Who is Monkey D. Luffy’s Mom in One Piece? Did She Already Appear in Manga?


Although One Piece has been serialized for more than 20 years, the family relations of the main character, Luffy, are still shrouded in mystery. In particular, little information is available about his mother.

What kind of person is Luffy’s mother? Has she already appeared in the work? We will provide a thorough explanation.

Luffy’s Family Structure


Luffy’s currently known family members are his father, Dragon of the Revolutionary Army, and his grandfather, Garp, who belongs to the Marines.

His father, Dragon, is the commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Army that opposes the Word Government and is said to be the world’s worst criminal. He appeared in the memorable “One Piece” 100th chapter, but he is also a man of many mysteries in terms of his background and abilities.

His grandfather, Garp, was a lieutenant general belonging to the Marines headquarters, a man in a very high position. He is an old and powerful man who is called a “Hero of the Marines,” and he even fought against the pirate king, Gold Roger.

Both of them are well-known figures, which shows that Luffy’s family structure is extraordinary.

What are the characteristics of Luffy’s mother?

Luffy’s mother’s characteristics have actually been revealed to some extent: in a feature article in the 2008 English Shonen Jump Magazine, when asked about Luffy’s mother, Oda made the following statement.

  • Luffy’s mother is not beautiful
  • Luffy’s mother is a strong and strict woman
  • Luffy’s mother has a perm like a middle-aged woman

It is clear that she is not a young-looking mother, as is often the case in fiction. Taken together, these characteristics suggest that the character is similar to “Dadan,” the parent who raised Luffy and Ace.

Perhaps Oda is referring to Dadan herself, or he may really be referring to the characteristics of Luffy’s real mother.

Who is Luffy’s Mother?

In the following, we will explain 6 predictions of who would be Luffy’s mother with the reasons.

Prediction 1: Dadan

If we apply the characteristics of Luffy’s mother as stated by Oda, the first candidate for Luffy’s mother is Dadan.

Dadan is a bandit who makes Mount Corvo her stronghold. She has known Luffy’s grandfather, Garp, for a long time, and through this connection, Luffy and Ace grew up with her in their childhood.

Oda’s statement is one of the reasons for this, but there is also a theory that she is actually Garp’s real daughter and Luffy’s real mother since she has known Garp for a long time. If so, that would mean that Dragon is his son-in-law.

Dadan is Luffy’s foster parent, but there is a possibility that she is also Luffy’s real parent. But if that is the case, she would not be involved in Luffy’s adventures, but it would make sense that she was a parent who took good care of his children.

Prediction 2: Nico Olvia

Some people believe that Robin’s mother, Nico Olvia, may be Luffy’s mother. The reason is that she is Robin’s mother, so it is not strange for her age, and she was close to people with the name D, such as Jaguar D. Saul.

Also, we can’t overlook the fact that Luffy’s father, Dragon, wanted to meet Robin (although the most likely theory is that it’s because he can use her for the revolution). In fact, it is possible that he was looking for Robin because he is Olvia’s child.

However, since Ohara was destroyed and Olvia died 3 years before Luffy was born, this theory would mean that Olvia was alive. If she was alive, she would have moved to find Robin.

There is no foreshadowing that Olvia survived after Ohara was destroyed, so it is unlikely that Luffy’s mother is Olvia.

Prediction 3: Portgas D. Rouge

Another candidate for Luffy’s mother is Ace’s mother, Portgas D. Rouge. Since she is a person shrouded in mystery other than being Roger’s wife and the woman who gave birth to Ace and died, the possibility of her being Luffy’s mother cannot be ruled out.

Gold Roger answered, “That would be my son,” when asked who would find the “One Piece” in the work. If Luffy is in fact the child of Roger and Rouge, this could be true from now on.

The problem with this theory is that Rouge was announced to have died before Luffy was born. It is too much of a timeline to assume that she is Luffy’s mother.

Prediction 4: Im

Im is a person who is believed to hold some of the world’s most important secrets. Im lives in Pangea Castle in the holy city of Mariejois and seems to have a higher status than Five Elders, the world’s greatest power.

Since her appearance is only a silhouette and her figure is not yet clear, she is also thought to be a woman. Luffy’s trademark straw hat and the fact that she was looking at Luffy’s wanted poster have led to the theory that she is Luffy’s mother.

Some consider that Dragon is the head of the Revolutionary Army because he is opposing his wife Im, the head of the World Government. It is quite dramatic and quite possible that a husband and wife are opposing each other as the head of an organization.

Prediction 5: Jewelry Bonney

The next candidate for Luffy’s mother is Jewelry Bonney. Bonnie appeared in the Sabaody Arc as one of the “11 Supernovas.” Like Luffy, she is a pirate counted among the “Worst Generation.”

Her street name, “Gluttony,” is similar to Luffy’s voracious appetite, leading to the theory that she is his mother. Although it may seem strange in terms of age, Bonney has the ability to manipulate her own and others’ ages, so it is possible that her actual age is more than meets the eye.

However, Bonney turns out to be the daughter of Bartholomew Kuma, a Seven Warlords of the Sea, so if she were Luffy’s mother, it would make Luffy’s family structure more complicated. Since Bonney is from South Blue (Luffy is from East Blue), it seems unlikely that Bonney is Luffy’s mother.

Prediction 6: Stussy

Stussy is a person who is known as the “Queen of the Pleasure District” and an agent of CP-0, an organization under the direct control of World Nobles. Although she looks young, she is expected to be in her 30s or older based on her portrayal in the story.

If Luffy’s mother is going to be involved in the story, the reason why she is a candidate is that she is a member of CP-0, an organization whose full story is about to be revealed. She could not leave her child with the intelligence agency, so she may have left Luffy in Garp’s care.

If Stussy is Luffy’s mother, there is a possibility that they will meet again when they clash with the World Government.

Did the author say, “Luffy’s mother is a major character in the work?”

There is a rumour that Oda said, “Luffy’s mother has already appeared in the work and is a major figure,” but Oda never made such a statement. However, he did not deny it, so the possibility remains that Luffy’s mother has already appeared in the work and is a major figure.

If Luffy’s mother does appear, it seems likely that she is a “D. family,” just as Ace’s parents both had D names. Luffy’s mother may or may not have already appeared in the work. Let’s keep an eye on future developments.

Did Luffy’s mother appear in volume 1?

There is a rumour that “Luffy’s mother appears with her name in the first volume.” This rumour also has no clear source, and there is no proof.

If Luffy’s mother really appeared in volume 1, the candidates are limited. There is the Rouge theory, which was mentioned as the original story of the pirate flag, the Alvida theory, which was a very pretty lady at the time, and the Makino theory from the village of Fusha, but none of these are very realistic candidates.

Even if Luffy’s mother makes an appearance, it is likely that Luffy does not know about her, just as he did not know about his father’s dragon, so she is unlikely to be involved in his departure.


We explained who Luffy’s mother is and whether she has already appeared in the work. Luffy’s mother has not yet been identified and is still a mystery.

As the story finally enters the final arc, it would not be surprising if the information on Luffy’s birth is revealed or if Luffy’s mother appears in the story. Let’s wait and see how the foreshadowing of One Piece will turn out!

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