Is Uta Dead? Here Is What Happened in One Piece Film: Red


Did Diva Uta die in Film Red? We will thoroughly explain the theories of Uta’s death and survival in the film, which remain a great mystery!

This article contains spoilers for One Piece Film: Red and the manga One Piece, so be warned if you have not checked them yet.

Is Uta Dead at The End of The Film?

At the climax of One Piece Film: Red, Uta is chased by the Marines and is saved by Shanks, but he looks like he is already dying and says ‘I’m sorry’. Later, a scene appears in which the Red Hair Pirates surround what appears to be a coffin with Uta in it.

The ending of the film leaves the audience with only the keywords: a lying down Uta, the coffin and the sad faces of the pirates. The last scene left a lingering impression that could be taken either way, and fans have been discussing the theory of Uta’s death or Uta’s survival.

Our team believes that Uta’s death is the most likely scenario, and explains the reasons for this in detail in this article. We also discuss the survival theory!

Why is Uta thought to have died?

Uta’s death was caused by poisoning from eating a poisonous mushroom called Wake-shroom. As the name suggests, these mushrooms make you sleepless when you eat them, but as a side effect, you die a few hours after eating them.

She thought that if she could keep her audience trapped in the virtual world with her Uta Uta no Mi ability, everyone would be happy, so she ate the mushroom herself.

Theory of Death 1: From The Storyline of The Film

Uta Refused The Medicine

The first reason given for the theory of Uta’s death is that he did not take the antidote to Wake-shroom.

Uta refuses the antidote to Wake-shroom offered by Shanks. She then sang the last song of her life to save Luffy and his friends.

It is commonly believed that Uta was unable to finish the antidote, as the bottle containing the antidote broke when she shook off his hand. As no other steps were depicted against the deadly poison, it seems natural to assume that the meaningful coffin scene is a metaphor for Uta’s death.

The Red Hair Pirates’ Reaction

The Red Hair Pirates surrounding what appears to be a coffin look depressed and somber. No one is distraught, but they are just quietly watching over the scene, and no one is shedding tears.

The reaction of the Red Hair Pirates is somewhat difficult to interpret. How can they be so calm in the face of the death of Uta, whom they cherished like a daughter? The question remains: how can they be so calm in the face of the death of Uta, whom they cherished as much as their daughter?

However, Uta held on to his beliefs and collapsed at the end of her life. Shanks and his friends must be quietly watching over her as she finally leaves the painful real world behind and sets off for her own world that will never end.

Luffy’s Reaction

When Luffy sees Uta weakening, he puts on a mysterious expression. The expression on his face, which showed a sense of determination, looked as if he was crying for a moment. It is thought that Luffy had already realized Uta’s death at this time.

Also, the expression on Luffy’s face as he sees off the departing Red Hair Pirates’ ship does not seem to indicate that he thinks Uta has been saved.

Luffy was told by Uta that he would become a man who would look good in that straw hat. Uta’s wish that Luffy would become a great pirate like Shanks and create a new era, which he could not achieve, must have been included in his words. The last words, “I will become a pirate king”, sounded like a vow to Uta.

Theory of Death 2: From The Film’s Ending

Uta’s Album Name

In the end roll, Uta’s album is shown being listened to in various parts of the world. The name of this album is ‘first & last album’, which directly translates to the first and last album. As it is the last, it can be assumed that Uta is no longer able to sing, i.e. she is close to death.

This description can also be interpreted either way, and can be taken to mean that it is the last album, or that Uta is retiring.

From The Lyrics of “Where The Wind Blows”

In the lyrics of the ED song “Where The Wind Blows”, the phrase “Even if I disappear, the song will continue to echo” appears. The straightforward message of the song’s disappearance is reminiscent of Uta’s death.

The structure of the song being played in the end roll must also have a meaning. The song is played in the background as people listen to the ‘first and last album’, so I think she is expressing Uta’s death, which was not explicitly stated in the film, in a song like hers.

Theory of Death 3: From The Novel

Volume 4.0 billion “Dying Uta”.

The novelty for visitors, distributed in a limited edition of 3 million copies, contains a setting memo about the song “Where The Wind Blows”, written by the author Eiichiro Oda.

“Where The Wind Blows” is described as “a nostalgic song she sang as a child. Dying Uta.” This means that the author himself gave “Where The Wind Blows” the image of a dying Uta.

Although it was not explicitly stated in the film, it shows that the author considered Uta to be dead.

Novel “Uta’s Sleeping Coffin”

A novelized version of this film was published on 9 August in Japan. In the novel, there is a passage in which “Shanks turned his back on the coffin in which Uta sleep”.

In the film, there is no direct connection between the coffin and Uta, but in the novel, it clearly states that Uta is sleeping in that coffin.

If she is still alive, it is a little too bad luck to put her in a coffin. It would be more natural to consider sleeping in a coffin = death.

Theory of Survival 1: A Hint in The Newspaper?

From here, we will shed light on the survival theory and discuss it.

First, let’s look at the newspaper that Perona was carrying in the ED. According to rumour, the headline “PRINCESS SURVIVED” can be seen in this newspaper. The theory is that the newspaper reports that the princess was alive, i.e. that the diva Uta was alive.

From the aforementioned expression ‘dying Uta’, it is probably true that Uta was dying from the poison. Or perhaps she was in a state of suspended animation when she launched his ship. From there, there is a good possibility that Shanks, who is a member of the Four Emperors, used all his contacts and abilities to heal her.

The whole world may have been listening to her album, rejoicing at the news of Uta’s survival.

Theory of Survival 2: Is She Alive in Manga?

If the film is a parallel universe, it is possible to consider that Uta in the manga is alive.

In fact, Uta’s silhouette appeared in chapter 1055. The Wano Country Arc is over and Shanks is about to make his move in the main story. Furthermore, in the episode broadcast as a film-linked episode of the TV anime, the past of Luffy, Uta and Shanks was too richly depicted.

Uta is a character filled with such a delicious setting that fans were astonished that she was too much of a heroine from a dream novel, so we hope she will somehow appear in the film. Although it’s opportunistic, if the film turns out to be a parallel world, Uta should make a reappearance!

Theory of Survival 3: Uta Will Live On in People’s Hearts

For Uta, the virtual Uta World is a happier place than the real world. That’s why she decided to keep everyone there and make everyone happy.

Given such a view of life and death, physical death may not be important to her. For her, as long as her song remains in the world and Luffy, to whom she entrusted her desire to create a new era, does not fall, it may not be a real death.

It would generally have a sad connotation that the body is dead but lives on in people’s hearts. But Uta may continue to live on in a happy Uta world with everyone listening to her songs.


We introduced the death and survival theories of Uta in One Piece Film: Red. As it is Oda, there is still a possibility that Uta’s end here will be foreshadowed in a surprising way. Uta, a character with deep connections to Luffy and Shanks, is a character that fans of One Piece won’t want to miss!

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