25 Perverted Anime That Are Rich in Fulfilling Your Kinky Desires


The world of perversity is rich in variety and deep in depth, from dirty and erotic to fetish, extra-human, and SM. The taste continues to live on in various genres of works, but even in anime, there are plenty of problematic works that present a strong perverted colour.

If you are tired of ordinary romance manga and romantic comedies, we would like to introduce you to some stimulating and intense recommended perverted anime.

1. Prison School


Originally enrolled at the private all-girls school, Hachimitsu Academy, Kiyoshi Fujino’s life took a turn when the school became co-ed this year. However, there were only five male students. Kiyoshi thought he would enjoy a fun school life surrounded by girls, but right after enrolling, he committed the sin of peeping into the girls’ bath.

Hachimitsu Academy, with its dubious organization known as the Underground Student Council, has a disciplinary building where Kiyoshi and his companions are sentenced to one month of confinement.

Reiji Ando, also known as Andre, is a boy with masochistic tendencies who eagerly awaits punishment from the female members of the Underground Student Council. When he was unable to receive the punishment due to the Council’s intervention, he even experienced withdrawal symptoms as a result of the forbidden pleasure being denied to him.

2. Aki-Sora: In a Dream

The protagonist, Sora Aoi, has a beautiful older sister and a twin sister. Sora idolized and admired his sister Aki, but gradually he starts to become aware of her in a romantic way.

Despite both being high school students, one day they end up taking a bath together, which becomes the catalyst for them to engage in a physical relationship. As their relationship continues, the two of them become deeply involved with each other, but what will become of them?

The twin sister, Nami, is a contrasting character to the timid Sora. She is spirited and eccentric. Nami is a lesbian and secretly harbours feelings for her classmate, Kana.

Despite knowing about Aki and Sora’s relationship, Nami herself becomes involved with Sora and indulges in fantasies of becoming a man and being with Kana. Her actions are unpredictable and puzzling, adding to the complex nature of the story.

3. Working with Voice!

High school student Kanna Aoyagi is asked by her older sister, Yaoyi, who is the president of a game company, to work as a voice actress for a game they have developed. The games produced by Yaoyi’s company are adult-oriented, and despite having no experience whatsoever, Kanna ends up making her debut as an eroge (erotic game) voice actress.

Kanna, a shy and innocent high school student, initially finds the explicit lines in eroge scripts incredibly embarrassing. However, she diligently studies by watching adult videos for the sake of research. Surprisingly, she becomes quite curious about erotic things and finds a genuine appeal in delivering erotic lines, displaying a side that is far from her usual self. In fact, she might be the biggest pervert character of them all.

4. Mysterious Girlfriend X

Quiet and unsociable, the eccentric transfer student Mikoto Urabe sleeps on her desk every day. The protagonist, Akira Tsubaki, was initially disgusted by Mikoto’s behaviour, but one day, he accidentally licks her saliva that had spilled on the desk. Since that day, Akira becomes increasingly obsessed with Mikoto and even develops symptoms of forbidden love sickness, eventually causing Mikoto to realize his feelings.

In order to prevent the symptoms of the forbidden love sickness, Akira starts consuming Mikoto’s saliva every day. Even if they become a couple, his behaviour remains unchanged, and he stubbornly refuses any kisses or physical contact. Despite genuinely caring for each other, their inexplicable bond intensifies, leading to heart-pounding moments between the two.

5. The Severing Crime Edge

The story revolves around Kiri Haimura, a boy with an unusual obsession with beautiful hair. Whenever he sees a woman’s hair, he is overcome with an irresistible urge to cut it. One day, he encounters a girl named Iwai Mushanokoji, who possesses gorgeous black hair cursed never to be cut. However, when Kiri uses his special pair of scissors, known as the “Killing Goods,” to cut Iwai’s hair, they unwittingly become entangled in a perplexing murder game.

The protagonist, Kiri Haimura, is a perverted individual with an abnormal fixation on women’s hair. He becomes infatuated with Iwai, who possesses beautiful black hair, and his face lights up with ecstasy when he cuts her hair using his cherished Crime Edge.

Iwai, who appears like a young girl despite being 14 years old, has no parents and is under the guardianship of Kanade Suzumura, a university professor. However, Kanade is an extreme lolicon, making Iwai a target for both Kiri and Kanade’s unwanted advances. It’s a challenging situation for Iwai, isn’t it?

6. Flowers of Evil


The main character, Takao Kasuga, has stolen the gym uniform of a girl he has a crush on, Nanako Saeki. Sawa Nakamura, the hated girl in his class, sees him doing it. Takao is threatened by Sawa and makes a contract with her. It is a terrible contract that will expose all of Takao’s perversions to Sawa and expose him.

Nanako Saeki, the woman of Takao’s dreams, is fed up with playing the role of an honour student on a daily basis. Nanako is going to be in a relationship with Takao, but although she wishes to show her true self only to him, Takao cannot accept such a Nanako.

Nanako is jealous of the unusual relationship between Sawa and Takao, and impatient to make Takao her own, Nanako shows up at their hideout in her underwear and surprisingly invites Takao to join her.

7. SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist

Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist is a perverted comedy anime set in Japan, where a new law regarding public decency has eliminated dirty jokes. In this world, can a high school student named Tanukichi Okuma, who becomes a member of the mysterious group “SOX” that carries out acts of terrorism using dirty jokes, change the world?

Ayame Kajou, the vice president of the student council with an ordinary appearance, is actually the charismatic leader of “SOX” known as “Blue Snow.” She is a die-hard fan of dirty jokes to the extent that the absence of such jokes causes her mental distress. Despite her modest and serious appearance, she surprises everyone with a series of low-level dirty jokes that one would never expect.

8. Seitokai Yakuindomo

The main character, Takatoshi Tsuda, enrolls at Osai Gakuen, where he is first noticed by the student council president and forcibly appointed vice president. The student body president, Shino Amakusa, is a beautiful and innocent girl with long black hair. She is a very talented and perfect person who can do anything, but she has unusual hobbies that you would never guess from her image. She is a perverted girl with a penchant for sex and a penchant for M. She is a perfect person with long black hair and is very talented.

In addition to Shino, the student council members are all unique and peculiar individuals, and Takatoshi is the one who makes the daily erotic jokes.

Aria Shichijo, who serves as secretary of the student council, is a calm and gentle young lady. She is a beautiful girl with a great style and excellent grades and is just as perfect as Shino, but her true face is even more perverted than Shino’s. She loves SM stories and is a strong character with her own propensity for exposure. She has a strange habit of wanting to stick her fingers up people’s butts.

9. Because I Don’t Like My Big Brother at All!!


Nao Takanashi is a bra-cop girl who loves her brother to an unusual degree. She always makes naughty approaches to her brother, Shusuke, and enjoys watching his reactions. Shusuke is also conscious of Nao, but their brother-sister relationship remains unbroken; on the surface, they are a normal brother and sister who get along well.

Shusuke’s childhood friend Ayaha Tsuchiura, who has been boldly approaching him since childhood, is transferred to Nao’s class. Ayaha, who is still the same as she was as a child, is actually Shusuke’s stalker and engages in perverted activities such as peeping into his home.

10. Heaven’s Lost Property

A beautiful girl fell from the sky to Tomoki Sakurai, a dirty and cheerful junior high school student. She calls herself Icarus and claims to be a pet angeloid. Tomoki’s dreamy life together with Icarus, who has special powers to grant Tomoki’s wishes, begins, and they live happily ever after, until Icarus realizes that he has lost his memory.

In fact, Icarus, who was actually an Angeloid for battle, had fallen to the ground from the aerial city of Synapse. The king of Synapse sends other Angeloids and nymphs to the ground to somehow retrieve Icarus.

11. The Comic Artist and His Assistants

Manga artist Yuuki Aito has an assistant named Sahoto Ashisu, who has long black hair and a slender figure. She resembles a character from their serialized work, “Blushing Café Latte,” with a personality that seems to directly reflect the world depicted in the manga. Sahoto is lewd, childish, and often engages in sexual harassment towards not only Aito but also the other female assistants.

While Sahoto does her best as an assistant and tries to deal with Aito’s behavior, she herself exhibits a perverted and kinky side that surpasses even Aito. This is evident in her award-winning work, which tends to be too explicit, and her possession of flashy lingerie.

12. Ladies versus Butlers!

The protagonist, Akiharu Hino, has a menacing appearance that frightens his female classmates. With sharp eyes, facial scars, and safety pin piercings, he has the look of a delinquent. However, deep down, he is gentle, sensitive, and has a domestic side, as well as a love for children.

Akiharu is enrolled in the Domestic Training Department at Hakureiryō Academy, where servants are trained. There, he encounters his childhood friend, Tomomi Ayakōji, who has a conniving personality and has planted traumas in Akiharu’s past. Aside from Tomomi, the students in the Domestic Training Department are all strong-willed and unique characters, making Akiharu’s school life quite challenging.

Among the colourful cast of characters in the Domestic Training Department at Hakureiryō Academy, Shingo Todoroki stands out with his extreme perversion. Surprisingly, he joined the department not to become an excellent butler, but because he dreams of being surrounded by young ladies and maids in a paradise-like setting. As part of his character, despite being from Ibaraki Prefecture, he speaks in the Kansai dialect and wears fake glasses while slicking his hair back.

13. The Testament of Sister New Devil

Due to his father’s remarriage, Haruto Tojo suddenly gains two beautiful younger sisters. Just as their new life is starting, their father goes on a business trip, leaving Haruto alone with his two sisters. He hopes for a fun life with his sisters Mio and Maria, but he is shocked when he is informed that they are actually demon girls and is almost kicked out of the house as a result.

As it turns out, Haruto himself was once a resident of the demon world and fought alongside his father as a member of the hero clan. Initially angry at being deceived, Haruto learns that Mio is the daughter of the previous Demon Lord and is being pursued by the current Demon Lord’s forces. Upon discovering this, he makes a firm resolve to protect his sisters, both as a brother and as a hero.

The Testament of Sister New Devil is an anime filled with explicit and provocative scenes. The beautiful girls, including Mio and Maria, are particularly seductive. In particular, his sister Maria is actually a succubus who constantly engages in bold and provocative actions to tempt and trouble Haruto.

14. MM!

Taro Sunado, a boy suffering from a dominant personality, decides to consult with the Volunteer Club, which is said to be able to solve students’ problems. However, the Volunteer Club is a club with a reputation for being headed by Mio Ishigurumi, a domineering and arrogant girl who thinks she is a god. Furthermore, his childhood friend Arashiko Yuno, who triggered Taro’s M-ness, is also there, and Taro’s M-ness seems to be getting worse rather than better. ……

The main character, Taro Sunado, is a hard-core dominatrix whose family has been M-men for generations, and he is willing to follow the unreasonable demands and violence of his dominatrix, Mio, who is a dominatrix character and an arrogant department head. He is also a perverted teacher, Michiru Onigawara, whose hobby is to collect cosplay photos of beautiful girls, and she likes him so much that she has added him to her collection.

15. High School DxD

(C)2012 石踏一榮・みやま零/株式会社KADOKAWA 富士見書房刊/ハイスクールD×D製作委員会

Issei Hyodo’s first girlfriend, Yuma Amano, is actually a fallen angel, and Issei is killed on their first date. Issei is reincarnated as a demon by Rias Gremory, the head of the occult research club, just before his life is about to end. He becomes a member of the occult research club and meets various people with abilities, but Yuma continues to target Issei.

The boob-loving, lecherous, and delusional protagonist had never had a girlfriend until he met Yuma Amano. He had no experience with women at all, but he was such a pervert that his friends thought he had a lot of experience because of his strong fantasy and his lechery.

16. HenSemi

Nanako Matsutaka, the heroine of this story, is a sensible person who has joined the “Perverted Physiology Seminar” in order to get closer to Komugi, a boy she has fallen in love with at first sight. Nanako has a hard time fitting in at this overly suspicious seminar, which seriously studies perverts.

Nanako, who is a decent student, is always called an inferior student in the pervert seminar. In the “Hentai Seminar,” where fierce students with fetishes and proclivities Nanako can’t even imagine gathering, will Nanako be able to secure her own position and realize her feelings for Komugi?

17. Kodomo no Jikan

Daisuke Aoba, a serious and dedicated elementary school teacher, has been assigned to Futatsubashi Elementary School, where he is in charge of the first class of the third grade. In his class, there is a mature (or is it mature?) girl named Rin Kokonoe. Aoba is assigned to the first grade of the third grade at Futatsubashi Elementary School, where he takes charge of the first class.

Rin lives with her father, Reiji Kokonoe, who is suspected of being a pedophile. He loves his late wife, Aki, so much that he dotes on Rin, who is a shadow of her former self, and plans to have a secret relationship with her when she grows up. The principal of Rin’s school is also suspected of being a pedophile, and is a dangerous man who tries to remove her underwear while pretending to nurse her when she has a stomachache.

18. The “Hentai” Prince and the Stony Cat.

The main character, Youjin Yokodera, is always filled with thoughts of girls and eroticism in his head, but he is in agony because he always lives his life with public face. One day, a friend with a similar personality tells him about the existence of a “cat that does not smile. He is told that if he offers an offering to the statue and prays to it, it will take away his troublesome pretense and give it to someone else.

Perhaps the prayer to the cat was heeded, and Yohito’s instincts were exposed, and he was soon nicknamed “Prince Pervert” and became a famous pervert character in the school.

19. Ro-Kyu-Bu ~ Fast Break!

©蒼山サグ/アスキー・メディアワークス/TEAM RO-KYU-BU!

Subaru Hasegawa, a high school student who is a basketball fool, is suspended from school due to a scandal involving a senior member of the school’s basketball team. Subaru has almost lost his passion for basketball, but his aunt, who is a teacher at an elementary school, encourages him to become a coach for the girls’ basketball team.

He is moved by the seriousness with which the children take a basketball and begins to develop a passion for teaching basketball, but when a female student develops feelings for him, he gradually enters the world of pedophilia.

Fuyuko Hatano works as a school nurse at Keishin Gakuen Elementary School, where Subaru coaches the basketball team. Fuyuko is beautiful, student-oriented, and dedicated to her work, but in fact, she is an extreme pedophile, and there is an episode in which she was so excited to bathe with her students.

20. So, I Can’t Play H!

One day, Ryosuke Kaga, a high school student leading an ordinary life, meets a beautiful girl who has nowhere to go in front of her house. Her name is Lisara.

She is a goddess of death, and Ryosuke is told that he has only three months to live. Ryosuke accepts all of this, but where will the strange life together with the goddess of death, Lisara, lead Ryosuke?

The main character, Ryosuke Kaga, is considered by his childhood friend Mina to be the most erotic character in school. His head is always filled with erotic thoughts, and he devotes a great deal of passion and energy to eroticism. However, there is also a gentle side to him as he supplies his energy to Risara when she is exhausted.

21. Kakegurui

The school is a private school where students, mostly from the upper class, decide each other’s rank in the school through gambling. One day, a high school girl with long black hair, Yumeko Jabami, transfers to the school and is a “betting maniac” who gets a strong sense of pleasure from the risks involved in gambling.

One day, Ryota Suzui, the other main character, loses at gambling and is made a chattel for the class leader, Meari Saotome. Yumeko hears about this and, intrigued, decides to play a gambling game with Meari. ……

When gambling is involved, Yumeko changes and goes crazy, seeking and pleasuring herself. The other female students often perform crazy facial tricks as well. You can enjoy not only gambling but also the exquisite games between the characters, and this work has a unique worldview that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

22. How clumsy you are, Miss Ueno.

Ueno, the head of the science club, is a junior high school student who is very clumsy when it comes to love. He secretly has feelings for Tanaka, a member of the club, but is unable to express them. Ueno tries various approaches to Tanaka, who is quite a natural and insensitive person.

Ueno, a genius who cannot be honest, appeals to Tanaka by “developing an invention. However, all of his methods are daring and perverted, such as trying to make Tanaka drink filtered urine or wearing power-generating spats for Tanaka to fondle them. Even when she sometimes tries to get into a good mood with Tanaka, she is too shy to take the chance.

Other than Ueno, the other female students are also full of individuality, such as Kitanaga, who strips naked in the club room without regard for the boys’ eyes, and Hanamori, who is abnormally interested in male genitalia.

23. Happy Sugar Life

©鍵空とみやき/SQUARE ENIX・ハッピーシュガーライフ製作委員会

A beautiful high school girl, Satou Matsuzaka loves Shio Kobe, a little girl who lives with her. Satou has repeatedly played with men in the past, but after meeting Shio, she learned “to love others.

Satou is abnormally attached to Shio and will not tolerate anyone who tries to tear their relationship apart. The two love each other, but to their shock, Shio Kobe was kidnapped by Satou.

At first glance, the story seems to be a heartwarming yuri work, but the story unfolds in insane suspense and horror. Satou, who would not hesitate to kill for Shio. Various “perverted” characters, such as a pedophile young man and Satou’s aunt, who has abnormal sexual tastes, appear around the girl Shio.

24. Hensuki: Are you willing to Fall in Love with a Pervert as long as she’s a Cutie?

The main character, Kiryu Keiki, is a high school sophomore who has never had a girlfriend in his life. One day, he receives a love letter and is overjoyed, but for some reason, the letter is accompanied by a pair of pure white underpants. Kiryu investigates four girls around him to find the culprit who sent him the pants.

The main heroines seem to be sensible people, but in fact they are full of perverts. Sayuki Tokihara is the head of the calligraphy club with good looks and big breasts, but in her true nature she is a dominatrix who wants to be punished by Kiryu. Yuka Koga, a Japanese-English quarterback and a member of the library board, is a dominatrix who wants to train Kiryu.

Those who like perverted girls will surely be fascinated by the heroines who display their unique sexual proclivities.

25. Ao-chan Can’t Study!

Ao Horie, a high school girl whose father is a sensual novelist, hates her father in despair because her name is derived from “blue rape. Although he has a wealth of knowledge about sex, thanks to his father’s advice, Ao has a preconceived notion that “all men are sexually active. Takumi Kijima, a high school boy who is a real man, takes a liking to the lonely Ao, who avoids romance and approaches Ao to befriend him.

Kishima’s approach causes Ao’s erotic fantasies to explode. In order to get away from her father, Ao aims to pass a difficult university and live alone, but her unstoppable fantasies interfere with her studies. This is a funny and cute love comedy in which Ao’s brain transforms the serious Kijima’s words and actions into lewd content.


In this article, we have gathered 25 perverted anime that is not quite a hentai, but for someone with a fetish.

In 1Screen Magazine, we have more anime recommendations coming up, so please stay tuned!

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