15 Funniest Anime Characters That’ll Have You Rolling on The Floor


Mankind, for millions of years, wanted to know how to get another’s attention without fumbling the bag…and that’s where the comedy comes into play.

Consuming any media is excellent, but comedy must be added, big or small.

In this article, we picked 15 funniest anime characters and wrote about their funny points for you to enjoy. Anime makes it so that a character’s comedic personality can be significantly displayed for the viewer to enjoy.

Mako tops our list as the funniest character for good reasons. She’s an airhead in many situations, and her outbursts of realizations help keep her comedy fresh.

Her innocence in the life or death situations paves the way for her character to give the most honest and funniest reactions. She well times her jokes and reactions to boost the whole scene for the viewer.

2. Riki Nendou/The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Anytime I see Riki on screen, I say to myself, “he just like me.” With his built body but the questionable face, he’s a disaster for trying to hit on girls. But that doesn’t detract from his comedic genius.

He comes off as a Yakuza-Esque individual with a scary atmosphere, but he has such a big heart. His scenes where he’s trying to be cute or living his daily student life have me rolling on the floor. His confidence is also a tremendous comedic point as he always gets the opposite of trying to look cool.

He’s what Japanese comedians embody, and he hits the mark!

3. Sasha Blouse/Attack on Titan

Sasha Blouse helps ease the tension for a show that always has a dark, political, and serious undertone to it. Also known as “Potato Girl,” she always defuses a situation with her wacky antics.

Sasha’s nickname comes from the beginning of the series, where commander Pixis has all the scouts lined up in fear of training and our girl Sasha was randomly eating a Potato. She even offered him “half” of it (the smaller half), and Pixis put her to run the rest of the day.

Her love for food even turns her into a feral animal at times.

4. Sakamoto/Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

Sakamoto, the apple of every woman’s eye, and the bar we guys gotta live up to. Sakamoto’s comedy comes from his random and witty dialogue, along with his wacky acts as well.

Sakamoto would have 3 women in front of him and say the most profound things with a straight face; he is a goofy but cool individual. He outperforms all men in every way possible.

5. Kotaro Katsura/Gintama

Our foul-mouthed supporting character Katsura can break any tension no matter what. Anytime he’s on-screen, he is the epitome of comedy. Even better, his specific humour compliments the anime in a significant way!

Being related to Gin is challenging, but he handles it well so as not to get overshadowed.
He can always be seen in the wackiest of situations. In one scene where he goes to buy alcohol and is asked for ID, he shows his wanted poster with utmost confidence instead of showing ID.

6. Ristarte/Cautious Hero

We all know what a goddess is; such a serene and graceful sight they are, but not Ristarte. Although cute and waifu material, her personality can sometimes be that of an old man/horny woman.

She always follows Seiya, but she is also on his case. Being the serious hero that he is, she cuts the tension with her moments of goofiness. She’s like the punching bag in terms of comedy, every joke is directed at her, or she starts them.

7. Happy/Fairy Tail

This blue cat will have you laughing throughout this series. Happy is from a world called Edolas, where cats can talk, and he puts it to use.

Always teasing Lucy and fawning at Carla, Happy. One of my favourite moments was when Erza was in her feelings about Jellal and how their love is forbidden, but as she turned to look away from the moon, Happy drew a heart in the sand with a crack through the middle; she launched him over the night sky. He knows how to pull other characters’ strings.

8. Might Guy/NARUTO

Might Guy is that guy. He’s super strong but an overall goofy clown as well.

With his flashy personality, he’s always about getting stronger and training, even to the point of using unorthodox methods. Being the self-proclaimed best friend of Kakashi-sensei, he’s always goofing around with him and dragging him into his wacky antics.

He also loves challenging Kakashi in any way possible.

9. Usopp/ONE PIECE

Usopp has funny moments 24/7; he’s like a full-time comedian. Funny enough, if you type in “Usopp Funny Moments,” fans have found his comedy to be in every arc imaginable.

Usopp is known for his outstanding skills as an engineer and captain skills. He always acts tough, but when the moment calls for it, he’s the first to high-tail out a problem. He even made fun of a god.

Usopp is the friend you want to have because it’s never a dull moment with him.

10. Naru Kotoishi/Barakamon

Naru is a cute and lovable character, but she’s always up to mischief. Being a small kid, she’s always getting into trouble and doing what kids do, stupid stuff. But her reactions and comedic acts are a treat for the viewer to enjoy!

In some moments, she can be seen in the background getting up to no good and running non-stop. This country kiddo is a must-see if you love funny characters

11. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo/Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

I’m calling him Bobo for this part of the article, for simplicity’s sake. Bobo is the man with a tan and always has a plan. He’s always finding himself in hilarious situations as well.

His loud and rambunctious personality will encapsulate you in his wacky antics. On top of that, his comedic routines are never repeated, so you can enjoy a fresh performance every time.

12. Shinnosuke Nohara/Crayon Shin-chan

Shin-chan is my favourite on this list; he embodies peak comedy that all ages can enjoy. Let me educate you on why he’s the G.O.A.T when it comes to being the “funny.”

Shin-chan is 5 years old but has the comedy of an old man. He often teases his friends (especially Kazama-Kun) and his parents too. One of my favourite moments is when for 1 day, he had to be a good boy at school as a birthday present to his teacher. She thought he had changed his mischievous ways and turned a new leaf. However, when the next day came, he was butt naked doing the elephant dance in front of his class.

Shin-chan also loves flirting with girls (a trait inherited by his dad), and whenever he spots one, he gets head over heels for them saying the funniest of pickup lines. Shin-chan is the G.O.A.T funny guy, and I will die on this hill for that take.

13. Popuko/Pop Team Epic

Popuko, boy, this character, I tell ya. Comedy is a skill that needs to be refined and is malleable that it can span a variety of forms.

Popuko takes comedy and suplexes it to a whole nother level. Popuko always lands herself in a situation where she is on the short end of the comedic stick. She essentially is the punchline to every joke and bit there is.

Her foul mouth and dark humour are enjoyable, even if you don’t understand the context.

14. Yuko Aioi/Nichijou – My Ordinary Life

The girl who gets embarrassed quickly is a character everyone falls in love with. Yuko’s comedy style will have your sides hurting from laughter.

Her whimsical scenes where she’s the butt of the joke, her cartoony reactions, and her constant life challenges will have you rolling in laughter.

In one scene, her luck is soo bad she rips her assignment on accident by using an eraser, steps on gum, runs out of hot water, sits on wet paint, gets her bicycle seat stolen and replaced with broccoli, and has to wait an hour before getting home due to a train line incident.

15. Kazuma Sato/KonoSuba

Mr. King of gender equality himself finishes off this list due to his massive impact on the anime community and renowned fame of being a comedic pervert.

Kazuma is our horny isekai protagonist who wants to feel a woman’s touch, but his antics get the better of him, landing him in hilarious situations.

In the KonoSuba movie, he finally got what he wanted, but it turned grim when he realized it was a man the whole time. Our MC’s pervy antics will always make you laugh because you’ll cheer him on, knowing he’s about to get blue-balled soo hard.


Many comedic characters have been discussed in this article and we hope you found one that you liked! All these characters come from animes that are comedy and is used a lot or used to diffuse the tension to give the viewer a refreshing taste of what it has to offer.

We can all use a good laugh, so go out and find an anime/character who suits your style of comedy.

Be sure to keep checking back on our site for more great anime recommendations!

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