways, just like the characters we listed today.

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