TOP 10 Richest Anime Characters You Will Envy


If you had the wealth a billionaire had what would you do? Pay off a country’s debt? Go on an insane shopping spree? Would you buy all the anime merch you could? Personally, I’m buying some land in the countryside and raising cattle. But these characters we’re going to go through today have used the infinite assets for a variety of purposes. Wealth can be passed down through generations or acquired on your own, it doesn’t change the fact that it makes life easier.

What defines wealth in anime?

Wealth officially comes from the number of assets that an individual/group has. In anime, we can see many characters who fit the definition of wealthy, but how they acquired their wealth varies.

Who’s the richest anime character?

Mina Tepes solidifies her position as the richest character in terms of assets. On top of that, she has that entrepreneurial mindset, so she’s about that bag.

At the top of our list, we introduce the queen of vampires and riches, Mina. Despite being the queen, she gets called out as a princess by other characters due to her childlike appearance.

At first, she may seem like a cold and cruel individual, but she does have a warmer side to her (ironic because vampires are cold-blooded, haha). The safety of the bund is always at the forefront of her mind and she would resort to any underhanded tactics to ensure their safety.

To put into perspective how rich this vampire loli is, she purchased an island off of Japan’s coast so the bund can live there, she paid off JAPAN’S NATIONAL DEBT (Kishida crying right now), and she hosted a variety of imported vampire-owned businesses. She really is a woman of the markets, if only I was a vampire, then my stonks would be up.

2. Sinbad/Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic

Big up the king of the seven seas himself, Sinbad! At the age of 16, he conquered his first dungeon, and then went on to conquer 7 more. He also hosts 7 Djinn and is usually brought into anime G.O.A.T fight conversations due to his insane power scaling.

His personality is a joy to watch, at times he can be this goofy/perverted guy, and other times he really blows you away with his diplomatic/economical side. He is also shown to have great compassion for those near to him, but don’t forget, he is still a world figure.

Sinbad is a man of the markets, this guy created the Sindria Trading Company, is the head of the seven seas alliance, and leader of the international alliance. Sinbad’s trading company has great lore to it and I would recommend watching the series when you can. Also, the company is located in the Parthevian Empire, the most developed nation in the Magi world.

3. Daisuke Kambe/The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited


Daisuke is the Japanese Bruce Wayne. He works in the detective division in the metropolitan police department. He started out as an assistant but was later promoted to inspector.

His personality can be considered semi-aggressive at times, and he has a strong belief that money can solve anything. He also is super composed, many of the things he experiences would shake the average citizen to their core, but Daisuke always remains unfazed and focused on the case at hand.

Going back to his strong belief in money, he’s able to pay bribes to help in cases. It also helps that he is a descendant of the billionaire Kambe family. In one instance that shows his wealth, he endangered citizens in an attempt to save the city from a bombing, and in the aftermath, he wrote a check for Haru when he was confronted and continued his detective duties.

4. Gild Tesoro/One Piece: Gold

Gild is not only the antagonist in the film, but he’s also known as the Casino King. He hails from the new world and is always dripped out in jewellery, fancy clothes, and berries.

His backstory is kind of tragic, he had big dreams of becoming a singer, but due to living in poverty, turned to a life of crime. He fell in love with a slave girl named Stella, and when he couldn’t buy her, a world noble bought her and she died 2 years later. This caused him from being a man with hopes and dreams to going down the dark twisted path he created. His last remnants of innocence died when the news of Stella’s death came. Since then he became obsessed with money even opening up his own metropolis called Gran Tesoro.

To give an idea of his wealth, he showered people with gold dust whenever they came abroad to the metropolis he made, he was always surrounded by beautiful women, and was acquainted with some of the richest pirate groups; the Donquixote Pirates and the Silver Pirates. Our guy was the pirate Jeff Bezos (with hair).

5. Sonoko Suzuki/Case Closed

Taking our 5th spot is our Detective Queen Sonoko, and boy she sure is something. She is Ran’s best friend and Makoto Kyogoku’s girlfriend.

She’s got that chaotic best friend energy, she can be impulsive leading her to be knocked out via a stun gun from Conan to be used as a mouthpiece when it calls for it. She’s heavily invested in romantic ideals and on occasion can get Ran mixed up in her antics.

Sonoko’s wealth comes from her interests in buying fancy clothes, going on expensive trips and her hobby of playing tennis. Despite her wealth, she never uses it maliciously or to gain an advantage. The Suzuki family is the second largest zaibatsu in Japan, so she is often involved in national affairs with Conan and Ran.

6. Tamaki Suoh/Ouran High School Host Club


Tamaki is a really interesting character in the series along with a pretty sad backstory. He is half-Japanese, half-French. It’s always great to see mixed Japanese characters as it can provide some sort of comfort for those who experience prejudice in the real world due to their mixed genetics.

Tamaki provides comedic relief in the series as displayed by his naive character. In general, he is a kind person with an intelligent side to him as well, he ranks the second highest in his class in terms of academics, but his habits never include studying.

Tamaki’s wealth comes from his family. Aside from residing in a grand estate equipped with butlers/maids, he really has nothing to do with the creation of the family’s wealth. The family’s wealth mainly came from political and business ties and Tamaki is simply benefitting from it.

7. Shinomiya Kaguya/Kaguya Sama: Love Is War


This girl was everywhere when the anime first dropped. She is the vice president of the student council and is the love interest of Shirogane.

On the outside, she may seem cold and condescending, but on the inside, she is just such a sweetheart and is soo innocent. Due to her sheltered childhood, she did not experience things as other kids did, hence, why she is a late bloomer in many aspects. Her affection for Shirogane really has you cheering her on despite the two having the hardest time conceding to their feelings.

Due to her coming from a wealthy family, her tone of speaking can come off as arrogant to us plebians, but she does not do it with malice. The Shinomiya family can be considered as a conglomerate (for us westerners), so from birth, there were already high expectations for her. While she did not create the wealth, she certainly does show it off and is portrayed through her mannerisms being a high-class member of society.

8. Roswaal L. Mathers/Re:Zero


Roswaal is a lord of the Roswaal Mansion. Interstingly, he was possessed by his ancestor Roswaal A Mathers. He kind of reminds me of Hisoka, minus…you know.

Roswaal is quite a flamboyant individual, this is in part thanks to his grandmother, he is also quite unique with his odd speaking style. He is shown to have great care of Ram and Rem and places them even above his own staff.

Roswaal’s wealth comes from his family’s generational wealth. The Mathers family had a hand in governing and occupying large portions of land (passive-income baby). Being a noble also grants you access to parts of life regular folks could even dream of.

9. Ciel Phantomhive/Black Butler

©Yana Toboso/SQUARE ENIX,Project Atlantic

Ciel is the earl of the Phantomhive family and dresses like it too. I’ve never seen Ciel with 0 fashion, he always steals the show and even inspired a fashion archetype for his respective fandom.

He has all the qualities of a noble. He’s shrewd, commands respect, a great leader, and cares for those close to him. When his servants needed items, he took them shopping and did not ask for anything in return, he really is our attentive king.

First off, Ciel has had jewellery for days, his family heirloom is an emerald-cut sapphire ring. His clothes are woven with the greatest of fabrics. Did I mention he’s an earl? So he has great access to a plethora of resources. He hates staying in poor areas and is so wealthy, he does not even get dressed by himself or do chores.

10. Bulma/Dragon Ball


Bulma is truly a child of well-off parents. She is the second daughter of the founder who created Capsule Corporation. She was one of Goku’s first friends and well their first meeting was quite interesting to say the least, hahaha.

Fun fact, her personality is heavily influenced by the princess in Dragon Boy, another work of Toriyama’s. Her personality is quite tomboyish and girly. Sometimes she will argue with the god of destruction or enjoy shopping using Vegeta’s money. But one interesting aspect of her personality is her selfishness. Due to such greed, she was unable to ride the Flying Nimbus.

Bulma loves keeping up her appearance. Being of a noble(ish) background, she is in constant worry about her good looks, this proves to be more important to her as she ages. She even went to gather the dragon balls to make herself look 5 years younger and funny enough she has done this a few times according to the wiki. She also has great access to resources allowing her to be of aid to Goku and Vegeta when the times call for it.


Man, being rich is quite the endearing concept. The ability to live life without looking at a price tag twice or spending it to help your friends is something we could achieve (with some really good RNG). A lot of these characters use their wealth to help others and I believe that’s probably the best way to use those gazillions of dollars they have. Something about doing good for others is something I hope our IRL-rich individuals do, but for now, we’ll live vicariously through our rich anime characters.

We hope you found a rich anime character that you like! Personally, I’m going after Mina, I need her positions for my portfolio, I’ve been on R/WSB for too long(send help).

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