What Will Happen in the Final Chapter of One Piece? When Will It End?


The manga One Piece is loved not only in Japan but also all over the world. This national manga has finally entered its final chapter, and new facts are being revealed almost every week.

Amidst the furious resolution of the plot’s foreshadowing, readers are most curious about the “conclusion of the story.” This article will thoroughly explain the currently speculated “ending of One Piece!

※This article contains spoilers for One Piece, so please be careful when reading.

When will One Piece end?

Many people are curious about the ending of One Piece and when it will end. The author, Eiichiro Oda, previously mentioned that they were “about halfway through the story” when the 60th volume was released around 2010.

Therefore, it is speculated that the final volume will be around 120 volumes. Currently, One Piece is published about four times a year. This means that if 120 books are published, it is expected to be around 2025.

In addition, during a collaboration project with Fischer’s in 2019, Oda commented that they “want to finish in five years.” Assuming five years from that interview, it is expected to be around 2024 or 2025, which coincides with when the 120th volume is expected to be released.

Therefore, the theory that One Piece will end around 2025 is entirely credible.

What about the final episode? How will it end? Introducing three leading candidates!

From here, we will introduce three of the most plausible conclusions considered as of February 2023.

Whether it’s a happy ending that everyone can be satisfied with or a bitter finish that leaves a bad taste in the mouth, let’s consider them together.

Prediction 1:Luffy reaches Raftel! The identity of One Piece revealed?


One of the most plausible endings is Luffy reaching Raftel and becoming the Pirate King. This would be the happiest ending many fans want to see. It would reveal the true identity of One Piece and tie up all the loose ends in the story. There are many theories about what One Piece could be, such as the idea that the Earth itself is the treasure and that the Earth is a giant spaceship, with Raftel being the rudder that controls it.

Of course, this is just one of many theories, and One Piece remains shrouded in mystery. In the story, it has been confirmed that One Piece exists thanks to Whitebeard’s dying words. Roger also called it an “incredible treasure” and a “laugh tale” when he found it. Meanwhile, Oda stated it is “something incredible with a physical form.” The anticipation of what the treasure could be is exciting.

Prediction 2:Luffy entrusts the straw hat to someone else

The second likely ending is the theory that Luffy will entrust his straw hat to a young boy. In One Piece, the story begins with the memorable scene of Shanks giving the straw hat to a young Luffy. Later, it is revealed that the hat was passed down to Shanks from Roger. One Piece is a story that began because of the passing down of the straw hat.

Oda also frequently uses cuts that resemble past scenes, creating a parallel structure. Therefore, it is conceivable that the story could end with the same item that started it.

Ending the story with the same scene as the beginning would be an emotional development.

Prediction 3:Luffy becomes Pirate King but dies

The third candidate is the theory that Luffy will die after becoming the Pirate King. This is speculated due to Luffy’s injuries, the existence of Coby, and similarities with Roger.

At this point, Luffy’s body is believed to have suffered considerable damage. During the Impel Down arc, he extended his life by exchanging ten years for survival after being poisoned by Magellan. Furthermore, he has been injecting himself with a high-stress hormone twice daily, which significantly strains his body.

Although invisible, Luffy’s body is gradually deteriorating amid fierce battles. Finally, it may come to realize his impending death, much like Roger, the former owner of the straw hat.

The theory proposes that after Luffy becomes Pirate King, he will surrender himself and end his life at the hands of his comrade, Coby.

Similar to the straw hat theory above, the idea that the story will end similarly to how it began has a romantic appeal.

Three things to consider!

So far, we have introduced several predictions for the final chapter, but these may change significantly depending on the outcome of the following clues that we will present. Nevertheless, these three crucial considerations may help you predict the ending.

Is Shanks an enemy? or an ally?


One Piece is a story with multiple possible endings, and one of the characters who hold the story’s fate is Shanks.

Despite appearing in the first episode, he remains a mysterious character. Whether he is an ally or an enemy dramatically affects the story’s development.

Therefore, there are two main theories about Shanks: the theory that he is an ally and the idea that he is the mastermind behind everything.

The theory that Shanks is an ally is straightforward. He is Luffy’s benefactor and gives him his straw hat. He also appeared at the Marineford Summit War to end the war and save Luffy’s life. In the “Wano Country Arc,” he even intimidated the Navy Admiral Green Bull, who was heading to defeat Luffy.

Moreover, in “One Piece Film Red,” released in 2022, there was a scene where Shanks cooperates with Luffy for the first time.

Therefore, Shanks is seen as an ally who has saved Luffy several times in the story.

On the other hand, the theory that Shanks is the mastermind behind everything is also prevalent. This is because there are too many strange depictions of him in the story.

For example, in the early part of the “Wano Country Arc,” he visited the Holy Land Mariejois, where pirates are forbidden to enter. Moreover, he not only documented but also met with the Five Elders. The Five Elders even told him, “We gave you the audience because it’s you.”

From this, it can be inferred that Shanks is a person of the government and that he may be an enemy of Luffy and his friends.

Will the Void Century play a significant role in the final episode?

I have explained many speculations so far, but there is a foreshadowing that could overturn all of them if it is revealed. That is the “Void Century.”

The Void Century refers to the 100 years between 900 and 800 years ago in the world of One Piece. Unfortunately, records related to this period have been completely erased from history. Moreover, investigating the history of this period is forbidden by the World Government.

What is known is that during that 100 years, a kingdom flourished, and it was in conflict with the current World Government. But, unfortunately, the World Government is as eager to conceal the truth about the “Void Century” as they are about the “D clan.”

In Chapter 1053, there is a scene in which the Five Elders are seen desperately trying to erase the “D” from Luffy’s wanted poster. In addition, in certain regions, the “D clan” is called the “natural enemy of the gods.” From these clues, it can be inferred that the “Void Century” and the “D clan” are closely related.

Theories about Luffy/Zoro dying

Well, speaking of the mysterious world of One Piece, there are also many theories surrounding the fates of its characters. Among them are ideas about the deaths of Luffy and Zoro, the protagonist and his partner, and famous personalities.

Luffy Death Theory


The theory of Luffy’s death originated from the battle scene with Kaido in the “Wano Country Arc” of One Piece. In this arc, there is a scene where the battle’s winner is announced after the fight, and after the intense struggle with Kaido, it is reported that “Kaido is the winner” when Luffy falls.

Although Luffy returns and the battle continues, it is still unclear why the winner was announced before the end of the fight. Moreover, when Luffy loses to Kaido, the sound effect “shine” is used. This good effect is commonly used in One Piece to indicate a character’s death.

Therefore, readers have speculated that “Did Luffy die here?” because of these two points.

Zoro Death Theory


The “Zoro death theory” is being whispered about because of his three-sword style and feelings toward his comrades.

First, Zoro’s three-sword style includes the Sandai Kitetsu, which is said to be cursed with the fate of causing tragedy for its wielder. It is believed that the curse will eventually catch up to Zoro. Additionally, Zoro was willing to sacrifice himself for his comrades, as seen in the Thriller Bark arc when he endured a difficult trial to save Luffy.

Based on these factors, the theory that “Zoro will die to protect his friends” is widely discussed among fans.

Don’t miss the final chapter of One Piece!

So far, we have explained many speculations, but as you may already know, the ones introduced in this article are only “a small portion of the many speculations” out there.

Oda may show us an ending that surpasses the speculations introduced here. However, the world of One Piece is still full of mysteries.

We must keep our eyes on One Piece at all times from now on!

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