Who is The Strongest Tokyo Revengers Character? Ranked


Tokyo Revengers is the most popular time-released delinquent manga of the moment.

This article selects 20 characters from this work and ranks which is the strongest among them.

The ranking considers their battle histories up to the final episode, so beware of spoilers!

The Haitani is the craziest brothers, who first appeared in Tenjiku vs. Toman battle. They are part of the S62 generation, along with Izana and Mucho, and have a history of being arrested for “manslaughter.”

Initially, the two did not belong to any particular gang but were united in Roppongi. However, it is said that they could gather more than 100 delinquents with a single call, and their charisma is widely known.

Not many scenes of fights between the Haitani brothers are depicted in the series. However, their past is mentioned in work, where they “sank the chief of a motorcycle gang with a single shot and beat the vice-chief to death.” Therefore, it seems that the brothers are not only strong fighters but also first-class maniacs.

However, in the war between Tokyo Manji Gang and Kanto Manji Gang, they were defeated by Mitsuya and Hakkai, respectively.

19/20 Hakkai Shiba

Hakkai is a tall blue-haired, skinhead man who serves as the Second Division Vice Captain of Tokyo Manji Gang. He is the younger brother of Taiju and Yuzuha Shiba.

Hakkai is attached to Mitsuya, who broke his family’s norm as a child and even has Mitsuya as his cell phone’s background screen.

In the future, he will be tall enough to be a top model overseas and has a handsome face. However, he also has a rather shy side, freezing up when he talks to girls other than his sister.

In the beginning, he had a lame side, such as when he got into trouble during the Holy Night Battle because of a lie he told. However, through battles with powerful enemies, he becomes mentally stronger.

In the story, he has not fought enough opponents to know his real strength, as his opponents were Taiju and Kakucho, ranked higher in this list.

However, in the final battle, he won a tie-up with Rindo Haitani. He finally showed his fighting skills.

18/20 Kanji Mochizuki (Mocchi)

Mochizuki Kanji (a.k.a. Mocchi) is a member of the S62 generation, like the Haitani brothers introduced at No. 20. Mochizuki, with his large physique, is a fighting maniac who appeared as one of the Tenjiku Four Heavenly Kings.

His ability is also demonstrated in the manga; when he first appeared, he showed off his overwhelming power to blow away Chifuyu with a single blow. In the past, Mocchi was also the leader of a gang called Jugemu. He defeated the Kawada brothers, who at that time were the president and vice president of the Sugo-aku in a one-on-one fight.

Mocchi also fought evenly with Mitsuya, but during the Kanto Incident, he was knocked out with a single blow by Angry, who had turned into a demon.

In the final battle, Mocchi was defeated by the grown-up Chifuyu in a tie-up match, and thus he was selected as No. 18!

17/20 Chifuyu Matsuno

Chifuyu is the partner of Takemichi, who you all know, and the loyal retainer of the First Division Captain Baji.

He is the first person to whom Takemichi revealed his time leap ability, and at the same time, he is the person who understands him the most. He has shown great capacity to be proud of his partner, who has been fighting a battle that no one can praise.

Since then, he has also stood with Takemichi to change the future, as a collaborator who will work with him to figure out how to stand in the present and the past.

As for Chifuyu’s strength, not many scenes depict him as a strong fighter until the middle of the series. His first appearance was in the scene where Baji beat him up, and he was betrayed and bound by Hanma and Kisaki in the Holy Night Battle.

In the Kanto Incident, he was attacked unexpectedly and had accumulated damage, so he was fighting in a far from perfect condition.

However, he showed his ability to defeat Mocchi single-handedly in the final battle.

16/20 Takashi Mitsuya

Takashi Mitsuya is a character in charge of Tokyo Manji Gang’s Second Division. Mitsuya is one of the founding members of Toman and was originally the head of the SS. He has a caring personality and takes care of his two younger sisters at home while also serving as the school’s president of the handicraft club.

Mitsuya’s strengths are his cool head at all times and his single-mindedness. In 8-3 War, he sensed Draken’s crisis before anyone else did, and in Holy Night Battle, he confronted Taiju, who is physically much larger than him, with his fists about what it means to be an older brother.

His battle record in the series is not so good, and his fighting strength seems on par with the Toman cadres. The Haitani brothers attacked Mitsuya during an evenly matched fight with Mocchi, and he felt the difference in power between them and Otoshi, despite their fistfight.

However, they are just as strong as they were called “twin dragons,” along with Draken. In fact, he subverted the Haitani brothers’ tricks in the final battle and won after a tie-up with Ran Haitani.

15/20 Ryohei Hayashi (Peh-yan)

At No. 15 is Ryohei Hayashi (a.k.a. Peh-yan), with his muffled voice, is Pah-chin’s right-hand man, and when Pah-chin was arrested, he even fought with Draken to save his friend.

Like Pah-chin, Peh-yan is honest and belligerent, but he has also shown leadership since his appointment as acting captain of Tokyo Manji Gang’s Third Division.

In Sakigake Battle during the Kanto Incident, Peh-yan defeated Madarame Shion, a member of the S62 generation and one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Jersey, with a single shot. At that time, Mitsuya said, “Peh-yan is an idiot, but his strength is better than mine”.

This suggests that his ability is comparable to that of a captain.

14/20 Haruki Hayashida (Pah-chin)

Haruki Hayashida (a.k.a. Pah-chin) is the captain of Tokyo Manji Gang’s Third Division. He is a founding member of Tokyo Manji Gang, along with Mikey, Kazutora, Baji, and Mitsuya.

His first appearance was in a war in Tokyo Manji Gang with Moebius. Pah-chin, outraged by Moebius’ actions against his best friend, his family, and his girlfriend, stabbed their president, Osanai, with a dagger. After that, he surrendered himself to the police, so he has not appeared in the main story for a while.

Since the police captured them at the beginning of the manga, there were no battle scenes for a long time, and it seemed that the film would end as it was.

However, in the high school version, he was released and could participate in the final battle. The way he knocks down the members of Kanto Manji Gang is just like a bulldozer, and it is no wonder that Peh-yan, who is more potent than Mitsuya, follows him.

He finally proved his ability to “destroy a team by himself,” which was mentioned early on.

13/20 Souya Kawata (Angry)

The 13th place in the strength ranking goes to Souya Kawata, the Vice Captain of the 4th Squadron of Tokyo Manji Gang.

He has the nickname “Angry,” and always has an angry look on his face. However, contrary to his facial expression, inside his heart is said to be the heart of an angel with a pissed-off face. Before joining Tokyo Manji Gang, he belonged to a motorcycle gang called Sugo-Aku, headed by his twin brother, Nahoya (a.k.a. Smiley).

Led by Izana Kurokawa, they fought a war with Yokohama Tenjiku. Takemichi, Angry, and the others were in a tight spot when they hit their opponent’s stronghold. Angry’s arms and legs were broken, and he began to cry when he saw his comrades being lynched.

However, Angry, who had started crying, strode with his broken leg and killed the Four Heavenly Kings who had beaten him to a pulp in an instant by himself.

Angry becomes 100 times stronger than Smiley when he starts crying. In terms of pure fighting power after he cries out, he is a little higher, but because he is an uncontrollable force, we have ranked him 13th!

12/20 Yasuhiro Mutoh (Mucho)

Yasuhiro Mutoh (a.k.a. Mucho) was originally a Fifth Division Captain in Tokyo Manji Gang. However, during the war with Tenjiku, it was revealed that Mucho was a founding member of Tenjiku and became a powerful enemy of Takemichi.

He is also a member of the S62 Generation, the evilest generation, like Izana Kurokawa and other Tenjiku leaders.

He is the only member of the public morals committee of Tokyo Manji Gang, and is the Fifth Division Captain, the only special task force in Toman that is allowed to engage in domestic disputes. In the work, he boldly states that he is the strongest fighter among the captains of Toman.

However, he is ranked 12th in this ranking due to the lack of actual fight scenes!

11/20 Keisuke Baji

Keisuke Baji was the Captain of Tokyo Mangi Gang’s First Division Captain prior to Takemichi. After causing a problem during the appointment ceremony for the new Third Division members, he was turned over to Valhalla, with whom he was in a battle.

In reality, however, he was aware of the disaffected elements within Toman, and his actions were all to protect Toman. He is one of the founding members of Toman, and his feelings for his fellow members are stronger than others.

He is a man who loves Toman and has died for the sake of Toman.
In “Bloody Halloween,” where he fought with Valhalla, he showed his demonic spirit by defeating 50 members of the Third Division members by himself despite being stabbed. He also shows his bravery by committing suicide to insist that Kazutora did not kill him.

10/20 Shuji Hanma

Shuji Hanma is always next to Tetta Kisaki, who is depicted as the story’s antagonist and acts as his sword. Hanma is a tall man with “Crime,” and “Punishment” tattooed on both hands and has been on various teams and positions while working with Rare Saki.

To achieve their goals, Hanma has fought Draken and Mikey under Kisaki’s direction. He has also been able to catch a kick from Mikey, who is known as “the invincible Mikey,” and although he eventually admitted defeat, he was able to fight Draken on an equal footing.

Although he was wounded in the final battle, he defeated Mitsuya, Hachikai, Akkun, and Chifuyu at the same time.

9/20 Kakucho

Kakucho was the first of the Tenjiku Four Heavenly Kings, which included such fierce fighters as Kanji Mochizuki. He was Takemichi’s childhood friend, and in the early years of elementary school, they were very ordinary boys who lost fights together.

However, Kakucho changed when he entered an orphanage in the second grade and was given the value of life by Izana. However, unlike the other insane members of Tenjiku, he is not rotten to the core and can be called Tenjiku’s only conscience.

Angry defeated strong opponents such as the Haitani brothers and Mochizuki in an instant during the war with Tenjiku. However, Kakucho beat Angry in a moment and even made Izana say, “From Kakucho’s strength, the other four Heavenly Kings are just trash.

8/20 Keizo Arashi (Benkei)

Keizo is a living legend as the former president of the Ragnarok, which once fought with Waka to divide the Kanto region in two, and the first SS chief of the Black Dragon.

Waka, who specializes in speed, and Benkei, who specializes in durability, were known as the Black Dragon’s strongest duo.

In the series, they made their first appearance as the top executives of Brahma, and together with Waka, they shook Kakucho to its foundations.

After Brahman’s dissolution, he belonged to Kanto Manji Gang as a ranger captain. In the final battle, he and Waka took on Inupi, who had come to bring Coco back.

Keizo also showed that him and Waka crossed paths with South in combination, proving that the legend was not just a story in a book.

What is particularly terrifying is his toughness, so much so that he was once called “Red Cliff” and feared. In the work, he showed the difference of his character by showing that he was still in good shape even after being hit by Kakucho.

7/20 Wakasa Imaushi (Waka)

A living legend, he was the general of the Kodo Rengou, which once divided the Kanto region between Benkei and the other two, and was the first Black Dragon Special Attack Unit Captain.

He has been concerned about Shinichiro since the first world line, and immediately took him out for a drink after Mikey’s death. He is also one of the few people who knows about Shinichiro’s time leap.

After Brahman’s dissolution, he joined the Kanto Manji Gang led by Mikey and stood as a threat to Takemichi and his group.

If Benkei excels in endurance, Waka specializes in lightness of body and speed, and showed a speed that Kakucho could not notice that he had been taken from behind.

6/20 Senju Kawaragi

Senju is the leader of Brahman and one of its charismatic figures, along with Mikey and South.

Her real name is Senju Akashi, and she is the younger sister of Takeomi Akashi and Haruchiyo Sanzu. Although she is a woman, she is as strong as a man.

Moreover, she is the leader of Brahman at a very young age, but her power is still in its developmental stage, which is a fantastic feat.

After her defeat against Mikey, she decided to disband Brahman, but Takemichi persuaded her to join the second Tokyo Manji Gang. In the final battle, she was unstoppable and kicked the crap out of small fry.

Her one-of-a-kind fighting style, in which she controls her petite body to kick his opponents to the ground.

From the time of his first appearance, she showed off her abilities by taking the upper hand against South, who was overwhelmingly larger than she was, and delivering a spinning kick to her head.

In the final battle, she declared, “I will defeat 100 men! and she reaved the Kanto Manji Gang members one after the other.

Her charisma, reminiscent of Mikey’s, and her small but powerful fighting style gave us a sense of her future growth. Therefore, I would rank her 6th this time.

5/20 Taiju Shiba

Taiju Shiba, the 10th president of the Black Dragon, was instrumental in the complete revival of the Black Dragon, which had been destroyed. Taiju is the elder brother of Hakkai Shiba, and is a man of abnormal temperament who uses violence as a form of discipline not only against his enemies but also against his family.

He is a man of extraordinary strength who uses his enormous physique to the utmost, and even when challenged by several Toman Captains and Vice Captains, he is defeated.

In the “Battle of the Holy Night,” he showed great performance by himself against Hakkai, Takemichi, Chifuyu, and Mitsuya. He also delivered a decisive blow to Mikey, who rushed to the scene. In the end, Mikey’s single kick was enough to sink him, but his strength is one of the best in the series.

In the final battle, he showed his monstrous strength by defeating the duo of Waka and Benkei single-handedly.

4/20 Ken Ryuguji (Draken)

Fourth on the list is Mikey’s right-hand man, Ken Ryuguji, a.k.a. Draken. With his golden pigtails and dragon tattoos on his temples, he is Mikey’s primary support in Tokyo Manji Gang.

However, his fighting prowess is not at the level of an assistant, and he has demonstrated this ability in his work.

Takemichi and his team face off against Taiju in the “Battle of the Holy Night,” and their faces contort in despair. They cannot handle Taiju alone, but there are 100 soldiers of the Black Dragon waiting for them outside.

Mikey comes in and sinks Taiju with a single blow. And outside, there is Draken, who has a look of complacency on his face, having eliminated 100 soldiers all by himself.

Draken, who has no notable defeats in his career, even though he sometimes fights with a handicap or with his hands tied, comes in fourth place.

3/20 Izana Kurokawa

Izana Kurokawa is the eighth president of the Black Dragon and the first president of Tenjiku. He initially appeared as the brother of Mikey, Emma, and Shinichiro, but it was later revealed that he is not related to any of them. His character is distorted due to his painful past, and combined with his personality, he boasts overwhelming strength with no regard for others.

In the “Kanto Incident,” Izana stood before Toman as the last boss. In the confrontation with Mikey, Izana put up a good fight in the early stages, seeing off Mikey’s attacks for the first time in the series. However, once he slowed down his attack, he was met with a furious counterattack, and Izana was defeated.

Despite the loss against Mikey, Izana’s third-place ranking is undoubtedly because he is leading the S62 generation and the way he fights.

2/20 South Terano

Two years after Toman disbanded, Tokyo entered the “Tokyo Sengoku Era,” a period when the city was crawling with gangs. However, that era ended with the emergence of three charismatic individuals, including Mikey. One of these three was South Terano, the head of the Rokuhara Tandai.

South suddenly appears and begins to recruit Draken into the Rokuhara Tandai. When Draken refused, South began to hurt him unilaterally. Takemichi is astonished to see South blow Draken’s huge body away and levitate him with the power of his fists.

Even Waka, Benkei, and Senmochira are pushed aside by South.

Despite his few appearances, South shows his extraordinary strength and brutality. He is considered to be on the same level of strength as Mikey, and he is ranked a respectable No. 2, ahead of Draken!

1/20 Manjiro Sano (Mikey)

The first place goes to our Manjiro Sano, the invincible Mikey, the president of Tokyo Manji Gang! Mikey is the first president of Toman, a very important figure in work and the source of Takemichi’s time leap. Although mentally unstable, he has never lost a single fight until the end of the series.

His high kick from his small body is fast and powerful, and most of the fighters in this ranking have been defeated by Mikey.

The scene in which he one-sidedly beat South, who ranked second, to death was particularly shocking. His strength, which does not let anything but himself come near him at all, is truly “invincible.”

Mikey’s No. 1 ranking remained unchallenged until the end.

Is Takemichi Hanagaki Strong?

Takemichi Hanagaki is the main character of this work. Takemichi spent his junior high school years as a delinquent, and as an adult he lives a dull life as a part-time worker.

Takemichi struggles to change the future by travelling back in time after the death of Hinata Tachibana, the only girl he ever dated.

Takemichi is a weak fighter. He is constantly beaten up by enemies who have a significant disparity in ability, to the point that he cannot even see them. Takemichi, however, has strength because he has a goal that he must accomplish.

In the final battle, Kakucho and Mikey were evenly matched, and he could use his future vision to fight with Mikey, showing that he has grown in terms of fighting.

However, the essence of his strength is not his skill as ranked in the rankings but his never-giving-up spirit.


Tokyo Revengers has a great appeal not only for its science fiction element based on time leaps but also for its delinquent element of hot fights. In this issue, we introduce the top 20 ranking of the strength of the characters in this work.

Now that the story has come to a conclusion and the characters have all shown their abilities, it has become easier to rank the strength of the characters, and it was fascinating for the author to write this article.

Of course, this ranking is our ranking, so why don’t you go back and read it again and create your own “strongest ranking”?

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