Who is The Strongest Chainsaw Man Character? Ranked

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The world of Chainsaw Man is home to many characters with unique and exciting abilities from their contracts with devils. Some have hybrid forms, some have devil forms, and some don’t even have a state, but they make up for it with their feats.

In today’s article, we selected 15 characters from Chainsaw Man who we thought were the strongest to do it. This article contains spoilers for the manga and anime, so be warned!!

We hope you can find a character that piques your interest!!

This devil is the one who reigns supreme over other devils. It is a primal being that has overwhelming abilities. It stokes a primal fear into everyone ad everything that lies upon it. Also, it is said that this devil is as old as humanity.

The Darkness Devil has the contract creation ability that is widely explored throughout the story. It also has the dominion over darkness ability, in which he summons darkness where ever he goes; this makes it so that he always comes with an advantage. Aside from its dominion over darkness, it can nullify regeneration effects that devil carriers usually have, as seen in the fight with power.

Its attacks hit hard, but its speed is unimaginable. Powerful devils can’t trace the immense speed at which this devil can move/attack.

2. Denji/Chainsaw Devil

Our protagonist lands at the number 2 spot due to his evolving devil growth and abilities. Denji is that guy; he will keep moving forward despite what life has thrown at him or what foes he may face.

While working for the Yakuza, Denji formed a contract with Pochita, a chainsaw devil. His form may be that of a cute dog, but when he made a contract with Denji in his final hours with him, he turned Denji into a slaughterhouse.

Strength-wise, Denji was already in good physical condition pre-contract, but this was greatly expanded upon when he was in his hybrid form. To put into perspective how strong he is, Denji was able to fight the eternity devil for a full 3 days. Denji can slay hybrid devils easily in his complete devil form, thanks to Pochita’s demonic capabilities. Also, he was the one to finish Makima by consuming her.

3. Hell Devil

The hell devil embodies the fear of hell itself! Its appearance is that of a centaur. It quickly makes our number 3 spot because it was part of the “Anti-Makima Squad.”

The Hell Devil has all the attributes of regular devils, such as fear empowerment, blood consumption, contract creation, regeneration, reincarnation, etc. Where it stands out is its unique ability with its connection to hell.

The hell connection allows it to manifest itself into a hand with 6 fingers, which it then can use to bring people to hell. This happened to Denji and his crew. It can forcefully send individuals to specified hells, and humans cannot return to the overworld.

4. Makima/Control Devil

Makima is both dangerous in looks and skill; she ranks 4th mainly due to her devil. She was part of the public safety devil hunting bureau and gave Denji a 2nd chance at life as a devil hybrid. She gets more potent due to the devil’s contract she has.

Every nation has given up on fighting the Control Devil in the manga. It also has one of the highest durability recorded; it has been killed 27 separate times and still came back.

One thing about this devil is that it can force a human to do whatever it wants. Thus, it can cause humans to create contracts with devils against their will. It even caused the Prime Minister of Japan to contract with it. This ability works on animals, humans, devils, fiends, and anything that walks and talks. Even crazier is that it can use those people’s abilities/5 and senses as its own due to making multiple contracts with multiple people. It managed even to hurt the Darkness Devil as well!

5. Gun Devil

According to the manga, we have only seen 20 percent of the Gun Devil; even funnier is that the president of the United States summoned the Gun Devil. Taking in the size we know, it is 700 feet tall and has M14s as arms; this Devil is genuinely a monstrosity to behold.

This Devil is nothing but kills hungry; it probably even has the most kills on this list too! According to the mange, when the Gun Devil first hit Japan, it killed 57,000 people in 27 seconds and then killed a million people in minutes around the world. Its contract is to kill the Control Devil, and even at 20 percent of its power, it managed to give it a run for its money.

6. Santa Claus/Doll Devil

Before you scratch your head thinking, “Santa Clause? what a goofy name for a human, no way is it that strong,” this devil can wipe out populations if the host wants to.

While there is not much information on the Doll Devil, just from its feats alone, we can understand that it’s a force not to be reckoned with. The Doll Devil allows whoever is contracted to touch any human and turn them into a doll. Then the dolls must follow all commands given out by the devil host. But it doesn’t stop there; these dolls can touch other people and turn them into dolls.

The drawback is that she has to be close to the dolls she created for her to maintain.

In addition, Santa Claus is in contract with The Curse Devil. With this devil’s ability, Santa Claus can kill people she stabbed 4 times with a nail, almost killing Denji.

7. Quanxi

Quanxi is as enjoyable as they come. She is known as the first devil hunter and has a contract with the crossbow devil. Quanxi has 2 forms, the first being her human form and her hybrid form, in which she turns into a devil with the characteristics of arrows.

In chapter 62, Hirofumi Yoshida describes her strength as beyond human capability. Couple that with her incredible speed and reflexes; Quanxi is also the first devil hunter in the world. Her swordsmanship is no joke; she can cut through dozens of humans/devils in one stroke.

In Quanxi’s hybrid form, her arms become crossbows which she can shoot with precision and accuracy; even better is that in close-range situations, she’s able to fire buckshot to counteract the crossbow’s weakness.

8. Cosmo Devil

The Cosmos Devil represents the fear of the Cosmos and the Unknown. She also is brilliant; she knows anything and everything. She has the ability to share that knowledge with anyone.

She can use Total Understanding, a gigantic library where she can share her knowledge with you. However, due to being an omniscient/all-knowing devil, she can only communicate via the word “Halloween” due to having soo much knowledge about the universe that she cannot muster up words through her mouth.

Due to her being in the weakened form of a fiend, she is not all that powerful regarding her physical attributes. This is why she’s ranked at our number 8 spot.

9. Kishibe

Kishibe is like your action hero MC. He’s stoic, level-headed, and super strong. He’s considered a veteran in the field of devil slaying.

Our captain of the Tokyo Special Division 4 has a lot of tools at his disposal. First, he has contracts with 3 devils, which include the Claw, Kinfe, and Needle devils. His devil contracts suit him well, as he is said to have expert marksmanship, as displayed in chapter 30 with his fight against Power and Denji.

Kishibe also has other common traits like enhanced durability, strength, speed, reflexes, and perception. Kishibe also played a grand role in the story, especially during the Control Devil arc, he was one of the few characters who knew Makima was up to no good.

10. Reze

Lord, this could have been Denji’s wife if she did not want to kill him. Reze has a contract with the bomb devil. She was created and sent out on a mission by the soviet union to take the heart of Denji.

Her human form is pretty darn cute, but her hybrid form is where she turns everything upside down. Her head turns into an atomic bomb! Even crazier is that it resembles the Fat Man nuclear bomb dropped on Nagasaki.

She activates her hybrid transformation by pulling a pin on her neck and then transforms. Her explosion creation abilities make it so that she can explode anything in her sight, although the size of the explosion depends on how big her target is. She is immune to her explosions, so she can kamikaze into her attacks and leave without a scratch.

11. Angel Devil

This devil is kind of niche with its powers; The Angel Devil harbours the fear of angels. Now, probably during biblical times, this devil would be a tragedy to come face to face with, but in his introduction, he makes us scratch our heads.

According to chapter 34, he has no hatred towards humans and is averse to violence. He is probably the only devil to console a human that he killed or is dying. His angelic wings are strong enough to deflect projectiles to a specific size. Where he gets interesting is his life absorption ability.

This ability makes it so that when he touches a human, he absorbs their lifespan; the problem is that it’s a painless way to die and on how long he touches his targets.

12. Hirofumi Yoshida

Having Makima consider you as a strong ally is triumphant, but having to guard Denji makes you a unit on your own. Hirofumi is what corporations froth over for; he’s a robot in his job and is always on the ball with his tasks.

Hirofumi has a contract with the octopus devil (no, he does not misuse it, you degens). His contract allows him to summon tentacles for defensive uses. In the manga, we have yet to see its full offensive capabilities. He uses his tentacles to bind an opponent or shield himself from attacks; he also can summon an ink could, which acts as a smokescreen.

During the Control Devil arc, Makima killed every other character but Denji (who eventually killed and consumed her), but to everyone’s surprise, Hirofumi also survived the fight. This fight was the grand finale for the Manga’s first run; this represented a big jump for Hirofumi as a character and even led him to be ranked 6th in the popularity pole by the author. Aside from that, he’s pretty weak from an offensive perspective since we have not seen his full capabilities yet, unlike the others listed above, so he ranks lower.

13. Power/Blood Devil

Power is like if you put an old man and a bratty kid’s soul into the corpse of some random girl. She’s part of the main cast and is a prominent figure throughout the story.

She has 2 forms, the first being her fiend form. As you can see, she has horns protruding through her forehead and sharp teeth. Her second form, her devil form, she gets 4 arms, a tall build, and has her chest open, revealing her intestines.

Where she stands out is the blood manipulation she got from the contract she made. She can wield a hammer that comes in two sizes and a spear which she can throw at opponents. She sounds underpowered compared to the rest of the list, but her devil form makes up for it.

In her devil form, she can generate thousands of blood spears/swords, which she can use both offensively and defensively.

14. Galgali/Violence Fiend

Galgali is one of the coolest designed characters, in my humble opinion. He has a thin build and wears a plague doctor mask. He also is kind’ve like the Angel Devil in that he is more of a peaceful individual rather than wanting to resort to the brutality of what evils usually want to.

Despite being a fiend, he still possesses many human traits and is extremely polite and well-mannered, unlike Power. This guy is pretty mid when it comes to powers.

He only possesses the main attributes other public safety servants to have. The only difference he has is his poison resistance.

15. Aki Hayakawa

Aki Hayakawa holds the position of a public safety devil hunter. He is known to have had 3 contracts since his introduction. His first and former being that with the Fox Devil, he had contracts with the Curse Devil and Future Devil. Finally, he died, and while he had 20 percent of the Gun Devil’s body, he became the host of the Gun Fiend.

According to the Chainsaw Man fandom wiki, Aki is pretty much like any other public safety devil hunter but only differs due to his 2 contracts, becoming a gun fiend and having sheer willpower not to give up.

Whenever Aki uses the Fox devil, he has to sacrifice a part of his body; we can see this when he summons it using his eye. The future devil also gave him the ability to have precognition, which allowed him to see seconds into the future. His dream of killing the Gun Devil ended when he saw the future of pursuing the Gun Devil. He would lose Denji and Power if he continued to pursue it.


Many of the characters we listed would be universal threats if they were in our world, but that shows you the level of creativity and power scaling the author put into the characters.

Many of these characters have met one another in combat or through alliances and have duked it out to put their strengths on display. Some of these characters barely have info on why they’re strong, but from their small introductions alone, we know that they will play a considerable role and wreak havoc for Denji and his crew.

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