15 Strongest Characters In Attack on Titan, Ranked

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In the world of Attack on Titan, strength is everything. The ability to wield a weapon, navigate the battlefield with precision, and take down Titans are all essential skills for survival. With so many powerful characters in the series, it can be difficult to determine who ranks among the strongest.

This article will explore the top 15 strongest characters in Attack on Titan, examining their abilities, combat skills, and contributions to the series’ overarching plot. From powerful Titans to skilled soldiers, these characters have all proven themselves to be forces to be reckoned with in the world of Attack on Titan.

Who is the strongest Character from Attack on Titan?

The strongest character would be Eren Jaeger due to his ability to wield the powers of the Found Titan.

Who is the weakest Character from Attack on Titan?

The weakest character would be Historia Reiss, but politcally she quite strong.

Starting off this list we have our MC Eren Yeager, I have been defending him since season 1 and you bet I’ll still defend him now! Eren has a tragic past with his mother being a victim to the titans and father causing him to become the attack titan by having himself be eaten by his son. Despite this, we get to enjoy the growth and change of a boy filled with wonder of the outside world to a literal war criminal.

In terms of skills, Eren possesses the power of the “Attack Titan,” also known as the “Founding Titan.” This ability allows him to transform into a Titan and gain immense strength and regenerative powers. He can also control other Titans to a certain extent, making him a formidable weapon in the fight against the Titans.

As with other MC type characters, Eren is determined and passionate for his cause to eradicate all titans. Overtime he does change with the things he learns about the world and the reason for the situatin he is in. Her goes from this boy with pure unbridled charm and joy, to a man who has been beaten by the world around him. The beauty that the Mangaka put into writing his personality is one of the most impactful in the anime verse and is till highly praised years after the mangas run.

2. Levi Ackermann

The husbando, clean freak, and sadistic captain of the scouts lands at our number 2 spot. Levi, just like other Ackermanns, is a demon on the battlefield, his angst with Zeke Yeager was one of the most entertaining fights to watch in the series. Thanks to him, we got some of the best animated scenes in the series run!

Levi’s skills are unparalelled, the only other people that have matched him are Kenny Ackermann and Zeke on occasions. His mastery of the vertical maneuver gear and battle tactics was the reason why he’s held in such high regard among the scouts and other branches of the military.

Levi’s personality is also shaped by his tragic past and his strong sense of justice. He has experienced immense loss and suffering due to the Titans, which has fueled his determination to eradicate them and protect humanity. This has also made him wary of forming close emotional connections, as he has seen the devastating effects of loss firsthand.

3. Mikasa Ackermann

Ⓒ諫山創・講談社/「進撃の巨人」The Final Season製作委員会 Ⓒ2021 5X Inc.

Mikasa may be a good chunks of the anime fandom’s first waifu, and I can see it. Mikasa is part of the main cast of characters is undoubtedly loyal to Eren. She comes from the Ackermann bloodline meaning that she is genetically built to be menace on the battlefield.

Mikasa is a highly skilled fighter and one of the top members of the Scout Regiment, known for her extraordinary combat abilities. She is a master of the vertical maneuvering equipment, a specialized gear that allows humans to navigate and fight against Titans in the air. Her agility, speed, and precision make her a formidable force on the battlefield, capable of taking down Titans with remarkable efficiency.

Personality-wise, Mikasa is often portrayed as stoic, reserved, and fiercely protective. She is deeply devoted to her friends, particularly Eren Jaeger, and will go to great lengths to keep them safe. Mikasa is known for her unwavering loyalty and dedication, and she is always willing to put herself in harm’s way to protect those she cares about. Despite her stoic exterior, Mikasa also possesses a softer side, particularly when it comes to her feelings for Eren.

4. Armin Arlert

Armin got clowned on a lot in the beginning, but when he became the leader, he got the level up in writing he so deserved. He is known for his strategic mind and intelligence, as well as his courage and determination in the face of danger. I do love the connection between him and Annie, it’s just soo adorable!

Armin is not a physically imposing character, but he possesses remarkable intellectual abilities. He is highly intelligent and has a keen strategic mind, often coming up with creative and effective plans in the midst of battle. Armin also has access to the Coloassal Titans powers and it was put on full display during the invasion of Marley in season 4.

Armin’s personality is shaped by his insecurities and struggles with self-doubt. He often questions his own worth and abilities, but he overcomes these doubts through his intelligence and strategic thinking. Armin’s selflessness and willingness to sacrifice for the greater good make him a beloved character among fans of the series.

5. Reiner Braun

Reiner went from a hated side character to becoming one of the more loved main characters. Reiner was part of an infiltration group sent by the Marleyans to cause chaos and rid Eldia of anyone. His display of his emotions helped him resonate with audiences and helped redeem him with other characters.

Reiner has access to the powers of the Armor Titan, this titan hardens it’s skin and becomes an absolute unit capable of destruction of the highest degrees. He also is quite skilled in reconnaisance and is a skilled tactician too.

Reiner’s skills and personality are closely intertwined, as his combat abilities and leadership skills are shaped by his complex emotions and internal conflicts. On the surface, he is often portrayed as confident, reliable, and determined. He is a natural leader and has a strong sense of duty, often taking charge in difficult situations.

6. Porco Galliard

Porco is one of the antagonists of the 4th season as well as the new Jaw Titan. He has a little brother named Falco, who surprisingly enough succeeds him in becoming the new Jaw Titan.

As the Jaw Titan, Porco possesses remarkable physical attributes, including incredible speed, agility, and jaw strength. He has sharp teeth and claws that allow him to tear through the hardened skin of other Titans, making him a formidable opponent in combat. Porco’s Jaw Titan form is known for its ferocity and speed, making him a swift and deadly force on the battlefield.

Porco is portrayed as brash, competitive, and impulsive. He is often seen as a rival to other characters and has a strong desire to prove himself as the strongest. Porco is known for his boldness and confidence, often taking risks in battle to assert his dominance. However, his impulsive nature can sometimes lead to reckless actions and negative consequences.

7. Kenny Ackermann

When Kenny was first introduced, I for once was scared about what would happen to Levi. As with other Ackermanns, Kenny is naturally gifted with titan slaying abilities. He also was the one who raised Levi to the man he is today and had qute an impact during season 4.

Kenny is a former member of the Scout Regiment and is regarded as one of the most skilled and dangerous fighters in the series. He is a master of various forms of combat, including hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship, and the use of vertical maneuvering equipment. Kenny is known for his speed, agility, and precision in battle, making him a formidable opponent.

Kenny is ruthless, cunning, and self-serving. He is known for his pragmatism and willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. Kenny is not bound by moral constraints and is willing to resort to violence and manipulation to get what he wants. He is often portrayed as a cold and calculating character, with a hardened exterior that hides his true emotions. He still is badass as it gets!

8. Ymir

Ymir is a character we got to enjoy while she was on screen, but her run did not last long enough. She was very protective of Historia and had some history with Annie, Reiner, and Bertolt. Fun fact, her name comes from viking origins.

Ymir’s Titan ability allows her to transform into a small and agile Titan, known as the Dancing Titan or the Jaw Titan. As the Jaw Titan, Ymir possesses exceptional speed, agility, and jaw strength, making her a formidable opponent in combat. Her Titan form is known for its ability to bite through hardened Titan flesh and regenerate quickly, making her a formidable force on the battlefield.

Throughout the series, Ymir goes through a complex character arc, grappling with her past, her desires, and her place in the world. She forms deep connections with other characters, particularly Historia Reiss, and their relationship becomes a central part of her story. Ymir’s personality and motivations are often shaped by her past experiences and her struggle for identity and purpose.

9. Annie Leonhart

I never wanted to be Armin soo bad in my life, Annie is one hell of a woman, and trust me she’ll dust you no diff. Annie is known for her exceptional combat skills, unquestionable tactics, and impact she had in the first season.

Annie possesses the ability to transform into a female Titan, known as the Female Titan, which is characterized by its size, strength, and agility. As the Female Titan, Annie displays exceptional hand-to-hand combat skills, agility, and endurance, making her a formidable opponent in battle. She is known for her unique fighting style that combines martial arts and Titan abilities, allowing her to take on multiple adversaries with calculated precision.

Annie is perceived as reserved, stoic, and emotionally guarded. She tends to keep her true emotions hidden and maintains a cool and composed demeanor even in intense situations. Annie is known for her strategic and tactical thinking, often analyzing situations and making calculated decisions based on her observations.

10. Hange Zoe


Hange was quite the intersting character fans were introduced to. From her titan experiments to his incre3dible intelligence, it’s no wonder she’s a valuable asset to the scouts. her personality maqy come off as a lot, but don’t let that fool you into thinking she’s uncontrollable.

Hange is a highly intelligent and eccentric character who serves as the Squad Leader of the Scout Regiment’s Fourth Squad. She’s passionate about unraveling the mysteries of the Titans and is known for her unquenchable curiosity and enthusiasm for Titan research. Hange’s keen intellect and analytical skills make them a valuable asset to the Scout Regiment, as they often come up with innovative strategies and tactics to combat Titans.

Hange is depicted as eccentric, energetic, and sometimes unpredictable. Hange also has a compassionate side, caring deeply for their comrades and showing empathy towards Titans, viewing them as subjects of curiosity rather than mindless monsters.

11. Erwin Smith

SHINZOU WO SASAGEYO! Captain Erwin is without a doubt an iconic character of this series. From the memes to his incredible sppeches, he can reallys toke the flames in one’s heart to give it your all.

One of Erwin’s notable skills is his ability to inspire and motivate his troops. He possesses a charismatic presence and is capable of rallying his soldiers even in the face of overwhelming odds. He is willing to take calculated risks and make tough decisions for the greater good of humanity, often putting the mission and the lives of his comrades above his own.

Erwin is determined, calculating, and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. He is known for his strong sense of duty and his unwavering resolve to defeat the Titans and uncover the truth about them. Despite his stoic exterior, Erwin also shows moments of vulnerability and struggles with the weight of his responsibilities as a commander.

12. Jean Kirschtein

Jean initially starts off as a skeptical and self-centered character who joins the military with the goal of eventually living a safe life within the Walls, away from the Titans. However, as the series progresses, he undergoes significant character development and emerges as a skilled and dedicated soldier.

Jean’s skills lie in his adaptability and quick thinking. He is a proficient horse rider and has excellent maneuverability in battle. He is also known for his strategic thinking and leadership skills, often stepping up to take charge of his fellow soldiers during critical moments. If the series had another MC, it could probably have been Jean.

Jean is pretty self-serving and pragmatic as it gets. He usually is only interested in his own survival. However, as he faces the harsh realities of the Titans and the responsibilities of being a soldier, he undergoes character growth and becomes more selfless and committed to the cause of humanity.

13. Sasha Braus


First things first R.I.P. to my girl Sasha, you’re forever in our hearts. She was nicknamed “Potato Girl” due to her famous scene where she snuck some out form the survey corps kitchen. She is known for her unique personality and her skills as a skilled hunter and scout within the Scout Regiment.

Sasha’s skills primarily revolve around her exceptional hunting and tracking abilities. She is known for her agility, speed, and accuracy with a bow and arrow, making her a formidable asset in battle against the Titans. Her keen senses and instincts allow her to navigate the wilderness and gather essential resources for her comrades.

Sasha’s character is portrayed as someone who finds joy and purpose in the simple things in life, such as food and nature. She is shown to have a strong sense of duty towards humanity and is willing to fight against the Titans to protect her friends and loved ones. Her character arc showcases her growth as a skilled hunter and scout, as well as her development as a loyal and selfless soldier.

14. Pieck Finger

I’ll never understand the cart titan and how Pieck ended up with it, but that’s a mystery for a nother article. She is known for her unique Cart Titan form, her strategic mind, and her unwavering loyalty to her comrades.

Pieck is depicted as calm, collected, and strategic. She is known for her sharp mind and ability to analyze situations quickly, making her a valuable asset in planning and executing missions. She was even able to catch Eren off guard when she came to free Gabi.

Pieck’s primary skill lies in her ability to transform into the Cart Titan, a Titan with exceptional endurance, speed, and carrying capacity. As the Cart Titan, Pieck is able to transport heavy loads, such as supplies and weapons, and serve as a mobile fortress for her comrades during battles. Her Cart Titan form also allows her to engage in combat, using her size and strength to her advantage.

15. Historia Reiss

Ending off our list the our royal Queen Historia. She is known for her kind-hearted nature, her role as a member of the Scout Regiment, and her pivotal role in the series’ plot. Early in the series she went by the name Kirsta Lenz.

Her personality can be described as compassionate, empathetic, and selfless. She often shows kindness towards others, and her gentle demeanor earns her the admiration of her comrades. Her manerisms are quite adorable given the setting the series takes place in.

Physically she’s not as strong, and she does not have any sort of special titan powers to her. Historia’s skills primarily revolve around her agility and combat training as a member of the Scout Regiment. She is shown to be proficient in using the omni-directional mobility gear, which allows her to navigate the battlefield with speed and precision.


While some may argue that other characters could have made the list, these 15 characters have consistently proven themselves to be among the most formidable in the series. Whether they are defending humanity against Titans or fighting for their own personal goals, these characters serve as a testament to the importance of strength and resilience in the world of Attack on Titan.

We hope you found a character that you can connect with or that piques your interest!

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