What is The Rocky Port Incident? Consider The Truth Behind The Incident


The “Rocky Port Incident” has appeared many times in One Piece, but the details are unknown. In the chapter 1059, only a bit of the information was told by Blackbeard.

In this article, we will introduce and discuss the information that has been revealed up to the 1059th chapter of the original story about the Rocky Port Incident.

This article contains spoilers, so please be careful when reading.

What is the “Rocky Port Incident?”

The Rocky Port Incident is said to have occurred between the first and second “New World Arc” of One Piece. Although the work mentions it many times, the details are not depicted.

The first time it was mentioned was in chapter 700 of the original work when Trafalgar Law was introduced, and it was mentioned that he was the mastermind of the Rocky Port Incident. Later, in chapter 903, Kyros says to Navy Headquarters Colonel Koby, “The hero of that Rocky Port Incident”.

In the movie “One Piece Film Red,” the audience also mentioned the name of the Rocky Port Incident when Koby appeared before the public.

Thus, only the name has been mentioned many times, but no other details have been revealed.

What is known about the Rocky Port case?

The following is the information on the Rocky Port case, known up to chapter 1059.

  • The timeline is before the Straw Hat gang entered the New World.
  • The ringleader is Trafalgar Law.
  • Koby came to be called “Hero of the Navy” because of this incident (he protected many citizens)
  • Blackbeard and Koby made contact.
  • Blackbeard defeated Ochoku in this incident and became the boss of Pirate Island.

The Rocky Port incident is only told through the mouths of the characters, and no scenes depicting the incident have yet appeared. We do not even know if the ringleader was really Law.

Blackbeard has said that he was taken care of by Koby, but how Blackbeard and Koby got involved is yet to be revealed.

What happened between Blackbeard and Coby?


In the original story 1059, we learned that Blackbeard and Koby became involved in the Rocky Port Incident. Blackbeard said to Koby, “I was indebted to you in the Rocky Port Incident,” and “Thanks to you, I defeated Ochoku and became the boss of Pirate Island.

This suggests that Blackbeard and Koby fought together to solve the case. Koby came to be called a hero of the Navy after the Rocky Port Incident, but another hero of the Navy is Garp, Commander-in-Chief of the Navy Headquarters. He was called a hero after he fought alongside the pirate Gold Roger to defeat the mighty pirate “Rocks D. Xebec”.

In light of this, it is possible that Blackbeard and Koby’s interests coincide in the same way (solving the case caused by Ochoku?). A powerful enemy (Ochoku?) In the same way, Blackbeard and Koby may have defeated.

Who is Ochoku?

Who is Ochoku, whom Blackbeard is said to have defeated? As for the “Ochoku”, he has never appeared in the work, and the only thing we know about him is that he was once a pirate who belonged to the Rocks Pirates.

He was introduced alongside legendary pirates such as Shiki the Golden Lion, who was the boss in the movie “Strong World,” and Captain John, so he is considered a very famous pirate. He is considered a more experienced pirate than Kaidou, who was an apprentice on Rocks’ ship, so he must be a very old character.

Like Shiki the Golden Lion, he has the aura of a strong man who could be the boss in a movie. The Rocky Port Incident may have been a large-scale incident that could have been the subject of a “One Piece” movie.

Is the location of the Rocky Port incident on the pirate island of Hachinosu?

The location of the Rocky Port Incident has not yet been determined, but the most popular theory is that it is on “Pirate Island Hachinosu”. The reason is that Blackbeard became the boss of Pirate Island through this incident, which coincides with the time period.

Hachinosu is the place where the Rocks Pirates, once considered the world’s strongest pirate group, was formed. Ochoku, whose name was mentioned in the Rocky Port Incident, was formerly a member of the Rocks Pirates. It is highly possible that he was the boss of Hachinosu before Blackbeard took control.

Hachinosu is a land where a lot of foreshadowing has been scattered, as Gekko Moria, a former Seven Warlords, has previously boarded the ship and is now missing. There is a possibility that Luffy and his crew will board the ship as well.

Consideration of the truth of the Rocky Port incident


The Rocky Port incident is a mystery, but what was the real story? Law is considered the ringleader, but this is suspicious at first. Law and Koby had a normal conversation in the movie “RED”, so it is hard to believe that Law was acting outrageously to harm the citizens.

It is also revealed that Law delivered 100 pirate hearts to the navy headquarters in order to join the Seven Warlords, but it is not stated whether this case is related to the Rocky Port incident.

What if Law was publicly considered the ringleader in order to hide facts inconvenient to the government? It is possible that someone from the government was the mastermind of the Rocky Port Incident, and that Ochoku was involved in it. Ochoku may have been working behind the scenes and cozying up to the regime, just like Shiki the Golden Lion.

This may have led to a major incident involving the general public, and the conflicting interests of Law, Blackbeard, Koby, and others in different positions may have led them to fight together. If that is the case, Blackbeard wants to defeat Ochoku, and Koby wants to protect the citizens, but Law’s actions remain a mystery.

When the topic of “the man with the fire scar” was brought up, Law’s expression was hidden meaningfully, so there may be something that he is still hiding.

What is the meaning and origin of Rocky Port?


The “Rocky Port” was the name of the incident, but since it is marked with the word “port”, we can assume that it happened in a “harbor”. It turns out that Koby protected many citizens, so it must have been a prosperous place with many civilians.

As for the original story, some consider it to be the “Lockheed Incident” that happened in real life. It is a corruption case in the U.S. involving many Japanese politicians and is known as the biggest case in the postwar period.

It may also have something to do with “Port Royal,” the 17th-century shipping center of Jamaica. Port Royal was a town that gained fame at both ends of the spectrum: “the richest and the worst in the world”. The land was a base for pirates of the time.

The pirates, known as “Buccaneers” at the time, were licensed by the government to plunder. They brought the gold and goods they took from other ships to the city, and Port Royal developed. The fact that they plunder with permission from the government is similar to the system of the Seven Warlords in One Piece.

Among the people associated with the Rocky Port Incident are former Seven Warlords Trafalgar Law and Blackbeard. It is possible that the name was given because of their association with them.

What is the connection to the God Valley incident?


The Rocky Port Incident has some similarities to the “God Valley Incident” that took place 38 years ago, and a connection has been pointed out. The main parts are “active marines are called heroes of the Navy” and “marines and pirates fought together”.

Garp is called a hero of the Navy, but the reason he came to be so-called is related to the God Valley Incident. Koby also came to be called a hero because he protected many people in the Rocky Port Incident.

In the God Valley Incident, Garp, a marine, and Roger, a pirate, fought together to defeat a powerful pirate named Rocks. In the Rocky Port Incident, Blackbeard the pirate also told Coby the marine, “I was taken care of in the Rocky Port Incident,” suggesting that they were cooperating.

There is a connection between the two incidents in that pirates and Marines joined hands, and a hero was born in the Navy.

Will the mystery of the Rocky Port incident be revealed?

In this issue, we have explained and discussed the “Rocky Port Incident,” the details of which have not yet been revealed. The Rocky Port Incident is shrouded in mystery, but since it has been mentioned so many times, it may be hiding a significant secret.

The story of One Piece is moving in a big way as the main story enters its final chapter. The day when the mystery of the Rocky Port Incident is revealed should not be far off, so we cannot take our eyes off the off the story yet!

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