Who is the Father of Ai’s Children in Oshinoko? Explained


Amidst the growing excitement of the anime adaptation airing since April 2023, the manga Oshi no Ko continues to captivate fans. One character in the series, Hikaru Kamiki, is rumoured to be the father of the twins, Aqua and Ruby, as well as the mastermind behind Ai’s murder.

In this article, we will thoroughly examine his true identity, the truth behind Ai’s murder, and other related aspects, delving into crucial details and speculations.

*Please note that this article contains significant spoilers for Oshi no Ko

Is Hikaru Kamiki Confirmed as the Father?


With each new chapter of the original manga, the truth about Aqua and Ruby’s father draws closer to the core.

It is widely believed that Hikaru Kamiki is almost certainly their father, but how did this conclusion come about? Let’s take a step-by-step look at Hikaru Kamiki’s journey starting from his first appearance.

Profile of Hikaru Kamiki

Full NameHikaru Kamiki
OccupationRepresentative Director of the talent agency, Kamiki Production
First AppearanceChapter 72

Hikaru Kamiki serves as the Representative Director of Kamiki Production, a talent agency. He was previously a member of the theatre group “Gekidan LALALAI.” On the surface, he presents himself as a cheerful and amiable young man, always wearing a smile.

However, behind this facade, there is a psychopathic side that takes pleasure in observing the downfall of individuals with star quality.

Did Hikaru Kamiki Make His First Appearance in Chapter 72? Referring to Ruby as “My Child”


Hikaru Kamiki made a significant appearance in Chapter 109, but he actually made his first appearance back in Chapter 72. He was the man wearing a hat and glasses who crossed paths with Ruby after she had finished visiting Ai’s grave. Standing in front of the grave, he whispered, “You are our child,” indicating that he firmly believed Ruby to be his daughter.

Upon seeing Ruby’s distinctive eyes and other features, he had become convinced of her being his daughter. Upon revisiting this scene, it becomes evident that subtle foreshadowing had been carefully laid out.

During this encounter, his face was partially concealed by his glasses and hat, making it difficult to see him clearly. However, upon later revealing his true face and rereading the scene, it is indeed apparent that the person was Hikaru Kamiki.

Now, who exactly is Hikaru Kamiki? Let’s delve into that in the next section.

Akane Discovers the Existence of Hikaru Kamiki


Akane Kurokawa, upon learning that Himekawa is Aqua’s half-brother, deduced that there might be a real father figure apart from the legal father listed on the family register. She suspected that the person in question could potentially be affiliated with the theatre group “Gekidan LALALAI.” Through conversations with the troupe members, she eventually arrived at the former member of the theatre group, Hikaru Kamiki, who was known for his exceptional acting skills at the time.

After watching archived rehearsal footage, Akane noticed the striking resemblance between Kamiki Hikaru and Aqua, leading her to speculate the possibility of them being father and child.

Kamiki Hikaru is a handsome man who bears an uncanny resemblance to Aqua. He used to be an accomplished stage actor in the “Gekidan LALALAI” theatre group. Following suspicions regarding his relationship with Hoshino Ai, he departed from the group.

Currently, he serves as the Representative Director of the talent agency, Kamiki Production, where he is known for his gentle and ever-smiling demeanor.

Why was Hikaru Kamiki Confirmed as Aqua’s Father?

Akane became convinced that Hikaru Kamiki is Aqua’s father after watching a certain video. There are three main reasons for her conviction:

  1. Resemblance to Aqua: Firstly, Hikaru Kamiki is considered handsome, and his appearance closely resembles Aqua. From his hairstyle to his hair colour, he bears a striking resemblance to Aqua, to the extent that Akane herself initially mistook him for Aqua.
  2. Aqua’s Talent: Additionally, Aqua possesses exceptional acting talent, which is likely inherited from his father, Hikaru Kamiki. While there were whispers speculating that the struggling actor, Seijuro Uehara, could be Aqua’s father, considering Aqua’s acting abilities, it becomes more plausible that Hikaru is indeed his father.
  3. Star-shaped Eyes: Hikaru Kamiki has star-shaped marks on both of his eyes, just like Aqua and Ruby. This alone could serve as significant evidence to support the claim that he is the father of Aqua and Ruby.

Taking these factors into account, it is reasonable to conclude that Hikaru Kamiki is indeed the father of Aqua and Ruby.

Aqua Reaches Hikaru Kamiki with Akane’s Help

Aqua initially believed that Seijuro Uehara, Himekawa’s father, was his own father, and it appeared that he had temporarily let go of his revenge. However, unbeknownst to him, Aqua had secretly implanted a GPS tracker in Akane’s belongings to monitor her actions. He realizes that Akane has obtained information about his real father.

Aqua had always recognized Akane’s profiling abilities as a means to uncover the truth, and through Akane’s assistance, he discovers that Hikaru Kamiki is indeed his father.

As for the initial belief that Seijuro Uehara was his father, that will be explained in a separate section.

Is Hikaru Kamiki the Mastermind Behind It All?

Based on the information gathered so far, it can be said that the theory of Hikaru Kamiki being the father of the twins is almost confirmed. Now, let’s delve into why Hikaru Kamiki, the father, becomes the mastermind behind Goro and Ai’s murders.

The words of the mysterious girl align with the middle school student Hikaru Kamiki

During her visit to Miyazaki Prefecture for PV filming, Ruby, along with Akane, discovered Goro’s skeletal remains. At that time, a mysterious girl appeared and conveyed to Ruby that there were two perpetrators involved in Goro’s murder. According to the girl, one of the culprits was a university student, and the other was approximately middle school age.

Furthermore, according to Akane’s investigation, Hikaru Kamiki was still a 15-year-old middle school student when Ai became pregnant. Combining these two pieces of information, it emerges that Hikaru, who was a middle school student at the time, impregnated Ai and used Ryosuke, a university student, to kill Goro.

20 years agoHikaru Kamiki’s age: 11
Hikaru Himekawa is born.
16 years agoHikaru Kamiki’s age: 15
Ai gives birth at the hospital in Miyazaki Prefecture where Goro works.
Goro is murdered. Aqua and Ruby are born.
12 years agoHikaru Kamiki’s age: 19
Ai contacts Hikaru as Aqua and Ruby’s father.
Ai is killed on her 20th birthday.
6 years agoHikaru Kamiki’s age: 25
Kamiki Productions is established.
PresentHikaru Kamiki’s age: 31
Actress Yura Katayose is killed.

Looking at the timeline if Hikaru Kamiki is the father, it becomes evident that Hikaru had twins with Ai when he was 15 years old.

In that case, Himekawa, who is considered a half-brother, would be Hikaru’s child when he was 11 years old. If both Himekawa and Hikaru’s ages align, it would mean that Hikaru had quite an eventful childhood…

The Reason for Killing Goro and Ai

For Hikaru, Ai, who was pregnant with his child, may have been seen as an obstacle. It is highly possible that he murdered Goro, who was Ai’s attending physician, to prevent her from giving birth to Aqua and Ruby, who would carry his genes.

For Hikaru, who had been enjoying a successful acting career with Lalalai, Ai’s pregnancy was an unexpected and troublesome situation. It’s quite remarkable that even as a middle school student, Hikaru was capable of contemplating such actions.

Perhaps Hikaru himself is also a reincarnated individual with extraordinary abilities to think and plan.

What has Hikaru Kamiki Been Doing?

Hikaru Kamiki was a member of the theatre group “Lalalai” from the age of 10 to 16. However, he left the group at the age of 16 due to rumours surrounding his relationship with Ai.

Officially, the reason for his retirement is stated as such, but considering that he retired immediately after Goro’s murder, it seems that he retired to conceal himself from Ai and the others’ scrutiny, doesn’t it?

Afterwards, he had a period of hiatus, and currently, he is active as the CEO of “Kamiki Productions.”

Is Hikaru Kamiki a Murderer? Does He Have an Obsession with the Stars in His Eyes?


Unveiling the Truth: Hikaru Kamiki’s Identity as a Murderer Exposed

Despite his constant smile and the impression of a good-natured young man, Hikaru Kamiki has a dark side as a genuine psychopath who takes great pleasure in witnessing the demise of those he deems unworthy.

In the past, he orchestrated the murder of the actress Yura Katayori, who had sought his advice, by staging her death as a mountaineering accident. Even when Yura, on the verge of death, cursed him as a “murderer,” he remained completely unfazed, displaying a maniacal side as he gleefully watched her life fade away with a smile.

As Aqua and Akane come into contact with him in the future, there is a significant possibility that they, too, may meet the same fate as Yura and be killed by him.

Hikaru Kamiki’s Motive for Murder

There are several possible reasons behind Hikaru Kamiki’s murders. One could speculate that he targeted popular figures like Yura Katayori and Ai in order to establish his own existence by taking their lives. Alternatively, it’s possible that he saw Ai’s pregnancy with his child as an obstacle that needed to be eliminated.

The black stars that appeared in his eyes were also witnessed by Ruby and Aqua in the past. Considering that the stars appeared when they were contemplating revenge, it raises the possibility that Hikaru Kamiki’s murders were not only driven by the aforementioned reasons but also served as a form of revenge.

Evidence that Aquas’ father is not Kiyotaro Uehara?


DNA Testing Reveals the Discovery of Half-Brother Daiki Himekawa!

Considering Aqua’s connection to Ai’s participation in the Lalalai workshop, it is expected that the potential father is someone within the theatre group. While working with the theatre group, Aqua collected hair samples from individuals associated with the group and had them tested, which revealed that Himekawa Daiki is her half-brother.

Himekawa’s father is the struggling actor Kiyotaro Uehara. Although Uehara married popular actress Airi Himekawa, the disparity in their fame was evident. Frustrated by this, Uehara engaged in numerous affairs with actresses.

Therefore, it is plausible to consider that Ai’s pregnancy was a result of Uehara’s infidelity and involvement with Ai as part of his womanizing tendencies.

Uehara Kiyotaro Had Already Passed Away Before the Incident!

Uehara committed suicide together with his wife when Himekawa was a child. This incident occurred before Ai’s case, so Uehara cannot be considered the mastermind behind the whole series of events. In Episode 8, which depicted events from 12 years ago, Ai is shown making a phone call to someone who is likely the father of the twins. However, at that time, Uehara Kiyotaro had already passed away.

This brings us to the “loophole” mentioned by Akane. Himekawa believed Uehara to be her father, but legal paternity does not necessarily coincide with biological paternity. If Airi Himekawa had an affair resulting in Himekawa’s birth as Uehara’s child, then the biological father would be someone other than Uehara.

Akane realized this possibility and continued investigating individuals who aroused her suspicion, even after Aquas began to believe that Uehara was her father.

Confirmed Information Regarding Aqua & Ruby’s Father

Confirmed That the Killer of Ai is a Fan

The individual who killed Ai is a university student named Ryosuke. It has been revealed that he was a fan of Ai as he had attended her handshake events multiple times leading up to the murder.

It seems that his overwhelming love as a fan led him to commit the crime, unable to forgive Ai for secretly being pregnant and giving birth…

The Father Knew Ai’s Address

In Episode 8, Ai had a phone call with the father of her twins, during which she provided him with her address. Shortly after that, the incident occurred where Ai was murdered by Ryosuke. This leads to speculation that the father may have informed the perpetrator of Ai’s address.

While Ryosuke is undoubtedly guilty as the perpetrator of Ai’s murder, it’s cunning of the father to keep his hands clean.

The Same Person as The Perpetrator of Goro’s Murder

It is later revealed in Aqua’s flashback scene that Ryosuke is the same person who committed the murders of Ai and Goro. However, there is an actual mastermind behind Goro’s murder, and Aqua had suspected their presence from an early stage.

List of Characters with Previous Father Speculations

Father = Gotanda Director Theory

Taishi Gotanda, the director whom Aqua was studying under, seemed to have some awareness of the relationship between Ai and the twins. This led to speculation that he might be the father.

However, in the director’s flashback scene in Volume 11, he expresses regret for not being able to reach out to Ai as an adult. It can be inferred that he had a sense of Ai being a child in need of protection.

Furthermore, the director was involved in Ai’s biographical film, “15 Years of Lies,” which suggests that he is an ally to the twins rather than the mastermind.

Father = Katsuya Kaburagi Theory

Katsuya Kaburagi, a talented producer, was suspected of being Aqua’s father due to his name being in Ai’s phone book. However, the results of a discreet DNA test revealed that Aqua and Ruby were not related by blood.

Nevertheless, considering that he is one of the few individuals who knows about Ai’s past, it is certain that he plays an important role in the story.


In this article, we thoroughly examined Kamiki Hikaru, who is rumoured to be the mastermind behind Oshi no Ko.

With the anime airing since April 2023, there are high expectations for further developments in the future!

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