Who are God’s Knights in One Piece? Unravelling Their Relationship with Shanks


Summary and In-depth Analysis of the Latest Information on the “God’s Knights” from Chapter 1083 of One Piece!

Their purpose, members, relationship with Shanks and Mihawk, and possible inspirations will be explored alongside their appearances in the main storyline for speculation.

What is the God’s Knights?

The existence of God’s Knights was first mentioned in Chapter 1054, but there are still many mysteries surrounding them.

Here are two facts that are known at the moment:

  • God’s Knights intervene during the deliberations of the Myosgard Saints
  • Dragon mentioned that “Once the God’s Knights start moving, the battle begins from there” (Chapter 1083)

Who Do They Belong to?

The fact that God’s Knights bear the title of “God” suggests they hold significant power within the Celestial Dragons. It is unlikely for Celestial Dragons to allow anyone outside their kind to use the name “God,” so the God’s Knights may be organized by the Celestial Dragons themselves.

Alternatively, they could be a knight order directly under the command of the God Emperor. In that case, the God’s Knights may possess rights and authority equal to or even more significant than the Five Elder Stars.

What is Their Goal?

If the leader of the God’s Knights is indeed Im-sama, then their purpose would likely be to carry out Im-sama’s instructions.

In Chapter 761, Doflamingo recalls being targeted for his knowledge of a significant “national treasure” within Mariejois. It is plausible to theorize that God’s Knights were created to protect this national treasure.

Is The Supreme Commander a Member of The Figerland family!?

In Episode 1086, it was revealed that the Supreme Commander of the Knights of God is Figerland Garling Sanctus! Surprisingly, he is a member of the Figerland family lineage. Furthermore, he is the one who killed Donquixote Mjosgard Sanctus, a celestial dragon who protected the Fish-Men.

His statement, “Anyone who defends garbage is… even worse!!” revealed a deep-seated hatred towards the Fish-Men. However, it is unheard of for a celestial dragon to pass judgment on another celestial dragon. What exactly is the Figerland family?

Are Shanks, Mihawk and Brook Part of The Group?


Due to the limited information available about God’s Knights, there have been various speculations regarding their members.

Is the God’s Knights Composed of Devil Fruit Users?

In Chapter 1083, the silhouette of the God’s Knights appeared with patterns reminiscent of Devil Fruits, suggesting that they may possess abilities. Additionally, there are nine members of the God’s Knights.

Speculations suggest that these nine, along with Im-Sama, form a group of ten and could potentially serve as the final boss, engaging in individual battles against the Straw Hat Pirates in the ultimate showdown.

Is Shanks One of The Members?

There has been speculation that one of the silhouettes in the God’s Knights closely resembles Shanks, which has sparked discussions about the possibility of Shanks having a twin or multiple individuals impersonating him.

While the silhouettes of the Seven Warlords of the Sea differed significantly from their actual appearances, it seems likely that the characters in God’s Knights will closely resemble their silhouette designs, with distinct features representing each character.

Is The Member’s Name “Doremifasolacido”?


There is speculation that members of the God’s Knights possess musical scales and bird motifs. Additionally, a theory has emerged from depicting Doflamingo, Mihawk, and Bruno wearing the same bracelet, suggesting that it might be a symbol of God’s Knights.

There is also a theory that Brook, having been a former member of a knight order, could be a member of God’s Knights. It would be an unexpected and intriguing development if one of the Straw Hat Pirates became a member of God’s Knights.

Furthermore, when it comes to the term “god,” Enel, the self-proclaimed “God,” comes to mind. He is often speculated as a candidate for a reappearance, so it would be interesting if he were to appear in this context.

Is There Any Model?

Possible inspirations for God’s Knights include the Templar Knights and the Dragon Knights.

The Dragon Knights had a member named Vlad III, who is believed to be the model for Mihawk. If the Dragon Knights were the inspiration, it would strongly support the theory of Mihawk being a member of God’s Knights.


Indeed, despite being mentioned only twice, the God’s Knights hold the potential to stand in front of Luffy and his crew during the final battle. The anticipation of their appearance and their members’ revelation keeps fans eagerly engaged with One Piece.

The mystery surrounding God’s Knights adds to the excitement and ensures that the series continues to captivate its audience.

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