15 Introverted Anime Characters We Can Relate to


Introverts and extroverts are two sides of the spectrum where some of us are in. Being an introvert is not all that bad; you may not like going out to clubs/parties, but you have great emotional intelligence. We all have a social battery that needs to be recharged after hanging out with others, as do some of the characters below.

In today’s articles, we selected 15 of the most introverted characters we could think of. A lot of these characters are MCs, while some are supporting characters. Remember that some characters we talk about contain spoilers, so be warned!

1. Giyu Tomioka/Demon Slayer


Giyu is known for his emotionless expressions and his peers’ perception of him. He may come off as a cold and distant hashira, but he does have his good days and reasons for why he is the way he is.

Despite his cold personality, he has a strong sense of justice and is well-respected by those around him. Interestingly, Giyu is said to have an inferiority complex that started when he was in the Final Selection part of the story. Tanjiro’s words helped elevate him out of that survivor’s guilt mentality.

As a hashira, he is pretty powerful as well; he has control of the water breathing technique and was trained by the previous water hashira, Sakonji Urokodaki. Mastering 10 forms of water breathing and creating his 11th form of it, Giyu Tomioka is our Introverted OP character.

2. Hinata Hyuga/Naruto

Hinata is a veteran among anime fans when it comes to being shy and introverted. She’s a very humble and caring individual. She comes from one of the most prominent clans and has the Byakugan visual jutsu.

During the pre-Shippuden series, Hinata can be seen as a young non-confrontational individual who cheers from behind. Even in moments when Naruto would be fawning over Sakura, she would still be looking out for his good, even giving him medicine during the chunin exams.

Her shy and introverted character gradually changes as she ages; we can see this during the painful fight where she fights in front of Naruto while he is incapacitated. In The Last: Naruto the Movie, she confesses her feeling to Naruto and overcomes her previous shyness.

3. Hotaro Oreki/Hyouka


Ah, yes, our truly average MC whose fashion matches his personality. His policy is never to waste energy if he does not need to; this leads him to his nature being that of a dried can of paint at times. However, one character does challenge his personal policy, and that’s Eru Chitanda.

Going back to his personal policy, many see him as an apathetic character. Despite being the way he is, he can show emotions and is shown to get irritated very quickly; he also is quite clever and has a pretty good noggin on his head. He does like to reclude and not exert more than what is needed, but he will go out of the way for those he cares about.

An example is when Mayaka’s valentine’s chocolate was stolen and broken. Hotaro quickly confronted Satoshi for committing the act and told him that what he did was rude to Mayaka’s feelings.

4. Tomoko Kuroki/No Matter How I Look At It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Unpopular!

Tomoko is quite the character with a grim outlook on a subject. According to the fandom wiki, she has over 50 years of dating experience in otome games, and when she finally entered high school, she was dumbfounded to find out that she was unpopular.

Tomoko is the queen of grim, and she could be thinking of the happiest thing ever but will immediately think of the worst scenario to happen. Also, a lot of her introverted ness/awkwardness comes from not having any experience doing the things she artificially enjoyed in the real world.

She really wants a boyfriend, and due to her lack of knowledge, she sticks out a lot in scenarios that warrant some sort of love-type development.

5. Shouko Komi/Komi Can’t Communicate

Ohh, boy, when this was getting a Netflix adaptation, I could hear the boys jump for joy, not for the anime, but for the girl, Shouko Komi. In short, Komi has a communication disorder, so she’s bad at communicating. But it doesn’t stop there.

At her school, she’s recognized as the beauty of all girls. Due to her communication disorder, she cannot for the life of her say words; she also has crippling anxiety and fear of rejection from those around her. Her dream is to make 100 friends, and she works hard toward making that dream a reality. Her classmate Tadano helps her in overcoming her disorder bit by bit.

While Komi may have her challenges, it’s great to see her grow and face them head-on. Hopefully, we one day get to see the sweet Komi make 100 friends 🙂

6. Tetsuya Kuroko/Kuroko’s Basketball

As a basketball fan, I love Tetsuya Kuroko; he just embodies what it means to play the sport. He is the sixth player of the generation of miracles, his high school’s team. As a player, he specializes in misdirection/passing the ball. He is critical when it comes to making complex plays.

His personality is pretty much like an IRL athlete. He’s straightforward and always working towards his goals. Due to his role of being someone who causes misdirection for the opponent, he metaphorically calls himself a shadow. He says this because he is a playmaker; he sends the ball to the player (light), who shines and completes the play.

He tends to be unnoticeable to match his self-given title shadow. While he may seem like an antisocial butterfly, he does warm up to those around him.

7. Sumi Sakurasawa/Rent-a-Girlfriend

Sumi, man, all I want to do is protect her, but then again, she’s 2D. She’s one of the supporting characters in this series and has seen tremendous popularity with fans.

Sumi is a very timid/shy individual. She barely speaks and always tries to find the courage to overcome her problems. Her main methods of communication are using facial expressions, sign language at times, and nodding to questions. In a sense, her shyness can be seen as an art in that she developed ways to communicate despite her lack of courage to do so verbally.

She does tend to overthink, but all of us introverts do it too. She’s a character who is grounded in reality.

8. Shigeo Kageyama/Mob Psycho 100

Our boy Shigeo (nicknamed Mob), ranks as our number 8. First, this kid has psychic powers influenced by his emotions. A great example of this would be when he has strong negative emotions. During the 7th division arc, he ended up injuring some teenagers when he went 100%.

As for his personality, this kid is socially awkward and is horrible at reading the room. This led him not to be as popular as some would think he would be. He also has anxiety in public; this was shown during the student presidential election part of the manga.

Mob is a really caring kid; he wants nothing but to give compassion. This is evident when Teruki attacks him, he forgives him, and the two become best friends. He truly is a good boy. During his arc with Katsuya, instead of wanting to end him outright, he offered to be his friend and helped him to turn his evil ways.

9. Hachiman Hikigaya/My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

©渡 航、小学館/やはりこの製作委員会はまちがっている。完

This MC would have many edge lords saying, “he like me fr.” Hachiman is a loner; he tends to do things on his own accord and refuses any handouts. His nihilistic nature can also serve to explain why he is a loner. But don’t let that fool you when it comes to Hachiman.

His self-loathing is what gets the best of him, and because of this, it leads him to commit “social suicide.” To further add, his self-sacrificing trait manages to help others while leaving him lonely and nihilistic. Despite this, he is very caring and intelligent, which reveals that despite all those negative traits, he can be a human who cares for others and can love himself.

According to the fandom wiki, many characters considered him a loner-prone individual who is rebellious but has a good heart. Also, he is the way he is because of the bullying he received in the past.

10. Ken Kaneki/Tokyo Ghoul


Ken Kaneki is the protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul and the “husbando” of many anime newbies. Married to Touka, Ken has lived a life full of interesting tales and misfortune. In chapter one, he says, “I’m not the protagonist of a novel or anything. I’m just a college student who likes to read, like you could find anywhere. But… if, for argument’s sake, you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be… a tragedy.”

This character has undergone many personality changes, and we’ll stick to his introverted ness for both of us. He WAS a shy person who usually kept to himself. He had only one friend and spent his time reading books. His modesty and gentle nature helped groom him into being an introvert.

On purpose, he would take any form of punishment from others so he doesn’t turn into someone who hurts others; he truly is a testament to being a chad. However, his personality changes later, so remember that our soft boi turns into someone else.

11. Shoto Todoroki/My Hero Academia

©2021「僕のヒーローアカデミア THE MOVIE」製作委員会 ©堀越耕平/集英社

The youngest son of the hero Endeavour, current number 1, Shoto Todoroki, makes it to our 11th spot. Wielding fire and ice as a quirk, he is a force to be reckoned with. If I had a dollar for every AMV I’ve seen with Shoto, I’d be a rich guy; this guy’s popularity ranks high with fans of the series.

Now for the sad part, he grew up in an abusive situation and had a consulted family. This led to him becoming a cold (haha, I get it because he uses ice) individual. He usually kept to himself and avoided being around others due to it.

Eventually, he does start to warm up (haha, PT.2 because of his quirk, ok, I’ll leave) to others and becomes more sociable. This character’s introverted personality has sound reasoning as it is something we, the audience, can relate to.

12. Kobeni Higashiyama/Chainsaw Man

I’ve seen too many TikToks of this girl not to know of her. Our resident klutz Kobeni is quite the character fans of Chainsaw Man got to indulge in. Kobeni is just that character we all fall in love with due to her personality.

This girl is a grade-A gold medalist for being a coward. However, she does have her moments of being a chad. She cracks easily under pressure and hates confrontation. She also gets nervous a lot and will resort to crazy antics to find some sort of relief.

Kobeni is kind of like Komi because she is terrible at communicating her thoughts, and her personality hinders her from interacting with others.

13. Hitori Gotoh/Bocchi the Rock!

Back to talking about MCs, Hitori is our pink-haired guitarist who will rock your world one string at a time. She’s in her first year in high school and is the writer and guitarist of her band.

She is a timid girl who is terrible at forming interpersonal relationships. Couple that with the fact she used to play guitar in her dark closet, and we can understand her introverted-ness comes from a lack of courage and approval from others.

Another interesting part about her is that she can’t perform in front of people, but she’s skilled at playing guitar. This proves as a significant obstacle for her to overcome throughout the series.

14. Legoshi/Beastars


Nicknamed “Wolf Boy,” Legoshi comes in as our number 14 pick. Others fear our protagonist for his carnivorous looks, but he is quite the awkward MC.

As mentioned above, his appearance does scare others, but his personality is opposite to his looks. He’s docile, humble, and quite a polite individual. In the beginning, he was an outcast and avoided others. Due to this, he became socially awkward and coupled with the fact that he kept it to himself, it led him into a crippling depression.

However, as the series goes by, he does learn to grow out of his shell and become more confident. He has a significant amount of maturity compared to others in the series.

15. Kiyotaka Ayanokouji/Classroom Of The Elite


Being the main character, Kiyotaka is the embodiment of male MC traits. His grades are pretty average for a student, but he always comes up with the most imaginative plans for fulfilling his purpose.

His introverted tendencies come from his lack of interest in others. He tends to isolate himself from his peers and school clubs. Also, due to this, those around him perceive him to be carefree and cunning.

Due to his attitude, he speaks monotonously when conversing with others. To add on, despite his terrible communication skills, he still interacts and tries his best with other characters like Kikyo Kushida and others. If he speaks with someone he’s close with, he put more effort into how he communicates.


Whether you hate interacting with humans or are too shy to form relationships, we can all slowly work on coming out of our shells and appreciating the world around us.

A lot of the characters we talked about have qualities that you may relate to, and maybe how they overcame their obstacles can help you overcome yours. We hope you found a character you can relate to or pique your interest!

Be sure to keep checking back on our site for more great anime recommendations.

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