Best 50 Harem Anime You’ll Fall in Love With Waifus


A very sexy harem anime where for some reason, there are lots of beautiful girls around male characters. Everyone dreams of being surrounded by attractive women and being fawned over by them at least once.

This time, we’ll introduce a selection of 50 harem anime that fulfill the desire for the protagonist to be famous with various beautiful women without much effort.

  1. 1. The Quintessential Quintuplets
  2. 2. Bakemonogatari
  3. 3. Sword Art Online
  4. 4. Re: Life in a different world starting from zero
  5. 5. Aria the Scarlet Ammo
  6. 6. Student Council’s Ichimon
  7. 7. To LOVE-Ru
  8. 8. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! 
  9. 9. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
  10. 10. I don’t have many friends
  11. 11. Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs
  12. 12. Infinite Stratos
  13. 13. Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki
  14. 14. Mayo Chiki!
  15. 15. Jimihen!!: Pure Heterosexual Exchange That Changes a Reserved Girl
  16. 16. Date A Live
  17. 17. Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend
  18. 18. School Days
  19. 19. High School DxD
  20. 20. My little sister can’t be this cute
  21. 21. No Game No Life
  22. 22. Lord Marksman and Vanadis
  23. 23. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation
  24. 24. The Familiar of Zero F
  25. 25. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions
  26. 26. My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering With My School Romantic Comedy
  27. 27. THE IDOLM@STER
  28. 28. The World God Only Knows
  29. 29. GJ Club
  30. 30. Hundred
  31. 31. Nisekoi
  32. 32. If Her Flag Breaks
  33. 33. Trinity Seven
  34. 34. Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia
  35. 35. Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle
  36. 36. Invaders of the Rokujyoma!?
  37. 37. Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls
  38. 38. GATE
  39. 39. Strike the Blood
  40. 40. Outbreak Company
  41. 41. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord
  42. 42. The Asterisk War
  43. 43. Eromanga Sensei
  44. 44. Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody
  45. 45. In Another World With My Smartphone
  46. 46. Love Tyrant
  47. 47. Actually, I am…
  48. 48. Full Dive: The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life!
  49. 49. Absolute Duo
  50. 50. CONCEPTION
  51. Enjoy recommended harem anime filled with dreams and romance!

1. The Quintessential Quintuplets


The Quintessential Quintuplets is a popular anime based on the manga of the same name by Haruba Negi. It was broadcast from January to March 2019, and the second season has been airing since January 2021.

Futaro Uesugi is an excellent student with outstanding grades. However, his family is poor, and he lives in debt. One day, he learns of a tutoring job for a “rich man’s daughter” and decides to take on the job to pay off his debts.

Through his job as a tutor, he builds trust with the five sisters by teaching them and guiding them until their high school graduation. This anime vividly depicts the closeness of the five unique sisters and the cracks that arise from their sisterly quarrels.

At first, the protagonist and the quirky sisters reject each other, but gradually they deepen their relationship and build a bond of trust. This unconventional romantic comedy portrays their journey of building trust and understanding.

Recommended points: All five sisters are cute, but what’s interesting is that they each have their unique charm. It’s a must-see while predicting which heroine will end up with Futaro! The drama element of the sisters’ love for each other is also appealing.

2. Bakemonogatari


Based on the fantasy novel by Nisio Isin, Bakemonogatari aired from July 3 to September 25, 2009.

Koyomi Araragi, a high school senior, learns that his classmate Hitagi Senjougahara has had her weight stolen by a strange crab. Having experienced something similar himself, Araragi takes Hitagi to the ruins where the occult enthusiast Meme Oshino lives, the one who helped him before.

Following the success of Bakemonogatari, the series continued as the famous Monogatari Series, with 11 seasons from Bakemonogatari to Owarimonogatari airing on terrestrial television. The anime film Kizumonogatari was also released from 2016 to 2017.

What’s recommended about it: This series intertwines refreshing youthfulness with strange phenomena to create Nisio Isin’s unique world. Each heroine has her main episode, and the character songs are adorable, so it’s a must-see. Rather than enjoying the harem, try enjoying the interactions between each heroine and Araragi.

3. Sword Art Online

The anime Sword Art Online is based on the light novel of the same name by Reki Kawahara, which had its first season broadcast in 2012, followed by the second season, Sword Art Online II, in 2014. The third season, Alicization, was published from 2019 to 2020.

In 2022, approximately 10,000 users participated in the world’s first virtual MMORPG, “Sword Art Online (SAO).” The SAO developer, Akihiko Kayaba, declared that all players must defeat the boss on the 100th floor to leave the game.

Kirito, one of the players, tries to escape the game while deepening his bond with Asuna, a fellow player he met in the game, but…

They are recommended for those who enjoy SF anime and a story about a powerful heroine, Asuna. This series features the thrilling battles that take place in the game world and the various avatars that the players use. While the romantic elements are present, they do not overshadow the excitement of the battles with life and death at stake.

4. Re: Life in a different world starting from zero


Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World is a work based on the light novel by Tappei Nagatsuki. It is a dark fantasy isekai anime that premiered in 2016, with the first and second seasons aired from 2020 to 2021.

Natsuki Subaru, who was a shut-in, suddenly gets transported to another world on his way back from a convenience store. Unfortunately, he has no cheat-like abilities, but a beautiful girl named Satella saves him from a pinch.

For her smile, Subaru uses his time loop ability called “Return by Death” to face his harsh fate.

The anime features many strong and cute heroines, such as the angelic Emilia and the mighty maids. Rem and Ram. However, it is an intensely dark fantasy series, so the preciousness of the heroines’ smiles will leave a lasting impression.

5. Aria the Scarlet Ammo

This is a work based on a light novel of the same name by Riku Misora. The first season aired from April to July 2011, and the second, “Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA,” aired from October to December 2015.

The story follows Kinji Tooyama, a Tokyo Butei High Schoo student who trains “Butei,” detectives to combat criminal activity with their combat skills. Kinji wants to live everyday life and considers dropping out of school when he is attacked by a criminal known as the “Butei Killer.” However, he is rescued by Aria H. Kanzaki, an S-rank Butei detective who learns that Kinji has a unique ability called “Hysteria Mode.” Aria chooses Kinji as her partner, and the story unfolds from there.

What’s great about this anime is that you can enjoy the tsundere voice of Rie Kugimiya, who plays the role of Aria. The gun action scenes, with Aria flipping her mini skirt, are also awe-inspiring. In addition, the other female characters are not only cute but also have unique abilities or come from impressive backgrounds, adding more flavour to the story and making it easy to enjoy without overthinking.

6. Student Council’s Ichimon

Student Council’s Ichimon is an anime based on the light novel of the same name by Aoi Sekina. The first season aired from October to December 2009, and the second, Student Council’s Ichimon Lv.2, aired from January to March 2013.

The story follows Sugisaki Ken, a male student who entered the student council through the “outstanding student” position, which is selected based on popularity votes that mainly focus on looks, in the elite private school Hekiyo Academy, where the student council is filled with beautiful girls. The anime depicts the student council’s daily lives, mainly spent chatting.

Here’s what we recommend! The protagonist, Ken, is an unusual male student who loves dating sims and is obsessed with beautiful girls. With him at the center, the story becomes a hilarious harem comedy. Please enjoy watching the student council’s comical daily lives that are always on the verge of becoming harem without overthinking about it!

7. To LOVE-Ru

© Marvelous Inc. © HONEY PARADE GAMES Inc.

To LOVE-Ru is a romantic comedy anime series based on a manga of the same name, with a script by Saori Hasegawa and animation by Kentaro Yabuki.

The protagonist, Rito Yuki, is a somewhat shy high school boy with a subtle mutual attraction with his classmate Haruna Sairenji, but neither realizes it. One day, while Rito is out, he saves Lala Satalin Deviluke, the princess of Deviluke who has escaped to Earth. This event leads to the creation of a strange love triangle.

What makes this series stand out is the incorporation of sexy scenes throughout, making for a more daring and stimulating viewing experience. For those who seek even more risqué content, the spin-off series To LOVE-Ru Darkness is highly recommended.

8. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! 

(C)2016 暁なつめ・三嶋くろね/KADOKAWA/このすば製作委員会

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! is an anime series based on a fantasy light novel series by Natsume Akatsuki. The anime aired two seasons from 2016 to 2017, and a movie was released in 2019.

After dying in an accident, Kazuma is reincarnated in a different world. Feeling insulted by the goddess Aqua, who appears to guide him, Kazuma decides to bring Aqua as a valuable item to the new world. Together with Aqua, Kazuma starts a new life as an adventurer.

The series features three heroines: the goofy and skilled party trick goddess Aqua, the arch-wizard who only knows the spell “Explosion” Megumin, and the masochistic knight Darkness. This is a hilarious isekai comedy where Kazuma is constantly driven mad by the antics of these unlucky beauties.

What makes this series so enjoyable is the trio of eccentric and lovable heroines, each with their quirks and flaws. While there may not be much traditional harem romance, viewers will find themselves charmed and entertained by the hilarious and often absurd situations the characters get themselves into.

9. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?


Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? is an anime series based on the light novel of the same name by Fujino Ōmori. It aired from April 4 to June 27, 2015. A second season aired in 2019, a third in 2020, and a fourth season has been announced for 2022.

Bell Cranel, a boy who dreams of a “fateful encounter,” comes to the city of Orario to become an adventurer. After being saved from a monster attack by the skilled adventurer Ais Wallenstein, Bell falls in love with her and becomes a more robust adventurer to impress her.

Recommended aspects of the series include the classic adventure story of Bell and the incorporation of harem elements throughout. The harem elements feel natural and not forced, as Bell’s likable personality justifies why multiple girls would be interested in him. The dungeon-crawling is also entertaining, making it an excellent recommendation for RPG fans.

10. I don’t have many friends

This series is based on the light novel of the same name by Yomi Hirasaka, which has sold over 7 million copies. The first season aired from October to December 2011, and the second season, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT, aired from January to March 2013.

After transferring to St. Chronica’s Academy, Kodaka Hasegawa is mistaken for a delinquent and becomes isolated. Then, one day, he is forcefully invited by Yozora Mikazuki, who talks to her imaginary friend, to join the “Neighbor’s Club,” where they aim to make friends.

You should watch it: “Haganai” is a harem romantic comedy set in a school with disappointing characters. However, the harem element added to the club members’ crazy everyday life is the show’s charm! The protagonist, Kodaka’s, soft skills as a harem protagonist are just right, making it enjoyable with peace of mind.

11. Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs

The anime is based on the light novel series of the same name by Konomi Takeshi. The story follows Kogarashi Fuyuzora, a psychic burdened with a large debt after being possessed by an evil spirit. Seeking a cheap place to live, he moves into the “Yuragi Inn,” a hot springs inn with a reputation. However, he soon discovers that the inn is inhabited by beautiful women and girls who are all descendants of monsters and ghosts, including a girl named Yuna, who is a ghost unable to pass on to the afterlife. Despite facing opposition from the girls, Kogarashi decides to stay at the inn.

Here’s why it’s recommended: Despite the abundance of ecchi scenes, the anime is fun to watch, with interesting character personalities and battles with various youkai.

12. Infinite Stratos

This work is based on the light novel of the same name by Yumizuru Izuru, with the first airing from January to March 2011 and the second “IS2” airing from October to December 2013. The development of the aerial combat device “IS (Infinite Stratos)” that only women can operate has led to a reversal of gender roles. The story revolves around a boy named Orimura Ichika, who can use the “IS” despite being male, and his childhood friend Shinonono Houki as they experience love and battles.

Recommended for those who enjoy watching service scenes featuring excellent and beautiful girls from all over the world. While the mecha elements are also exciting, the harem elements sprinkled in between will make you grin. This is a strongly recommended work for fans of elite beautiful girls.

13. Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki


Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki is an anime based on the light novel of the same name by Yūki Yaku, which has been airing since January 2021.

Fumiya Tomozaki is a high school student obsessed with the “Atafami” game, which he believes is a perfect game in contrast to his mediocre real-life existence. As Japan’s top player in the game, he meets Aoi Hinami, the second-ranked player, at an offline meeting, only to find out that she is a perfect heroine and living the ideal life as a “real-life winner.” Impressed by Aoi’s philosophy on living life, Fumiya applies her teachings to his real-life game. The story follows Fumiya’s journey to becoming a “real-life winner” while surrounded by various strong characters and heroines.

This work is recommended for its entertaining storyline featuring a weak character surrounded by extroverted heroines. While love and romance are necessary to become a “real-life winner,” it remains to be seen what choices Fumiya will make. Although it is not a pure harem, the refreshing romantic comedy elements that progress alongside Fumiya’s quest to conquer life make it an enjoyable watch.

14. Mayo Chiki!

This anime series is based on the light novel of the same name by Hajime Asano, which won the 5th MF Bunko J Light Novel Rookie of the Year Award. It was aired from July to September 2011.

Kinchiro Sakamachi, a high school student who experiences a rejection reaction when touched by women, discovers that his classmate Subaru Konoe, who serves the Ryozuki family, is a woman. In exchange for keeping her secret, Kinchiro begs her to help him overcome his gynophobia.

It is recommended for those who enjoy harem anime with a bit of an erotic atmosphere and good character balance. The gag timing is also good, and it’s an excellent harem anime for those who want to enjoy the character moe.

15. Jimihen!!: Pure Heterosexual Exchange That Changes a Reserved Girl

Jimihen!!: Pure Heterosexual Exchange That Changes a Reserved Girl is the anime adaptation of the manga series Jimiko wa Igai ni Ero Katta by Iburo. It has been broadcasted since January 2021 in the “monk slot,” There are both a general audience version and a premium version with age restrictions.

The protagonist is Reina Yukahashi, a plain-looking office worker who wears glasses. His boss orders Ryohei to find out if she’s a virgin. However, when he invites her out for a drink alone, a different Reina appears, dressed up and looking gorgeous.

This is a romantic comedy where you can enjoy a slightly erotic office romance.

It is recommended for those who want to enjoy a slightly more adult-oriented work focusing on the sweet moments between two people rather than a harem. Since various situations are depicted in each episode, you can enjoy the gap between the plain girl’s appearance and her true nature without getting bored. Also, with only eight episodes, it’s perfect for those who want to quickly get their dose of sweet lovey-dovey moments.

16. Date A Live

© 2019 橘公司・つなこ/KADOKAWA/「デート・ア・ライブIII」製作委員会

This work is based on the light novel of the same name by Orange Company. The first season aired from April to June 2013, and the second season, Date A Live II, aired from April to June 2014.

In a world threatened by the “Spatial Quakes” disaster caused by spirits that appeared about 30 years ago, high school student Shido Itsuka, who lives with his sister, meets the beautiful nature Tohka Yatogami, who despairs humans.

Learning that he can absorb and seal abilities through kissing with spirits, Shido plans to date Tohka to save the spirits and the world…

Recommended for: This battle-oriented harem anime continues to add more charming heroines with each new sequel, creating the ultimate harem. The protagonist’s full pursuit of each heroine is also endearing, as the goal is to make them fall for him.

17. Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend


Otaku high school student Rinichi Akiba has a fateful encounter with his unremarkable classmate, Kei Katou.

Akiba creates a visual novel game with Katou as the main character and enlists the help of childhood friend Spencer S. Izumi as the illustrator and school honours student Shiina Miyuki as the scenario writer, forming the doujin circle “Blessing Software.”

Akiba’s cousin, Michiru Hyoudou, is in charge of the music, and finally, after completing one route, the team prepares to showcase their game at the upcoming winter Comiket. But will they be able to finish the game in time?

What’s Recommended: Despite the cliché setup of an all-girl, beautiful otaku hobbyist group creating a visual novel game, the anime offers a fresh take on the main heroine, as well as comedic elements. In 2019, a movie version was released.

18. School Days

(C) STACK・School Days製作委員会 2007

School Days is an anime based on the adult game of the same name by Overflow, which was adopted in 2007.

The protagonist, Makoto Itou, has a crush on Kotonoha Katsura, who he sees on the train. While performing a love charm, his feelings for Kotonoha are exposed to Sekai Saionji sitting next to him. With Sekai’s help, Makoto can get closer to Kotonoha, but things take a dark turn…

Here’s why you should watch it! While it may seem like a typical school romantic comedy at first, “School Days” is a love triangle filled with complicated feelings between Makoto, Sekai, and Kotonoha. The anime follows the game’s bad endings, and the final episode is especially shocking. If you’re tired of happy endings and want something more intense, this anime is for you.

19. High School DxD

(C)2012 石踏一榮・みやま零/株式会社KADOKAWA 富士見書房刊/ハイスクールD×D製作委員会

Based on the light novel of the same name by Ichiei Ishibumi, the first season was broadcast in 2012. After that, the second season of High School DxD NEW was aired in 2013, the third season of High School DxD BorN in 2015, and the fourth season of High School DxD HERO in 2018.

Due to his perverted personality, Issei Hyodo is ridiculed at Kuoh Academy, but he is asked out on a date by a beautiful black-haired girl named Yuma Amano. However, it turns out to be a trap to kill Issei, who has a powerful god-killing sacred gear called “Boosted Gear” within him.

Here’s why you should watch it! The revealed Yuma kills Issei, but he uses a summoning card at his death and is resurrected as a devil by Rias Gremory. His fight fulfills his dream of becoming a high-level devil and building a harem.

20. My little sister can’t be this cute


This work is based on a light novel by Tsukasa Fushimi, with a TV version broadcast from April to June 2013 and a web version aired from August of the same year.

Kyosuke Kosaka, an average high school student who is good at sports and has good grades, is looked down upon by his younger sister Kirino, who is also a genius and a closet otaku. However, after a chance encounter, he discovers his sister’s hobby, and their relationship changes. He decides to help her find friends who share her otaku interests, but…

Unlike the original first-person novel, the anime adaptation shows the character of Kyosuke from the perspective of the people around him.

It is recommended for those who want to enjoy a romantic comedy and feel warm inside. Despite its title, which suggests a little sister fetish anime, this work is surprisingly well-developed as a heartwarming family drama. In addition, it features a well-balanced cast of heroines, including a tsundere sister, childhood friend, and chuunibyou otaku.

21. No Game No Life

(C)榎宮祐・株式会社KADOKAWA刊/ノーゲーム・ノーライフ ゼロ製作委員会

No Game No Life is an anime based on a light novel written by Yuu Kamiya. The anime was broadcasted in 2014, and a movie was released in 2017.

Sora and his little sister Shiro are unbeatable gamers known as Kuuhaku. They are summoned to a different world where everything is decided by games by a god named Tet.

Here’s why you should watch it! There are 16 races called Exceeds, and the two siblings compete against them in various games. You can enjoy the beautiful girls and seductive women from each race and the thrilling mind games.

22. Lord Marksman and Vanadis

Lord Marksman and Vanadis is an anime based on a light novel by Tsukasa Kawaguchi. It aired from October to December 2014.

Count Tigrevurmud Vorn, who rules the borderland of Alsace in the Brune Kingdom, participates in a war against the Zhcted Kingdom as ordered by the king. Though he fights valiantly with his specialty, the bow, his army is destroyed by the Zhcted Kingdom, and he becomes the only survivor. He wanders alone until he encounters Ellen, one of the seven Vanadis of Zhcted. Little does he know that this encounter is the beginning of a grand heroic tale.

Recommended points: This series mainly depicts epic battles. The beautiful and powerful Vanadis make the bloodiness of the actions somewhat less harsh. This series is recommended for those who want to enjoy a classic hero’s journey without it being too serious.

23. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation


Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation is an anime based on the light novel of the same name by Rifujin na Magonote. The series aired from January 11 to March 22, 2021, and a second season has aired since October of the same year.

The protagonist, who had been a NEET for nearly 20 years, dies after saving a high school student and getting hit by a truck. However, he wakes up in a different world as a baby, with the opportunity to start a new life as Rudeus Greyrat. He then embarks on numerous adventures.

What’s recommended about this anime is its colourful cast of heroines, including Roxy, who teaches magic to Rudeus, his childhood friend Sylphy, and the selfish and spoiled Eris. Another highlight is witnessing the protagonist’s growth, who was a loser in his previous life.

24. The Familiar of Zero F

(C)2006 ヤマグチノボル・株式会社KADOKAWA メディアファクトリー刊/ゼロの使い魔製作委員会

The anime is based on a light novel of the same name by Noboru Yamaguchi. The first series aired from July 2 to September 24, 2006, followed by Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi from July 8 to September 23, 2007, Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo from July 6 to September 21, 2008, and Zero no Tsukaima F from January 7 to March 24, 2012.

Louise is a student at Tristain Magic Academy in the alternate world of Halkeginia. She is a “zero,” a student who cannot use magic, and her classmates often make fun of her. One day, she accidentally summons a boy named Saito Hiraga from modern-day Japan, who possesses the power of a legendary familiar called “Gandalf.” Despite being treated as a mere dog, Saito accompanies Louise on her adventures in the world of war.

It is recommended for those who enjoy romantic comedies. The relationship development between Saito and Louise is a highlight, especially the transition from her tsundere attitude to a more affectionate one in later seasons. Louise, a representative tsundere character, is a must-see for fans of the trope.

25. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions is an anime based on the light novel by Torako and animated by Kyoto Animation. In addition to the anime’s second season, two movies have also been produced.

Yuta Togashi, who had sealed away his “chuunibyou” (adolescent delusions) after entering high school, encounters his classmate Rikka Takanashi, who is still actively immersed in her delusional world as the “Wielder of the Tyrant’s Eye.” Yuta finds himself inexplicably drawn to her and begins a lively high school life with a cast of unique characters.

Here’s what’s recommended! The strong-willed girls in this anime are the highlight, but the relationship between Yuta and Rikka is exciting. The portrayal of Rikka’s delusional world by Kyoto Animation is also a major draw of this charming anime.

26. My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering With My School Romantic Comedy

This anime series aired from October to December 2013, based on a light novel of the same name by Takeral Kasukabe.

High school student Kanade Amakusa, who lives in Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture, is controlled by the curse “Absolute Choice,” which presents him with options that won’t disappear until he chooses and acts on them, even if they are perverted in nature. Due to the curse, despite being handsome, he has the title of “Reject 5” for not being popular with girls.

After meeting Chocolat, a servant of God who holds the key to breaking the curse, Kanade struggles to break the curse, but…

It is recommended for its use of love simulation game choices as a theme, with parodies of famous games appearing throughout the series.



This series aired from July to December 2011, based on the game of the same name by Bandai Namco Games. In 2014, a movie called THE IDOLM@STER MOVIE Beyond the Brilliant Future! was also released.

Many idol trainees are enrolled at the 765 Production office on the third floor of a mixed-use building. The story follows their growth into full-fledged idols, featuring a cast of unique and charming characters.

While the anime adheres to the game’s setting, it also has its original story, making it enjoyable even for those who haven’t played it.

What’s recommended about this anime is the girls who aim to become stars are dazzling! With many colourful characters, finding a favourite is easy, which is a definite plus. Once you find your favourite character, the series becomes even more enjoyable.

28. The World God Only Knows


The World God Only Knows is an anime based on the manga of the same name by Tamiki Wakaki. The anime aired for three seasons from 2010 to 2013.

Keima Katsuragi is a master of dating sims, known as the “Capturing God” for his ability to win over any girl in the game world. One day, he receives an email challenging him to capture a real-life girl. As Keima embarks on his real-life conquests, he finds that the strategies that work in games don’t always work in reality. The series is a romantic comedy with elements of dating sims.

One of the series’ highlights is dating sim elements in the storyline and the cute and charming female characters. However, the show also explores the difficulties and joys of real-life romance as Keima learns to navigate the complexities of relationships. The stylish and catchy opening theme song is also a must-see.

29. GJ Club

This is an anime based on a light novel of the same name by Shinji Nukumi that aired from January to March 2013. It’s a slice-of-life school story that follows five members of the GJ Club, a club with an unknown purpose, who leisurely carry out their activities: Kyoya Shinomiya, Mao Amatsuka, Shion Sumeragi, Megumi Amatsuka, and Kirara Bernstein.

Recommended aspects of the anime include the absence of significant events and the focus on depicting laid-back times inside the clubroom. It’s a good choice for those who enjoy a mellow harem story. The protagonist, Kyoya, is also a fluffy and soothing character, adding to the overall calming atmosphere of the show.

30. Hundred

The original work is a light novel by Jun Misaki, and the anime aired from April to June 2016.

Humanity, under attack from mysterious extraterrestrial beings called Savages, fought back with Hundred, a power generated by the same extraterrestrial meteorites. Hayato Kisaragi enrolls in Little Garden, a naval academy that trains Slayers who can manipulate Hundred. In this school battle romantic comedy, he fights with his roommate Emile Crossfade to protect humanity.

Recommended for those who love: Dreams and romance are plentiful in the dormitory life with the fighting heroines. It delivers the expected harem development of a classic series. It is recommended for those who want to watch a typical harem anime.

31. Nisekoi


This work is based on the manga of the same name by Naoshi Komi, with the first season airing from January to May 2014 and the second season from April to June 2015.

Ichijou Raku, the son of a local yakuza boss from the “Shuei-gumi,” has the worst possible encounter with Kirisaki Chitoge, one of the gang bosses “Beehive,” and a transfer student. Later, their parents ask them to pretend to be lovers for the next three years to stop their families’ feud. So, along with Raku’s childhood crush, Onodera Kosaki and Tsugumi Seishirou, a member of Beehive and Chitoge’s aide, they get involved in a classic high school romantic comedy.

Here’s why you should watch it! Although it’s a classic high school romantic comedy, it has a well-crafted story that includes a mystery about Raku’s childhood love. The resolution of the love and mystery is revealed in the second season, so if you find a girl you like in the first season, you should definitely watch the second one. SHAFT directs the show, and its distinctive pop visuals add to the charm.

32. If Her Flag Breaks

This anime series is based on a light novel of the same name by Takai Rokuhiko, which aired from April to June 2014.

Souta Hatate, a boy able to see and manipulate other people’s “flags,” which are visualized as markers of their futures, has been avoiding deep connections with others. However, his life changed after he transferred to the prestigious Hagakure Academy in Tokyo.

There, he starts to spend time with girls who are interested in him and lives in the male dormitory “Quest Dorm,” where he was initially the only resident. It’s a school romantic comedy where his heart gradually opens up.

It is recommended for those looking for a bit of a change of pace in their harem stories. It starts as a sweet and fluffy school harem, but a thrilling twist awaits in the latter half. It’s sure to surprise and delight those who want something unexpected.

33. Trinity Seven


This is an anime based on a manga of the same name, with the original story by Kenji Saito and art by Akinari Nao. It was broadcast from October to December 2014.

One day, the daily lives of Arata Kasuga and his cousin, Hijiri Kasuga, are disrupted by a mysterious phenomenon called the “Collapse Phenomenon.” To find the missing Hijiri, Arata enrolls at the Royal Biblia Academy, a school for mages, and together with the seven beautiful female mages known as the “Trinity Seven,” who have mastered the themes of each of the seven deadly sins and their corresponding Lost Technica, he sets out to unravel the mystery of the Collapse Phenomenon in this school-based romantic comedy.

They are recommended for those who enjoy the balance between cute heroines with durable character designs and heart-pumping mishaps. The anime also offers a fantasy world with exciting battle scenes, making it an excellent recommendation for those who enjoy a well-crafted story and character appreciation in a harem setting.

34. Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia

This work is based on the light novel of the same name by Masamune Kuji, which aired from July to September 2016.

In a world where invaders called “Magical Armaments” attack from another planet, humanity takes refuge in floating cities worldwide, aiming to counterattack.

Hida Kizuna possesses a unique ability called “Heart Hybrid Gear” that can significantly enhance the power of a female’s magic armour, or “Magical Armor,” through erotic acts. He is invited to Ataraxia, the strategic defence academy of Japan’s floating city, by his older sister, who recognizes his ability, and he becomes involved in the battle to protect the world.

Here’s why you should watch it! This is a direct, sexy harem battle anime. Enhancing the magical armour’s power through erotic acts is portrayed not as a mere accident but as a necessary element of the battle, making it a unique and daring work.

35. Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

© 明月千里・SBクリエイティブ/最弱無敗の製作委員会

This is a work based on a light novel of the same name by Chisato Narumi, which aired from January to March 2016.

Five years ago, the Arcadia former empire, which had been under long-term oppression by a coup and a specific individual, was destroyed. The Atismata new kingdom was born afterwards.

Lux Arcadia, the prince of the lost kingdom, lived a life of atonement by doing various odd jobs for the citizens of the new domain. Then, one day, he accidentally ends up in a duel against the princess of the new domain, Lisha Ralgris, and her drag-ride.

Although undefeated in simulation battles, Lux, who was called the “undefeated weakest” because he had never won a real war, impresses Lisha Ralgris in that duel and ends up enrolling in the Royal Officer Academy, a school for girls who ride drag rides, becoming a classic fantasy story.

Recommended for: This work makes you feel the taste only a classic fantasy can offer. The character settings and harem-like developments are also faithfully adhered to, so you can enjoy it with peace of mind. The protagonist’s voice, played by Mutsumi Tamura, is also a highlight.

36. Invaders of the Rokujyoma!?

This work aired from July to September 2014, based on the light novel of the same name by Kenetsu Satou.

When Takuro Sakami, who had to live alone from the beginning of high school, hears that a ghost haunts the area, he decides to move to Room 106 of Korona-sou, a cheap 25-year-old apartment with no deposit or critical money, and rent only 5000 yen.

On the night of the entrance ceremony, Takuro is told by the rumoured ghost, Sanae Higashimon, to leave Room 106. This leads to a series of events where the self-proclaimed magical girl Yurika Nijino appears from the window of Room 106, followed by the descendant of underground people, Kirihaha, who emerges from under the tatami mats, and then the extraterrestrial princess Tiamillis who arrives on the following day.

The story revolves around the struggles of each heroine to occupy Room 106 and Takuro’s efforts to defend his cheap apartment in this love comedy.

It is recommended for those who enjoy a story focusing on invasions, which progresses quickly and is surprisingly heartwarming. The heroines have unique quirks that make them stand out, including ghosts, underground people, and cosplayers. This work offers a diverse and colourful cast of characters rarely seen in other harem series.

37. Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls

This work was broadcast in July 2015, based on the manga of the same name by Okayado.

The story takes place in modern-day Japan, where inter-species exchange has begun with the enactment of the “Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act.” However, the protagonist, Kurusu Kimihito, ends up hosting a lamia girl named Miia for a homestay due to a series of misunderstandings.

This catalyzes him to host various other girls from different species for homestays, leading to a chaotic romantic comedy where he struggles with cultural and ecological differences.

It is recommended for fans of the series! Some people may initially find it hard to appreciate the cuteness of the non-human character designs, but it gets easier to get used to around the third episode. Once you get used to it, you’ll likely become captivated by its cuteness. Another highlight is the various happenings that occur under the same roof.

38. GATE

© 柳内たくみ・アルファポリス/ゲート製作委員会

This work is based on a manga of the same name by Gate. It aired in July 2015.

One day, a “gate” suddenly appeared in Ginza. The Japan Self-Defense Forces repelled the monsters pouring out of it and advanced into the other side of the gate, called the “Special Region,” where they contacted the locals.

Second Lieutenant Youji Itami, an otaku member of the Self-Defense Forces leading the third reconnaissance team, encountered a giant fire dragon attacking a village while exploring the “Special Region.” He saved an elf girl named Tuka, who survived the attack and began to deepen his relationships with the locals.

Recommended Points: Not only are there many attractive characters, such as beautiful young girls from different races in another world and female members of the same squad. The diverse activities of the Self-Defense Forces are also depicted from multiple perspectives. The protagonist Itami also has a significant presence.

39. Strike the Blood

(C)三雲岳斗/アスキー・メディアワークス/PROJECT STB

This story is about the world’s strongest vampire, the “Fourth Progenitor,” who is only said to exist in legends and appears in Japan.

To monitor and eliminate the “Fourth Progenitor,” the Japanese government’s Lion King Agency decides to dispatch “Sword Shaman” attack mages to the demon district of Genshin Island. However, the one chosen as the observer was a young girl, Himeragi Yukina, who is still a novice sword shaman.

The true identity of the “Fourth Progenitor” that Yukina encounters are Akatsuki Kojou, a high school student who has just inherited its power. Yukina and Kojou team up as she becomes his observer, and they face various battles together.

What’s recommended about this anime is that several girls and beautiful women appear throughout the series, ranging from 5 to 9 people. However, the most critical aspect of the story is undoubtedly the relationship between Yukina and Kojou. Since Kojou is still unfamiliar with his vampire powers, he needs to drink Yukina’s blood during battles, and those scenes are quite something.

40. Outbreak Company

Shinichi Kanno has been a recluse since dropping out of high school. He finally lands a job, but it’s in the Holy Eldant Empire of another world, where he’s tasked with promoting “otaku culture” to facilitate trade with that world.

Despite being suddenly transported to a different world, Shinichi is ecstatic rather than bewildered. That’s because he’s now living in a dream world filled with a loli empress, a half-elf maid, busty catgirls, and a bespectacled female self-defence force member.

As a pure otaku knowledgeable about anime, light novels, manga, and dating sims, Shinichi unexpectedly lives a fulfilling life surrounded by adoring women.

What’s particularly noteworthy about this series is how the protagonist struggles to overcome language barriers and infrastructure challenges while actively spreading otaku culture in a world where different races coexist.

41. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord


How Not to Summon a Demon Lord is an anime adaptation of the light novel of the same name by Yukiya Murasaki with illustrations by Takahiro Tsurusaki.

In the MMORPG “Cross Reverie,” player Takuma Sakamoto was known for his overwhelming strength, feared by other players as the “Demon King.”

One day, he is summoned to a different world in his game avatar form, where he meets two girls who claim that they summoned him as their “Demon King.” They try to use slave magic on Takuma, but his “magic reflection” causes the girls to become his slaves instead.

As the shy Takuma, now known as the “Demon King Diablo,” embarks on an adventure with eight girls, the anime includes just the right amount of ecchi scenes, making it an enjoyable watch.

What makes this anime worth watching is not just the overpowered protagonist but also the relatable Takuma, who, despite being the strongest in the game, is a coward. The world-building and Takuma’s growth add depth to the story, making it more than just a typical isekai harem anime.

42. The Asterisk War

A catastrophe that hit the Earth in the 20th century Imperia. While many cities were destroyed, mankind’s science and technology developed due to the unknown element Mana discovered from meteorites. A new generation with a unique ability called “Genestella” was born. Humanity is born.

In such a world, the stage of the comprehensive battle tournament “Festival,” in the water school city “Rokka” (commonly known as Asterisk), six schools fought fierce battles every year.

Seidoukan Academy’s Ayato Amagiri will participate in the tag battle “Phoenix” with “Gruenrose” Julis, aiming to win the national championship.

Recommendation: About 30 girls and women, including school friends and teachers with various abilities and rivals from other schools, will appear, and their interest will be gathered in the main character who wins in battle. Even if the insensitive protagonist accidentally encounters a naughty scene, they can’t blame him too much.

43. Eromanga Sensei

The light novel series by author Tsukasa Fushimi and illustrator Hiro Kanzaki, known for Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute), has been adapted into an anime series called Eromanga Sensei.

The story follows high school student and light novel author Masamune Izumi, who has a shut-in stepsister named Sagiri. One day, he discovers that the erotic artist who has been drawing illustrations for his novels under the pen name “Eromanga Sensei” is Sagiri herself!

The series is recommended for its hilarious antics in the light novel industry. It features a love-comedy between Masamune and the charming and quirky female characters, including Sagiri, other female authors, and female classmates.

44. Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

© 愛七ひろ・shri・KADOKAWA カドカワBOOKS刊/デスマ製作委員会

Ichiro Suzuki, who works for a subcontracting company for online games, was extremely busy due to the simultaneous progress of multiple projects. After taking a nap when the work was over, Ichiro woke up to find himself in the world of the game he was developing.

He starts his adventure from level 1 in the early stages, using the name “Satou,” which he usually uses for testing. However, Satou’s level skyrockets to 310 after his first battle with an enemy, and he acquires the most vital abilities and vast wealth.

As he explores various countries, Satou helps and forms a party with a group of charming girls. Seeing their happy-go-lucky adventure using Satou’s cheat abilities in accessible mode is enviable.

It is recommended for those who want to enjoy an otherworldly sightseeing adventure with a sense of security thanks to the protagonist’s unbeatable strength, despite the somewhat dangerous-sounding title. The party becomes a harem, but overall the impression is heartwarming. It’s recommended to watch and relax during a lazy afternoon.

45. In Another World With My Smartphone

After accidentally dying, Fuyuya Mochizuki is given superhuman physical abilities and magic by the apologetic God, who reincarnates him into a different world. In addition, at Mochizuki’s request, God ensures he can use his smartphone in the new world.

With such cheating abilities, Mochizuki saves beautiful girls throughout the land, and they become enamoured with him. He gains more and more companions, eventually forming a party with six beautiful girls. Being surrounded by unique girls, each with feelings of love for him alone is truly romantic!

They are recommended for those who enjoy the rapid gathering of beautiful girls. While some aspects may require suspending disbelief, the work is endearing and lovable.

46. Love Tyrant

Love Tyrant is an anime aired from April to June 2017, based on a webcomic by Samsung Megane.

The story follows Aoi Nino, who has a crush on his classmate Akane Hiyama. One day, an angel named “Guri” visits him and gives him a “kiss note,” which states that “those whose names are written in it must kiss within 24 hours.” As it turns out, Akane also has feelings for Aoi. However, she has a yandere side and always carries a knife with her, mistaking Guri for Aoi’s girlfriend and attempting to kill her.

Thanks to the effects of the kiss note, Aoi and Akane are bound to “definitely get married,” but Guri’s name is also written in the note, leading to a love triangle between the three of them.

All the cute girls in this anime are charming. It’s a slapstick romantic comedy that depicts the bizarre love triangle between Aoi, the angel Guri, and the yandere Akane.

This is recommended because the heroines are cute, but the settings are uncontrollable. The over-the-top yandere and psychopathic girls add an excellent spice to the mix. It’s a chaotic harem series with profound moments that make the story unpredictable and exciting.

47. Actually, I am…

I am… is a work based on a popular manga by Eiji Masuda and aired from July to September 2015.

Around Asahi Kuromine, there are unique girls with superpowers, such as vampires and aliens. Among them, he had feelings for the “actually a vampire” Yoko Shiragami. When he found out about her true identity, he got closer to her and successfully managed to win her heart. Their love progressed, but the other non-human girls who had feelings for Asahi continued to pursue him without giving up. The series portrays the chaotic school life with non-human beings in a comedic love story.

Here’s why you should watch it! It’s a refreshing harem school romantic comedy. The protagonist, Asahi, who cannot lie, is attacked by beautiful non-human girls, but he is very loyal. As Asahi has many empathy points, you can enjoy watching until the end without feeling uneasy.

48. Full Dive: The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life!

This is an anime based on a light novel of the same name by Tsuchihi Light, which aired from April 7 to June 23, 2021.

Since quitting his club activities, Yuuki Hiro, an unremarkable high school student, has been engrossed in full-dive RPGs. One day, he comes across a game called “Kiwame Quest” and decides to play it. However, the game is so obsessively realistic that it’s impossible to clear…

This is recommended for those who like the idea of a protagonist surrounded by attractive girls, including Reona, who introduced Hiro to Kiwame Quest. Even if the game itself is a pain, it’s sure to make you envious of the girl’s affection for the protagonist.

49. Absolute Duo

Absolute Duo is based on the light novel of the same name by Takumi Hiiragiboshi and aired from January to March 2015.

The story takes place at the Kouryou Academy, which teaches combat techniques to those who possess the ability to create weapons called “Blazes” from their souls. The main character, Tooru Kokonoe, is nicknamed “Irregular” because he can create armour instead of weapons.

Silver-haired girl Yurie Sigutoona, who calls herself an “Avenger,” enters the academy to seek revenge on the person who killed her father. Tooru and Yurie become partners, forming a “Duo,” and engage in fierce battles against various enemies.

What’s recommended about this anime is its mix of school romance and action-packed battles, with plenty of specialized terminology and intricate settings. It’s an anime with a strong chuunibyou flavour, and the battle scenes will surely get your blood pumping.


CONCEPTION is an anime based on the popular game CONCEPTION Ore no Kodomo wo Undekure! (CONCEPTION: Please Give Birth to My Child!).

The story takes place in the magical world of Granvania, which is on the brink of destruction due to an invasion of external enemies called “Kegare.” The only way to eliminate the Kegare is by having children with the “Star Maidens, ” priestesses.

The protagonist, Itsuki Yuge, is summoned to Granvania as a “Malebito” and is tasked with giving birth to children with all 12 Star Maidens. Itsuki befriends each of the unique and adorable Star Maidens while fighting against the Kegare. The anime includes some suggestive scenes, adding to its charm. It’s a fantasy love story of Itsuki and the Star Maidens fighting together to defeat the Kegare.

Recommended for: This is an unconventional harem anime with the theme of procreation. With 12 heroines, you’re sure to find your favourite. The anime also includes an original storyline in the middle, so even those who have played the game can enjoy it with a fresh perspective.

Harem anime is a genre where a male protagonist is surrounded by multiple beautiful girls/women who shower him with affection. So naturally, many people may envy and dream of being in such a situation.

Sometimes, it’s nice to indulge in the fantasy of being surrounded by cute girls and being popular without thinking too deeply about it. It can be a healing experience and a nice escape from reality.

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