15 Pairs of Anime Twins With Strong Bonds


Twins, a concept we’re all familiar with but rarely experience IRL.

Sometimes you have to wonder, are they the same in every aspect? Can they read each other’s minds? Can they feel what each other is going through?

Look no further; we compiled a list of our top 15 anime twins to dive into and learn about.

Hopefully, you can find a pair you like and watch them in action!

Two brothers bound by fate due to the devil himself, Satan. Rin and Yukio Okimura are not your usual twins; they are not intrinsically and intrinsically similar. However, they are still just as close as the day they were at the orphanage. Rin is the more hot-headed and outgoing of the two, while Yukio is calmer and level-headed.

Although the two are twins, only one of them (Rin) carries the power of Satan, while the other is too weak as a child for the demon to possess him. The two create a parallel that most twins can say they experience; they may be of the same blood, but they are different in every other way.

They land at the number 1 spot due to their great twist on being a twin and why having a different theme is essential.

2. Hikaru & Kaoru Hitachiin/Ouran High School Host Club


Hikaru and Kaoru are the twins in the Ouran Host Club. Their different character traits counteract their symbiotic relationship. While Kaoru is the more mature brother when dealing with problems thrown his way, Hikaru tends to be more childish and finds it hard to deal with problems.

While both are damn handsome, don’t let them fool you. They both are mischievous boys, even gaining the title of “little devils.” Their gimmick in the club is to act out “twincesteous” skits to entertain their customers.

One remarkable fact about Hikaru is his sign is Gemini; kind’ve suspicious, given the Hitachiin brothers are twins.

3. Tsukasa Hiiragi & Kagami/Lucky Star

Have you ever seen a pair of twins soo adorable? Look no further; the Hiiragi twins fit that role perfectly. Kagami has a tsundere character trait, while her sister has a calm demeanour.

Kagami has her signature twintails, while Tsukasa has more of a shoulder cut. Tsukasa is always cheery and happy-go-lucky, while her sister is the stickler who is realistic every chance she gets.

A fun fact about this pair, their birthday is on Ponytail Day, though neither of them has that hairstyle.

4. Ami & Mami Futami/THE IDOLM@STER

This cute idol duo has more to show off than their musical talents. Their character traits are almost the same too! Both are hyperactive and love playing pranks on those around them.

The two are known as practical jokers to the 765 staff and always cause a ruckus when they’re together. Mami is the more mature of the two, while her sister is wilder.

Physically, these two are spitting images of each other except for a tiny detail. Mami ties her hair to the left while Ami ties her to the right, albeit with a slight change.

5. Atsumu & Osamu Miya/Haikyuu!!


There’s a lot to talk about regarding this pair of twins. Osamu Miya has silver hair, while his brother has gold.

Between the two of them, Osamu is the more level-headed one. Atsumu likes to provoke his opponents during the match, so they seem to have quite opposite personalities. However in reality, they are equally competitive in the game, which is proven during the match against Karasuno highschool.

Also, the two love to eat as if there’s no tomorrow. Osamu eventually opened the rice ball store in their hometown.

6. Nana & Momo/To Love Ru


Ah yes, our succubi twins are a treat for the viewer to experience. They are pretty similar in their overall looks, except they wear different colours and hairstyles.

Momo is the more perverted of the two, always teasing and using eroge when talking. Nana is more of the pure tsundere type, where she blushes even at the word “kiss.”

Momo can communicate with animals, while Nana communicates with plants. Their skills help them tease the MC plentiful.

7. Hao & You Asakura/Shaman King

These twins are damn near identical and share many standard features as well. Hao plays the role of the antagonist, and Yoh is the MC.

These two brothers are in a precarious situation where they must fight each other.

Their fashions are polar opposites; Hao wears more traditional clothing, while Yoh is more modern. Yoh is the laxer of the two, even to the point where he can consider lazy; Hao, on the other hand, is the embodiment of “serious.”

Hao is colder towards others, aiding his aggressive nature, while Yoh is just a sweetheart and is empathetic.

8. Zatch & Zeno Bell/Zatch Bell!


Zatch and Zeno are quite the brothers with polarizing stories.

Zeno is the older of the two. He also harbours a deep hatred for his brother, who inherited their father’s will and won’t stop at anything to make his life miserable.

Zatch is the young and adorable MC whose kindness infects everyone around him. Zeno takes after their father, a cold ruler, while Zatch takes after their mother.

9. Android 17 & 18/Dragon Ball

Personally, this is my favourite pair of twins on the list. 17 and 18 are twins despite being cyborgs. Their power together is unmatched, even creating problems for Goku and his crew on occasion.

Dr. Gero is the mad genius who helped these folks become cyborgs and propelled them into a path of chaos. It was not until Goku and Krillin showed up to help them change their ways.

17 and 18 are dangerously strong; however, underneath that metal they have is a human heart. Krillin ends up marring 18 while 17 is off doing his own thing.

10. Ram & Rem/Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World


Ram and Rem, are your maids from hell. No, seriously, they are both Oni (the Japanese word for demons).

Ram is the more outgoing of the two and is generally empathetic to her sister solely. Rem, on the other hand, is usually the one being babied in this sisterly relationship, but don’t get it twisted she’s got the strength of an ogre.

This iconic pair had to make it to our list since, in the anime fandom, they are highly regarded as waifus and widely known due to the popularity of Re:Zero.

11. Muichiro & Yuichiro Tokito/Demon Slayer

These brothers may look like airheads, but their skills are on a whole different level. Muichiro and Yuichiro are descendants of the upper one, Kokushibo.

The two brothers wield the mist-breathing technique. Yuichiro died at 11 years old; this propelled his younger brother from being a happy and emotional person to an airhead. The death of his brother drove him to become a demon slayer and led him to become a Hashira.

12. Nahoya & Souya Kawata/Tokyo Revengers

Personally, I would not want to make any of them mad. Naoya and Souya are known as Smiley and Angry.

Despite Souya’s angry demeanour, he is actually quite the pacifist and wants nothing more than to care for his friends. On the other hand, Smiley is the demon of the two; when he stops smiling, he gains the strength of an ogre and beats down anyone in his way with no remorse.

They complement each other both in strength and personality. They even run a ramen shop together in the future.

13. Yuta & Hinata Aoi/Ensemble Stars!

There’s more than meets the eye for the Aoi twins. They may be handsome and mimic one another well, but they are vastly different on the inside.

Hinata is the eldest of the two and is mischievous as it gets. He’s always playing pranks on those around him. Yuta is more calm and reserved. He has insecurities which draw the line in trying to be as bright and outgoing as his older brother.

Due to their vast differences, their performances differ as well. But when together, they can steal the show.

14. Hideyoshi and Yuuko Kinoshita/Baka and Test: Summon The Beasts

It’s never a dull moment with this pair. On the outside they look like twin sisters, however, Hideyoshi is actually a guy with feminine physical traits.

The running joke between the two is that Hideyoshi always gets mistaken for a girl and lands himself in the most precarious situations.

The two have polar opposite personalities. Hideyoshi is calmer, while his sister’s arrogance gets the best of her.

15. Hikari and Hibiki/Sekirei

These twins are just soo…extraordinary! Hikari and Hibiki are the sexy twins of Sekirei, and man, do they own their sexiness.

Their personalities are a great way to tell them apart. Hibiki is the calmer of the two, while Hikari is the short-tempered mommy material twin. They both support the MC throughout the story.

Like some anime twins, you get the best of both worlds with them, the tsundere you want to tease and make blush and the calmer one you want to protect and love.


Twins are concepts we rarely see in real life but we know when we encounter there will be differences. Just like snowflakes, they might be similar from a distance but upon looking closer they are different.

We selected these 15 pairs due to the deeper stories that they carry and their originality as well. They are greatly written so you can experience the parallels between siblings while they have their own fresh stories.

Be sure to keep checking back on our site for more great anime recommendations!

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