Most Hated Anime Characters of All Time

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Some characters we encounter make us detest them to the point where even mentioning their name irks us. In the writing world, some characters are intentionally written to make the viewers hate them; because of this, fandoms unite over their hatred of the character.

We compiled 15 characters who are widely hated throughout the anime community. Some of these characters have been hated to such an extent that the author has even received death threats over them.

We’ll explore why they are hated and how anime fans respond to them.

Makato is placed at the top due to his heinous behaviours and actions. To sum his acts up. He’s vile, evil, selfish, perverted etc…

Anime fans hate this character because he’s a pure degenerate. His foul actions include raping a girl, manipulating women, cheating on his partner, child abuse, pedophilia and more.

He comes out as the top worst character on our list. We’re glad to have him here; all the homies hate Makato Itou.

2. Nobuyuki Sugou/Sword Art Online

Oh boy, Nobuyuki is as scummy as they come. He’s a psychotic pervert who did anything he could to get to Asuna.

His crimes include sexually assaulting Asuna and torturing Kirito by stabbing him repeatedly. SAO fans relent even talking about him due to his actions and have even started hate pages about him.

3. Malty Melromarc/The Rising of the Shield Hero

This is 1 of 3 characters I personally got beef with. Malty is an actual sub-human piece of garbage for what she did to our MC Naofumi. The anime fandom collective hates her without any remorse.

She coerced him into thinking she wanted to be a part of his group, then one night she accuses him of raping her leading to him being exiled and hated by everyone. This one action is not all no no no, she’s grimy and manipulative as well. She wanted nothing but to see Naofumi fall and claim the throne of her own.

I mean come on, she is horrible and deserves some sort of bad karma to come her way… a good thing that happened, so go watch The Rising of The Shield Hero!

4. Nina Einstein/Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Oh, you like cute green-haired anime girls, is that right? Well, too bad this one’s for the streets. Nina Einstein is as bad as they come.

Her acts include sexual assault, racism against the Japanese, terrorism (like she wanted to nuke Japan?!?!), etc…

Just know that fans of Code Geass have created forums and hate pages designated for Nina Einstein, and to this day, they still gain attraction amongst newer anime fans.

5. Gabi Braun/Attack on Titan

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Gabi Braun, introduced as the pseudo-protagonist during the Marleyan invasion, has become a top 5 hated character since her conception, and for good reasons too. She killed one of the OG members of Attack on Titan, Sasha. Sasha was such a beautiful kindred soul, always eating, memeing, and doing the funny.

When Gabi was captured, all the soldiers stomped her out, beat the dust off her, and from then, the fandom got some sort of repayment for losing our iconic Sasha. Also, whenever she starts talking about an Eldian, she’s basically the anime equivalent of a white supremacist.

6. Rachel/Tower of God

Rachel is a character who fits the idea “if you hate her, she was a great villain”, and that she was, but this is a hated anime article, so we are on demon timing.

Rachel’s crimes include killing her childhood friend to get what she wants, playing the victim when it’s well known she’s guilty, theft, and overall horny jail activities.

She gets a lot of hate from the respective fandom due to her attitude and the cunning acts she does. Also, if you had a friend IRL like her, you’d immediately cut them off for your sanity.

7. Sakura Uchiha/NARUTO

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“Sakura Uchiha” sounds weird right, the weak, useless, selfish member of team 7 having the Uchiha name?? Well, here we go.

Sakura, from her introduction, was always chasing Sasuke and blue-balling Naruto at every chance she had. She did get some development when she became a pupil under the 5th Hokage Lady Tsunade, but that was not enough to save her. She intentionally lies to Naruto about falling in love with him and immediately gets called out.

She is not hated because she’s evil like other characters in this list, but she gets hate from Sasuke’s fans who believe she is not good enough for him. In other words, everyone is jealous of her!

8. Kyubey/Puella Magi Madoka Magica

You may be wondering, “how can this adorable cat be hated, he’s soo cute, I just wanna squish him and pet him”. No, this rat of a character is diabolical by all means.

Kyubey is a manipulative feline. His crimes include Mass Murder, Psychological Abuse, Kidnapping, Stalking, and Grand Theft Animarum.

This feline is an overall psycho and if you ever meet one like him, pray Truck-kun isekais you for your own good.

9. Sakazuki/ONE PIECE

Lord if I had the power to wipe out the marine corps in One Piece, I would. Sakazuki is widely hated throughout the One Piece fandom for killing Portgas D. Ace, the brother of Luffy and husbando of many.

During the Marineford arc, Portgas D. Ace managed to get free from the shackles he was in, but Sakazuki was not having any of that, he went on to punch a hole through Ace’s body solidifying his death. What makes this hard to swallow is that Ace was beloved throughout the fandom, and this General came with a sense of Absolute Justice.

Rest In Peace Ace, we miss ya bud, Sakazuki, you can go kick rocks.

10. Mahito/Jujutsu Kaisen


Mahito is an interesting addition to this list. He is a villain, but he was once loved in the fandom. That’s how you know the hatred is real.

Now he has committed some heinous crimes such as killing Junpei and his mother, transfiguring thousands of humans into destestable gross creatures, killing our husbando Nanami and injuring Nobara.

Overall he’s a piece of garbage, and If I had a choice between world peace and killing Mahito, I’m killing Mahito no questions asked.

11. Yamcha/Dragon Ball

Have you ever rooted for a character only to have them disappoint you to the point where when you see them, you want to throw your monitor at your wall? That’s how I feel about Yamcha.

Yamcha isn’t necessarily hated, but more memed to death and even the mention of liking him gets you clowned on. He was this once deadly martial arts fighter, but he can’t talk to women. I always cheered for him when he was with Bulma because they were cute. But he fumbled the bag and is now a joke character.

Also, there’s his famous death pose, it’s been memed to hell and back due to him being played as a joke character now.

12. All For One/My Hero Academia

All For One, as you can guess from the name he’s the opposite to One For All, meaning he’s a villain.

Let me preface this, he is one big bad guy.

His crimes include: Organized Crime, Mass Murder, Terrorism, Enslavement, Assault and Battery, Mutilation, Kidnapping, Arson, etc… He essentially has done more crimes than I have in Grand Theft Auto V.

He is widely hated in the My Hero fandom due to all these acts. Soo much so fans have created hate threads and forums about him.

13. Akito Sohma/Fruits Basket

Akito is pretty much the result of both her environment and the bad decisions he makes.

1. Akito has a mentally unstable mother which helped contribute to their psychoses

2. Akito fears the Sohma clan being free from their curse, so she does her best not to make that happen.

We can argue that Akito is misunderstood and does not want to be lonely, but what Akito does to the other characters is what counteracts that argument. She is manipulative and will do anything to get what she wants.

14. Muzan Kibitsuji/Demon Slayer


Muzan is by far the most despicable character in this series. I’m just going to list his crimes due to them being heinous enough fro you to hate him.

We have: Mass Murder of children and innocents, cannibalism, genocide, forcing people to commit suicide, trying to kill our beloved Nezuko, Manslaughter, etc…

Any type of super evil act you can think of, he’s done it. He is widely hated in the fandom due to the manipulation of his underlings and the acts he commits against the slayer corps. Some of his underlings were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he manipulated them to join him and live evil lives.

15. Gendo Ikari/Neon Genesis Evangelion

Usually, I call out fatherless behaviour, but I’m calling out the father this time. Gendo is one scummy parent, and now I know why Shinji is such a wuss.

Gendo has done a variety of misdeeds but his most popular are: abandoning his son and only contacting him when it’s convenient to him. Even when Shinji does good, his father never recognized it and instead puts him down.

Fans of Evangelion hate this guy’s guts, and I don’t blame them. Imagine having a parent like him, and to add onto that, imagine being Shinji, that’s a double Whammy on god.


While there are many lovable characters in anime, there will always be those who are hated. It’s in our nature to notice the negatives of an anomaly/aspect, so don’t ever feel bad if you end up hating a character.

We listed some heinous and hated characters, hopefully, you found a character that peeks your interest, or maybe you already have a character you hate in mind that’s not listed here.

Be sure to keep checking back on our site for more great anime recommendations!

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